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Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seedbank develops very powerful, unique and productive genetics and delivers it to the cannabis market. The company uses hundreds of different varieties from more than 25 countries.

Anesia Seedbank is searching and scanning the cannabis world to find the best genetics. It develops and uses advanced breeding method and 100% organic production.

All strains are easy to grow, very strength and have high yielding.

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Auto Strawberry Banana

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Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

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You can really tell that its supposed to be banana flavoured. strong ripe banana flavour that stays in the mouth for good few minutes, it changes a bit into like banana bread, or banana cookies dough .. something like that .. really nice flavour. As for the smell, surprisingly skunky with tropical undertones.
I think that the outcome could have been even much better, because she was 2/3 of the time light burned as she was almost touching the quantum board since first week of stretch when I ran out of space 😀 and I underfed her a bit at around week 6-8 . heavy feeder

Im already looking forward to my next BK grow, next time Ill top her so sho wont get out of control 😉

Probably the thinnest buds I got so far(my mistake), but god damn they are hard and compact. Even the smallest bud is like a rock. So I believe that next time Ill go over 80g/plant for sure. And she can be easily topped because of the vigority of the growth.

Oh yeah, and as for the Frostiness level? I will go with 100 🙂
First time growing something from anesia seeds and def. not the last time, in fact Big Bazzoka Auto is already above the soil for the next round 😉 Really surprised and happy bout this to this grow unknown breeder for me.

Adding them alongside my favorite breeders from now.

And that ends this round. 150w qb, 60x60cm tent, 7,6L pots. all 4 plants/strains together beautiful 261g dry. aprox 1,7 g/w .

stay safe and also stay tuned formy next round 😉

Went really well, but like I thought the whole yield was nothing.

One plant had male phenotypes and ruined the other 2, which also were shit.

I think the genetic was the problem, I had the seeds from someone who sold them over a marketplace..


No high and no effect, even though the plants looked pretty amazing..

Cannabis seed bank information: grow journals, strain reviews, best growers, brand history. Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds produce the finest Cannabis Seeds from award winning and rare strains around the world.

The seeds are produced with the highest standards, developed from their professional breeding methods to bring the best quality in Cannabis genetics to growers.

They are famous for creating the highest THC-strains and varieties with great cannabinoid profiles.

Check-out these numbers:

  • Blackberry Moonrock – 33% THC
  • Chemdog – 32% THC
  • Future #1 – 37% THC
  • Gelato Dream 32% THC
  • Gorilla Glue – 33% – THC
  • Nova OG – 32% THC
  • Strawberry Tree – 34% THC

Anesia Seeds have 55 strains which are made up of 34 Feminised, 13 Auto’s and 8 Landrace tropical strains.

Anesia Seeds produce the finest Cannabis Seeds from award winning and rare strains around the world. The seeds are produced with the highest