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Alien Technology Seeds

Alien Technology produces bright green and dense popcorn shaped buds with dark red pistils and are packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like cotton candy.

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Alien Technology Seeds

Alien Technology is a popular and enigmatic super strain with little information regarding its mysterious origins. The genetics supposedly made their way to the United States by way of military personnel returning home from Afghanistan. The strain started turning up in west coast dispensaries and before long, was breeding material for some of the more potent top-shelf hybrids like Alien Kush and Alien Dawg. Thanks to some hard work, Alien Technology seeds are currently available and ready to be used for creating a new line of rock-star strains.

Characteristics of Alien Technology Strain

Alien Technology produces bright green and dense popcorn shaped buds with dark red pistils and are packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like cotton candy. The fragrance of the dried flowers is a sweet and sour tropical diesel kick and the smoke tastes rather spicy and piney with some traces of green apple. Alien Tech is a seriously potent strain with a THC content of 18-24% and less than 1% CBD. The strain is 100% full indica from landrace seed stock. The high is soft and tingly at first, then steadily builds to a long-lasting narcotic effect. While the high of many strains begin to taper off within the first hour, the buzz of Alien Tech goes strong and has been known to last for up to 6 hours. The intense long-lasting effects are sought after by medical users looking for maximum effect from minimal product and usage.

GrowingAlien Technology Seeds

Alien Technology shows typical indica growth, being low profile, dense and hardy. Careful pruning and good air circulation will help keep the ultra-compact colas from harboring molds, mildews and bud rot. Alien Tech is well suited for SOG growing methods and although it can finish outdoors it does best indoors with cooler temperatures and low humidity. Indoor flowering time is 8-10 weeks and outdoors will finish in mid to late October. Average indoor yield is 10 to 12oz/m2 and 12oz/plant outdoors. Feminized Alien Technology seeds are the perfect way to step up your strain game and start producing next level buds.

Alien Technology seeds produce bright green, popcorn shaped buds with dark red pistils, packed with so many crystals that the buds look like cotton candy.

Alien Genetics

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Alien Genetics – G-Spot Tornado

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