black trinity strain

Black Trinity

Flavor Profile

Hashy skunk OG funk. Purple Black plants have a sweet flavor, still musky though.

Oral History

Hermetic Genetics flagship strain selectively bred for over a decade, this generation is the progeny of a beautiful 2003 Black Trinity male seed plant and a clone-only RV Trinity female propagated in Southern Oregon. Expect classic Trinity aroma, taste, and strength, combined with black-purple highlights, increased vigor and resin production.


  • mother: Trinity
  • father: Purple Mendo

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Cannabis has been in the dark. Until now.

Black trinity strain

This is my first documented grow so I hope i can meet everyone’s expectations. So questions and advice are welcome.

Back in the day in the NW US Trinity was the bomb. It is one of my all time favorites. When you could find it the tops of the buds were always missing cuz they were highly coveted by the growers. Said to be grown from clone only. Haven’t been around for may years.

I went on a road trip to Oregon for the eclipse and found these seeds in a local shop.

I checked them out on the web and could find very little info about the strain. Breeder indicates mother is a trinity cutting. I did find one picture on Facebook of this strain that I will post at the end of this thread. I hope this strain brings back the amazing high of Trinity.

Grow Details
Gorilla Tent 3X3X8
Platnium 450 Led
Fox Farms Trio

I germinated 2 of the five seeds hoping for a female. Seeds popped a weed ago.

There are no photos I can find of Black Trinity if anyone has one please share. Will post new pics weekly.

Black Trinity Grow Diaries forum at International Cannagraphic Magazine.