Cbd Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Grow Hemp with Atlas Seed's high CBD autoflower primer Hemp Guide. Learn about autoflower hemp seeds varieties, the best planting times, transplanting and harvest. Order cannabis seeds with only CBD. ✓No high, only benefits. ✓The best seeds from seed company Dutch Passion. Order them directly online <p>Auto Blue Ace CBD (DS35): It’s been more than 4 years now that we started developing plants with high levels of cbd and after so much research and effort, this year we can reveal our first non-photo dependent high cbd strain. AUTO BLUE ACE CBD (DS35) i

Growing Preferences for High CBD Cannabis

Day neutral hemp, scientifically known as C. ruderalis or colloquially referred to as “autoflowering” hemp, prefers long, dry, and sunny days. During establishment, autoflower hemp requires regular watering to maintain even moisture. The soil should never drop below 50% of capacity, and on hot days (above 80° F) should stay above 80% for optimal establishment.

Early applications of a balanced vegetative feeding program are critical to developing a well branched, large hemp plant. The goal is to create as many flowering sites as possible within 3-5 weeks of growth, at which point the autoflower cannabis plants will begin to show signs of flowering. At this time it is best to maintain a strong vegetative feeding program and begin to slowly introduce more phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients to prepare for the hemp plants reproductive (flowering) phase. The plants should continue to grow quickly and stack up flower sites from weeks 3-8. During Weeks 8-12 the flowering sites will bulk up and become dense, especially at the very end of the cycle. It is important to let the autoflower cannabis plants finish and fully mature before harvesting in order to maximize the biomass yield and cannabidiol content of the crop.

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Plants that grow during the summer when the days are long, warm and sunny will ripen and be ready to harvest quickly. In the winter, the shorter and colder days with less light can add anywhere between an extra 10-20 days of time to harvest. Autoflowering cannabis plants have a strong appetite for light! The more light they receive, the faster they grow and come to maturity. True autoflowering plants can come to maturity even under a 24 hour daytime light cycle (no darkness/night). Weak, low watt lighting typically used to keep clone plants “vegging” will not speed up the growth of autoflower plants nor prevent them from flowering.

One of the most important parts of growing day-neutral hemp varieties is to minimize transplant- shock. Any shock resulting from improper transplanting, can significantly contribute to reduced yields. Unlike other agricultural crops, especially vegetables and flowers, autoflowering hemp varieties want to be transplanted as fast as equipment and handling will allow for, or within 10 days of emergence. Please see our propagation guide for more information.

CBD Seeds

CBD Charlotte’s Angel feminized seeds grow into plants which usually have CBD levels around 10-16% and low THC levels, below 1%. This CBD rich photoperiod seed variety does not have any psychoactive high due to absence of THC. This sativa dominant photoperiod feminized CBD rich seed variety takes around 11 weeks to finish bloom and has heavy harvests.

CBD Auto Charlottes Angel

This is a feminized autoflowering CBD rich cannabis seed variety. CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel takes around 13 weeks to grow from seed to harvest indoors. This CBD autoflower seed variety grows well under 20 hours of daily light. She is sativa dominant and reaches around 75cm tall. Yields are large with earthy and fruity scents. This CBD rich autoflower seed variety is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. CBD levels reach up to 16% and THC levels are below 1%

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CBD Skunk Haze

CBD Skunk Haze is a CBD rich feminized seed variety. The ratio of CBD:THC is between 1:1 and 4:1. This proven, cannabis cup winning indica/sativa hybrid seed variety takes around 9 weeks to finish blooming. This is one of Dutch Passion’s most stable and oldest CBD rich feminized seed strains.

Cbd Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto Blue Ace CBD (DS35): It’s been more than 4 years now that we started developing plants with high levels of cbd and after so much research and effort, this year we can reveal our first non-photo dependent high cbd strain. AUTO BLUE ACE CBD (DS35) is a fifth-generation non-photo dependent plant that is the result of a cross between La Diva (DS7) and our carmen auto (we need to give special mention to the male carmen, the magnificent plant that enabled us to make cbd crosses and to which we shall be eternally grateful). We’ve worked through more than 5 generations to convert carmen into a non-photo dependent plant with a high cbd concentration and a very subtle and agreeable taste and smell. Like many high cbd strains, the taste is fruity with citrussy notes. The end result is a non-photo dependent plant with thc-cbd ratios of between 1.1 to 1.2. As it dries, the most volatile substances of blue ace give way to a taste between acid fruit and pepper with an aftertaste of hash.

With ratios of 1:1, 1:2, it is an ideal plant both for medicinal use and for those wanting to combine its use with the performance of tasks requiring concentration. Owing to its THC-CBD ratio, the psychoactive effect is slight and very bearable from the start. Some users experience states of deep introspection. This strain has been proven to be perfect as a painkiller and for calming states of anxiety or nerves.

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Sexo: Feminized
Lineage: Carmen Auto X Diva
Grow Metod: Indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 60-65 days from seed to harvest
Yield: 400-500gr m2 indoor/50-100 gr/pl outdoor
Taste: Sweet citric fruit
Smell; High
Effect: Medicinal
Ratio Thc/Cbd: 1:2
CBD: 8-16%
Medicinal Value: Very High
Irrigation tolerance: High