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Tiresias Mist Feminized Seed Spray?? Any DGC use this? So, I came across this spray on Youtube watching a guy claim he never has to buy seeds again and for me being an autoflower grower I was SUPER(SEED) Feminizer reverses female cannabis plants, enabling you to produce feminized pollen. When used on another female plant, the result is high-quality feminized seeds, at a fraction of the cost. SUPER(SEED) is made with medical-grade ingredients, is non-toxic and safe to ingest – read our success stories! Cannabis Feminized Seed Spray After much experimentation and recipe adjustments we have finally developed a winning formula for STS plant reversal spray. This spray has been specially formulated

Tiresias Mist Feminized Seed Spray?? Any DGC use this?

So, I came across this spray on Youtube watching a guy claim he never has to buy seeds again and for me being an autoflower grower I was wondering if anyone has used this before? Is this shit safe? Scotty was just saying about how the downside to Autos is that you cant clone them. Its a one and done.Thinking about buying this off Amazon for next grow. I would probably use it on 1 plant separated from the others in a 2x2x4 grow tent. I have never seeded a plant before( on purpose at least) I have had a few hermies from Fastbuds seed bank (Blue Dream Matic) but didn’t let it grow out to maturity. I have found a few favorite strains so far and wonder if i use those last beans I have to try and get more seeds.
Anyway its just an idea. I haven’t heard of this before and not sure what to believe unless truly tested. Would love to hear some input. It will be at least 3 months before I decide to get this. I want to finish this harvest I have now before experimenting with making seeds.
Thanks guys and Stay Irie!

Tiresias Mist:
Tiresias Mist is a new spray that enables growers to create feminized seeds. The product is owned and distributed by Phoenician Nutrients, LLC, which is based out of Scottsdale, AZ. Tiresias Mist was the result of research with the goal in mind of standardizing a treatment method to produce feminized seeds and responsibly cross-pollinate. Currently, growers do not have a product that is recognized and tested to grow clone seeds of the host plant(s). Currently, there are a number of theories, practices, and products that are used with very mixed results and the products are not intended to be used on plants. Tiresias Mist is safe for plants, humans, and animals so there is no need to worry about any harmful side effects to the environment.
****Always female seeds….No more guessing involved
****No more waiting weeks for overseas deliveries – A tap root from a seed will produce higher yields
****Store seeds for future use and crop timing
****Easier to transport seeds versus seedlings or clones
****Become your own mad scientist by creating your own genetic strains
****Allows you to save your strain!


I tried hitting them up a while back and I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone about wtf it’s made of.

The label says it’s made from “natural minerals” and “inert ingredients” which is basically meaningless. It also says it “contains no chemicals”… which also seems like meaningless nonsense because a “chemical” could be defined is basically any prepared substance.

I suspect it’s colloidal silver or something similar. (Which you can get cheaper from other sources.)

I’d love to hear from them and have them explain wtf it is that they are selling, but I won’t use anything from a company who won’t give me a straight answer about wtf is in their product

On a separate note… making fem seeds using a product like this is very different than cloning so this isn’t really a solution to not being able to clone autos. If you wanna take clones, grow regular seeds.

Cloning gives you a genetically identical copy, selfing or making fem seeds will still give you a lot of variation from seed to seed.

Selfing can be a cool project and you can find some cool stuff going down that path. However, it’s important to understand you won’t get consistent plants as a result because you are combining genetics (aka breeding), not cloning.

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Hey Soup you are the person to ask probably. Where is the best place to buy the silver biosulphate or whatever it is called. Is that the same as colloidal silver. How do you mix the spray for making the fem seeds. This is something I am interested in doing with a few plants I have, I have some male pollen saved but I know nothing about the father other than its a stretcher. I thought it would be safer to go this route. Should I make a post about this. I would mainly like to have the seeds to preserve the phenotype as it is from a 20 yr old seed I will never be able to aquire again I have kept these plants going a couple years but I would like to have a better way to preserve this strain and while I am at it another and start with something new.

Check out the article I posted in the comment below. I haven’t tried any of this stuff myself yet, but that article looks like a good resource. Seems like you can get both the ingredients you need to make sts on amazon.

Also, check out my other comments below about seeds and variation. Anytime you work with pollen you are gonna get some variety in the end results. If your goal is preserving a specific pheno, cloning is a much better way to do it. ✌️

Cool thanks a ton, literally after I posted that comment I reloaded the page and seen that post. Great info. Thanks

Thanks Soup! I actually was under the impression if i have nice pheno lets say Gorilla glue auto. If i self her then her seeds in return would give me the same plant with same dominant traits from the mother. I guess thats why there is pheno-hunting.. Which I dont believe is a practice with autoflowers? May be wrong. I want to give photos a try. I have those free seeds from Obsul33t Alien orange gum and a pack of alien orange Congolese. I’m just a little nervous going from autos to a photo. I do treat the auto like I would a photo. By keeping the dark cycle dark. But I game and spend alot of time in same room as the closet i grow in. I have black out curtains to where its pitch black, but hearing so many times about peiple fucking up because they left a light on the room and make it seem like a small amount of light on a dark cycle can ruin the harvest.? Maybe soon i will give these a try. Im in “Great” state of GA so outdoor is a no go.. And neighbors are nosy so I gotta keep it small and compact. Why i choose autos. Thanks again man. Sorry for the rant. A bit lit at the moment.
Stay Irie Soup!

Anytime there is “sexual reproduction” (aka pollination when we are talking about cannabis) there is going to be variations in the resulting offspring.

Seedlings from similar parents may contain some similar traits, but there will always be some differences.

Cloning is actually “asexual reproduction” which is a completely different type of process. Cloning results in genetically IDENTICAL copies of the original.

I grow photoperiod plants in a tent in my office and I haven’t had any issues. I’m in the room working a lot and often have the office lights on during the tent’s dark cycle and I haven’t had any issues.

there are some genetics that are really prone to herming due to light leaks, but generally I think most strains are able to handle minor light leaks much better than most people think.

You can also greatly reduce your risk by choosing solid genetics, and avoiding strains with known hermaphroditism in the family.

a lot of the “hype” popular genetics like strains related to cookies, chems and gorilla glue are all much more sensitive because those strains literally originated from herming plants. When you have a herm in the family tree, those seeds are MUCH more likely to carry those same traits.

Hey Rasta It’s actually silver thiosulfate. But not worth the money as there is only enough in there to spray one branch of a plant for the time it takes to get pollen. I used it once and it worked but for the price you can make a bunch of it buying the raw materials and distilled water and mix your own. Keeping it in the fridge preserves it for a month There are a few articles on it on the web but you have to play with spray intervals on certain strains or you will wind up with sacks inside the bud making it hard to get out. Autos are more tricky than photos because you have to know exactly when they will start flowering and you have to find the right time to start spraying to get one looking as male as possible and collect the pollen then start another run to use that pollen on when buds are formed enough to get a good seed count.

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think this product is Silver thiosulfate.

My understanding is that sts needs to be stored in two separate bottles and has to be refrigerated. This product is one bottle and I think it’s typically not refrigerated.

Also I really don’t think they would say it contains no chemicals if it’s STS, since STS is most definitely a chemical.

I think it’s more likely this product is some form of collodial silver. That would explain the single bottle, lack of refrigeration, and their claim that it is “natural mineral extract”

Good to know. When and if it comes around to trying this method out I will definitely reach out for some info on the silver thiosulfate. If understand right, This stuff which is Silver thiosulfate is how you would “self” a plant to produce seeds without having to introduce pollen? So, making a female plant herm? isnt there ways to do that naturally without chemicals? OR does the chemical method give you higher rate of feminized seeds and latter gives regular seeds?? still learning guys thanks for bearing with me.

Selfing still involves pollen, you are just getting the pollen from the same plant you are pollenating.

Also, Using a chemical to induce a female plant to produce pollen is technically very different than a herming plant that produces pollen.

A herming plant produces pollen because it carries genes that cause it to grow pollen sacks. Any resulting seeds are very likely to cary the same genes and have the same issues.

A plant treated with sts produces pollen because it’s hormones are being chemically manipulated, not because of genetics.

With herms you get pollen sacks because it’s hardcoded into the genetics, with sts you get pollen because you are manipulating the plant by using chemicals to block hormones.

On a slightly different note…

I am actually mildly interested in getting my hands on a little STS….

I’ve never actually used it in any of my own projects, but I’ve got some special ladies I’m working with right now so it’s something I’m thinking about trying.

If anyone in the crew has a hookup or knows a good reliable source where I can cheaply acquire some STS for a small project… get in touch!

Cannabis Feminized Seed Spray

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It’s SUPER simple.

Create & Grow Feminized Cannabis

SUPER(SEED) allows growers, breeders, and plant enthusiasts to easily stimulate the production of feminized pollen in cannabis plants.

May your favourite cultivars live on!

How does SUPER(SEED) actually work?

SUPER(SEED)’s Silver solution is efficient to produce, safe to handle & use, and is the least chemically complicated solution known for suppressing ethylene-production in plants.

Ethylene is a plant hormone, stimulating different kinds of growth, as well as the ripening of fruits and seeds. Ethylene accumulation in your refrigerator – caused by the off-gassing of fruits and vegetables – causes produce to ripen and spoil more quickly!

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By suppressing ethylene in female cannabis, the plant is unable to produce flowers normally and – in what is truly a botanical miracle – will begin producing pollen as a final attempt at ensuring her genetic survival.

This pollen, when used to fertilize another untreated female plant, will result in exclusively feminized seeds. Note this does not result in hermaphroditism (unless the cultivar’s genetic itself is unstable), and will not affect the genetic makeup of your plant(s).

In addition to botanical applications, specific formulations of elemental Silver have uses in modern medicine, and it is under constant study for its antimicrobial and protective properties.1

Cannabis Feminized Seed Spray

After much experimentation and recipe adjustments we have finally developed a winning formula for STS plant reversal spray. This spray has been specially formulated for cannabis by the team at Twenty20 and is the exact recipe we use to make feminized seeds.

It is important to note that reversing the sex of a female cannabis plant is simple. The difficult aspect is timing the reversal properly and collecting an adequate amount of pollen for the pollination process. We will outline the procedure we follow in order to provide you with as much information as possible to successfully create your own feminized seeds. Please keep in mind that different strains react differently to the spray.


Separate the plants you plan to reverse from the plants you plan to pollinate. The reversal plants will perform best if they are multi-topped plants as apposed to single top plants. It is best to prepare ahead and pinch the tops to facilitate this process.

For abundant seed production you will want a ratio of approximately 1:4 reversed plant to seed mothers. In other words if you have 12 plants to start with you will want to reverse 3 of them. This ratio only applies to commercial seed producers. (see footnote 1)


-You must start the flowering and spray regimen on the chosen reversal plants approximately 21 days before you flower the seed mothers. This timing ensures you get maximum pollen production around the time the female plant is in her reproductive prime. 21 days represents the approximate average used by the team at Twenty20. This can vary between 14 days and 25 days.

-The spraying process begins the day before you switch the reversal plant(s) to flower. This should be done soon after the lights go off or soon after dusk for outdoor plants. Spray the nodal areas, and branches and tops. It is not necessary to spray the entire plant and all of the leaves. A fine mist will do but be sure to get an adequate coating. This process should be completed every 3rd day until the first male pollen sacs begin to open. This is usually around day 20-30. (see caption 2.)

-At day between day 14 and day 25, start the flowering process on the female seed mother plants. (See footnote 1)

-After the female plants have a small cluster of stigmas they can be united with the reversed female plants for pollination. We usually do this when the stigmas are protruding but before the calyxes begin to swell.

**Reversed female plants do not produce as much pollen as male plants so it is important to take a few steps to insure proper pollination.

-Always provide adequate airflow to the cultivation area with fans.

-Agitate the reversed plants daily by shaking them gently in front of fans

-Keep the humidity as low as possible; this will increase the amount of airborne pollen. This also helps minimize mold, which can be more prevalent in reversed female flowers.

-If particular reversed plants tend to produce more pollen be sure to shift them around the cultivation area

-You should see signs of successful pollination within a few days of joining the plants. Be patient, the process is much slower and less effective than breeding with males.