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What Is Micro Growing Cannabis

Indoor growing has become increasingly popular over the years, but some people simply don’t have the space to set up. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem and that’s why we want to talk about micro growing. This article introduces the basics behind small scale operations and how you can get started with tiny cannabis plants in a very limited space.

What Is Micro Growing?

Micro growing is basically the same as regular growing but everything is scaled down to fit into an undersized space. Many newcomers to the growing scene may prefer to start out this way to get a feel for the process before going all out on a huge indoor grow. Cannabis plants can be grown almost anywhere; small tents, your bedroom cupboard, or even computer cases.

You may not have as much freedom with the strains you grow but there are still plenty of cannabis plants that can be trained to fit snug wherever you put them. Depending on the size of the space this becomes more or less of a challenge. Either way, we must focus on providing the correct environment so that our ladies have a comfortable space to live in.

Cannabis plants are able to produce decent yields even when there isn’t much room to grow. With the proper set up, control and maintenance of such a space, it’s possible to reap a nice little harvest without breaking the bank.

Tip: It helps to have some understanding of stress training or other methods of keeping your plants small before diving in with micro growing. We discuss a few options further down the article.

Benefits of Micro Growing Cannabis

Not everyone has the extra space to run a full-sized grow, so micro growing can offer huge advantages. With all the techniques and equipment we have available, growing high quality weed in a small space is actually very easy to do, even for beginners. Micro growing also serves as a great way to keep your hobby stealthy and hidden from prying eyes.

Benefits of micro growing cannabis:

  • Ideal for beginners looking to try out cannabis growing
  • Inexpensive compared to large scale grows
  • Compact and manageable
  • Easier to keep plants hidden
  • Less risk with the law (depending on country)

How To Setup a Micro Grow

Although micro growing is similar to conventional types of grow, there are some aspects that do differ. The space is the most obvious challenge here, which means everything you set up is based around the size of the area you have available.

Your Space

Your space determines how big you can realistically grow your seeds or clones. Straight away this gives you an indication of how you could best manage the plants. The amount of pots, as well as their size needs to be carefully considered so that no space is wasted. On the other hand, you want to make sure you don’t overcrowd them or you may come across difficulties with watering or airflow.

Consider that your pots and the light will take up a fair share of the space. There needs to be enough spacing between the lights and the tops of the plants, and pots can be slightly separated, if possible.

Everything you need to know about cultivating cannabis in a limited space. This post discusses micro growing and how to get the best out of small plants.

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