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24K Gold Strain | The Full Cannabis Review

A karat is a measure of the purity of gold. When gold is classified as being 24 karat, it means that it is 100% or pure gold, i.e. it has not been mixed with another metal. The fact that this strain is named after the highest karatage of gold gives an indication of the quality of this strain.

What Is the 24K Gold Strain?

24K Gold is an indica-dominant (60% indica; 40% sativa) hybrid strain created by legendary cannabis breeders DNA Genetics. 24K Gold is a descendant of cannabis royalty as it is a cross between the award-winning indica Kosher Kush and the mouth-watering sativa Tangie .

24K Gold’s cerebral effects tend to kick in faster than your average indica-dominant strain. Due to the potency of this strain, 24K Gold is better suited to a more experienced than a novice cannabis smoker. If you have little or no experience smoking strains of cannabis with a high THC content, then this strain definitely isn’t for you.

24K Gold’s initial high can sometimes be accompanied by other psychedelic effects, such as visual and auditory distortions. Smokers of 24K Gold weed describe a heightened perception of sensory stimuli which would be very disconcerting for a novice cannabis smoker. Having said that, some people may find 24K Gold’s psychedelic effects exciting or fun, and something that might enhance the experience of a live music festival or concert perhaps.

24K Gold’s cerebral high starts off with a feeling of euphoria and happiness but gradually tapers off as the indica effects kick in. Smokers of this strain are left with a feeling of deep relaxation which makes this strain a better choice for evening rather than morning use.

If you overindulge, or you are not used to highly potent strains like 24K Gold, then you are likely to experience this strain’s inhibiting couch-lock effect . If you are happy to sit back and relax, and “veg out” while watching TV then this won’t be a problem for you. However, if you have any urgent plans to attend to, then you should avoid smoking 24K Gold weed beforehand.


Like its parent strain, Tangie, 24K Gold has a deliciously sweet citrusy orange fragrance combined with hints of pine and musk. The buds when broken up give off a slight spicy smell with a subtle incense-like aroma.


24K Gold’s fragrance lets you know just what to expect taste-wise from this strain. It has a sweet, fruity, citrusy-orange flavor which tastes just as good as it smells. Some smokers of 24K Gold weed say that they can detect a slight peppery taste on the exhale. The smoke produced from 24K Gold is thick but smooth and not too harsh on the throat or lungs.


A mature 24K Gold plant produces medium to large sized flowers with a dense indica-type bud structure. Depending on the phenotype, these buds can be round or almost spade-shaped. The leaves are light green with orange pistils growing prominently among them. A 24K Gold plant is heavily coated with trichomes which gives this plant a wintery frosted appearance.

24K Gold’s Strain Grow Info

A 24K Gold plant is considered to be quite a challenge to grow and unsuitable for novice cannabis growers to try their hand at. A 24K Gold plant can be grown indoors or outdoors but it especially thrives in a sunny, warm and semi-humid climate. This plant tends to grow quite tall during the vegetative stage and stretches considerably during the flowering stage, so if you are growing indoors, space will be an important consideration.

To keep this plant’s height under control, it is recommended that you train it early in the vegetative cycle. You will also need to prune this plant regularly to keep its shape more compact and to maximize air circulation, light exposure, as well as energy distribution to the growing buds.

A 24K Gold plant has quite a long indoor flowering period of around 9-10 weeks so growing this plant will involve a lot of dedication and patience. If you are growing your 24K Gold plant outdoors, then late October is the ideal time of year for harvesting.

The extra effort and patience will be worth it in the end as a 24K Gold plant grown indoors produces approximately 16 ounces of bud per meter squared. The outdoor yield is even higher; a 24K Gold plant should provide an average yield of 21 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

24K Gold’s THC level averages around 15%, but samples of this strain have been recorded as high as 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

24K Gold’s high THC level is offset by a more modest CBD level of 0.2%

Medical Benefits of the 24K Gold Strain

24K Gold offers many benefits to the medicinal cannabis smoker. Its mood-boosting effects can temporarily relieve the negative feelings associated with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Perhaps this strain’s primary health benefit is its effectiveness at reducing stress. 24K Gold instills a feeling of deep relaxation of both body and mind, so much so that stress just fades away into the background.

This strain has a number of other health benefits too. It is considered to be moderately effective at treating painful conditions such as arthritis, muscular pain, and headaches, to name just a few.

24K Gold’s indica effects also make this strain a possible treatment for people who have insomnia. Some smokers of this strain say that it has an appetite-enhancing effect too.

Possible Side Effects of the 24K Gold Strain

This strain’s couch-lock effect is perhaps its most significant side effect. While some may be happy to sit back and unwind, others may find this too inhibiting and maybe even off-putting. As 24K Gold is a highly potent strain, novice cannabis smokers, or people who have used too much in one sitting, may experience a slight headache, heightened anxiety and/or paranoia as well as dizziness.

Recreational or medicinal cannabis smokers with more experience smoking more potent strains are unlikely to experience anything other than this strain’s milder side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts on the 24K Gold Strain

If you are looking for a strain to help you de-stress and unwind then you will feel like you have struck gold with this one. Having said that, it is important to consider this strain’s potency and the fact that THC levels of 24% have been recorded in samples of 24K Gold.

This strain is definitely not suitable for novice smokers due to its potency. 24K Gold’s psychedelic effects also may be off-putting for medicinal cannabis smokers too, and there are perhaps, better choices out there for people looking to relieve the symptoms of their given health condition.

Everything you need to know about the 24K Gold cannabis strain including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow, and more.

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Unbelievable. I am a medicinal user. I suffer from chronic arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, scoliosis and depression. My pain is unexplainable and my mobility is tough. I smoked this for the first time tonight. Very nice, I definitely rank this in my top 3. Pain gone, mood wonderful, mobility amazing. Very relaxed, both physically and mentally. As I complete this review, this bid is now #1, for me. #Kudos24k#goingbackformore

Picked up a quarter it was pretty good but by the end of the quarter I wanted to get a different strain so I got sour kush and amnesia haze I think they both top this strain.

I Concur ! ? I’ve been smoking for over 40 years and 24k is definitely one of the top ten strains,if not 5. Killer Weed?

24K, also known as “24K Gold” or “Kosher Tangie,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious Kosher Kush X Tangie strains. With its eye-opening flavor and relaxing effects, 24K is one treasure that you'll want to get your hands on A…