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Have made multiple orders and never had…

Have made multiple orders and never had any delivery issues. All of the products I have purchased from them are genuine. They are LEGIT. I run into minor issues on some occasions and the customer service is awesome! Resolved my problem with quick time! Thank you Beaver Seeds!

I love Beaver Seeds

I love Beaver Seeds! Great variety and prices. My seeds arrived and no problem, everything I ordered was there. A very reputable seed bank. Massively satisfied customer here! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company to anyone wanting to buy seeds.

Legit company!

This is a legit company where you can buy quality seeds. What I bought here, skywalker autoflower was a success for me. No fail plants. All of them grow great and beautifully. Love also their fast delivery services! Thanks!

Professional staff

Professional staff, fast processing time and delivery, the seeds all looked healthy and were dark and mature looking too.

horrible customer support

No matter who gave me the info, no one would take my money at paypal and did not reply back after several inquiries.I cancelled paypal and I wasted time on the products which I truly wanted, am so disappointed.

3 stars

3 stars. I got the product. I assume it will germinate but too early to tell. Lose 2 stars for the blindside hit if 20 bucks “fee” for using my credit card.

Be upfront. U lost my future business.

Well packaged and mailed.

After a couple of weeks I finally received my seeds in good order. During the virus outbreak I suppose this is pretty quick. I haven’t germinated them yet but they look good. Thanks for the Crop King catalogue.
I was disappointed though, not to receive some “free” seeds to try other varieties.
Also, I’ve noticed that the price has almost doubled since last year so I may need to rethink buying my seeds this way.

All good but I’ve had a few seeds that…

All good but I’ve had a few seeds that didn’t take. I estimate about 25% didn’t sprout

Service was great

Service was great, shipping was fast but, your seeds were small barely able to germinate. I don’t understand that we surely pay enought??

Folks at Beaver seeds are to put it…

Folks at Beaver seeds are to put it truthfully HONEST & they have been very very Helpful along the way. There have been a couple of times in which I needed info or Help with an order & Beaver has ALWAYS treated me with Respect & Honesty, even to the point when I had issues & they replaced my order with no questioning my Integrity or Honesty & as a person who strives to always be Honest this was a Refreshing change from most outfits & why I always go back to Beaver. I am an Old guy on fixed income so prices also make a Huge difference & at least up to my last order their prices have been Fair ( it’s been a while ) My Hope is they will continue to be Fair & NOT be like most of the rest out there who have let GREED take over their thought process because for folks like me most of the rest have priced folks like me right out of being a customer or Return customer. I am Old School & have been Tinkering off/on for 45+yrs & I know what it takes to seed & when folks get thousands of seeds off of one plant & turn around & sell them at $10+ a seed it’s nothing more than GREED so it Pisses me off when some try to Gouge the folks that do not know. Anyway for me it’s Thumbs up for Beaver Seeds, Thank you for being Honest & Fair it means a lot to some of us.

stealthy and fast

Terrible Germination Rate

Terrible Germination Rate, Buy from ILGM, MSNL or Crop King, Old seeds must be.. Tried to mate the Green Crack, only a couple popped and offspring was garbage.

Excellent service and discreet delivery…

Excellent service and discreet delivery will be buying again for this season! Oh and let’s not forget the end product was excellent!

Quality Seeds, Robust Plants, & Unique Strains

I’ve bought from Beaver Seeds three times. In that time, I’ve purchased Sour Grape and Strawberry Diesel. Compared to some other breeders/seed vendors, most of whom have more selection, Beaver Seeds’ products are more predictable/ stabilized, less prone to pests, and always have strong yields with high potency flowers. Of course, growing conditions and the grower will have a major affect on all of the above. I’ve only ever ordered Regular seeds, with an expected 50/50 ratio of males to females.

Highly recommend Beaver Seeds, especially the Sour Grape strain which is not only very rare to grow or smoke, but very beautiful to watch grow as it changes colours (if grown in colder climates or indoors with nights in the low 60’s here and there) and the smell develops (Smells like strong grape juice/how grape flavoured popsicles taste with only minor hints of gas from the Diesel parent). The Strawberry Diesel is a specimen. the flowers are almost hypnotizing in appearance – covered in crystals, magazine caliber appearance. The smell is that of freshly picked sweet strawberries with again, minor hints of fuel, which sound not so ideal but somehow are.

Buy 10 seeds of either of the above, you won’t be disappointed, as you’ll receive more than 10 (which partially offsets the odd male) and be pretty taken back by the quality. In my experience, these plants need little in the way of extra attention, yet when used (correctly) their plants respond resiliently well.

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Beaver Seeds Review 2021: A Legit Seed Bank?

Girl Scout Cookies

History and Reputation

Most importantly, yes, Beaver Seeds is an overall legit and trustworthy seed bank. However, they are still quite new and have yet to build any significant presence in growers’ circles and internet forums. But the reviews Beaver Seeds has received across the internet so far are mostly positive, and this seed bank has earned itself a few satisfied repeat customers.

Company History

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Beaver Seeds was originally founded in 2007, by experienced cannabis seed purveyors with the intention to focus on selling the most popular high-quality strains. In autumn 2020, Beaver Seeds underwent a complete rebranding. The rebranding changes included an all-new seed-selection with completely new genetics and packaging.

Beaver Seeds Selection and Quality

Beaver Seeds has a much smaller product selection than many other seed banks – with fewer than a dozen strains each of feminized and autoflowering seeds. The selection of regular seeds is a little bigger, though still fewer than forty strains. The strains Beaver Seeds does choose to stock are a mix of popular favorites and a few less-common specialty strains.

Some opinions about the seed selection and quality.

Seed Quality

Beaver Seeds has done well in building a seed inventory with consistent quality. Despite occasional reports of dud seeds, Beaver Seeds’ overall germination rates are high. Each strain listing on includes at least one customer review, with buyers frequently remarking on better than expected crop sizes.

Deals and Discounts

Beaver Seeds’ prices are reasonable, in the same range as other comparable seed banks and sometimes a little lower. Beaver Seeds keeps its prices low by purchasing seeds in bulk and then passing its savings on to buyers. Beaver Seeds does not currently offer sale-priced seeds or any coupon code discounts, though its website invites buyers to check back for more promotions in the future.

Free Shipping and Bonus Seeds

Beaver Seeds does offer a few longstanding standard discounts. All orders over $200 qualify for free shipping, every 5-pack of seeds includes a bonus 6th seed, and 10 extra bonus seeds are included with any order over $420. Unlike some other seed banks with free seed promos, Beaver Seeds lets buyers select their own bonus seeds. However, to do so, you will need to call Beaver Seeds’ customer service team when placing your order. Canadian seed orders arrive inside this company’s signature beaver-shaped packaging. US orders are shipped in plain packaging.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Shipping Information

Discreet Shipping From Canada and the US

Beaver Seeds ships seeds anywhere in the world from its home base in British Columbia, Canada. United States orders are shipped from Beaver Seeds’ California office, eliminating concerns of seeds being seized at customs. LIke most reputable seed banks, Beaver Seeds always ships in discreet packaging with no mention of the company name or package contents. For added discretion, Beaver Seeds has been known to stash seeds inside of random items like t-shirts or toys before shipping. As Beaver Seeds’ goal is to ship seed orders within 24 hours after payment is received, this seed bank keeps all of its seed strains in stock at all times.

Since Canada’s mail system is particularly efficient, orders from Beaver Seeds typically reach their destinations quickly. Packages sent from Canada are less likely to arouse suspicion from customs agents at international borders than, for example, packages from Amsterdam or the UK, making delay or seizure less likely. Canadian customers usually receive their seeds in 2-5 days. Depending on the location, seeds bound for anywhere else in the world typically arrive in between 1-3 weeks.

Delivery Guarantee

Despite the relatively low risk of discreet shipping from Canada, there is always an element of risk involved in shipping cannabis seeds internationally. And, of course, packages of any sort are subject to getting lost or stolen in transit. For buyers concerned about these shipping risks, or who prefer access to tracking information, Beaver Seeds offers a guaranteed delivery option. This delivery guarantee includes tracked shipping and a promise that seeds that fail to reach their destination will be reshipped. However, this additional security is on the pricey side, $20 or $40, depending on which country you live in.

Is the new Beaver Seeds better than before? Is this Canadian seedbank’s small inventory worth checking out? Learn more about Beaver Seeds in our review.