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CBD Packaging is a need for the ever-growing cannabidiol market. Stampa Prints offers the best custom CBD packaging that ensures acclaim for your brand. We provide high-quality packaging for CBD oils, drops, and health tinctures. Custom solutions to meet your needs! Shop our eco-friendly packaging solutions. Get top quality packaging boxes for your CBD Oil bottle to provide them required presentation, protection and promotion. Short run orders accepted. Bulk discount available. Unlimited options professional support staff. Quick and easy process. Order now by calling at 888-276-1239.

CBD Packaging

CBD packaging is an important aspect of any CBD brand. It’s the first thing customers see, as the CBD industry rapidly grows, so does the competition to stand out from the rest. Unique and eye-catching CBD packaging is one way to set your brand apart and create a lasting impression on consumers.

As the CBD industry rapidly expands, so does the competition to create innovative and attractive packaging designs. In order to stand out from the crowd, companies need to design packaging that is both visually appealing and provides essential information about the product.

Custom CBD Packaging; Why it’s important?

As the popularity of CBD products increases, so does the need for great custom packaging. As a startup or brand, it’s important to invest in customized CBD packaging that not only looks good but also protects your product. Here are some reasons why custom CBD boxes are crucial for your business.


Standing out from the competition is key in any industry, and custom CBD packaging is a great way to do that. Generic packaging can make it difficult for customers to distinguish one product from another, but unique branding and designs will help your product stand out.


The look and feel of your CBD product are an important part of building your brand identity. Custom boxes can help you create a consistent visual aesthetic.

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Choose the Best Custom Packaging for CBD Products

You want something professional and eye-catching, but also something that will protect your products and make them easy to sell since cannabidiol is used in many industries and have different applications.
No matter what your product, custom packaging can make all the difference. When it comes to CBD products, in particular, you want to be sure that your CBD packaging is both professional and engaging.

CBD Packaging for Tinctures

If you’re selling CBD tinctures, you want to make sure that the boxes are as appealing as possible to customers. This will help increase sales and encourage customers to come back for more. A great way to do this is by selecting the right box style and focussing on artwork for your tincture packaging.

CBD Subscription Boxes

CBD subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular as CBD startups and brands look for new and innovative ways to reach consumers. Mailer box style is suitable for subscription boxes and can be customized according to your artwork.

CBD Boxes for Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are one of the newer entries into the CBD market. They are essentially just like regular bath bombs, except that they also contain CBD oil. There are different ways to package bath bombs, some companies pack them as individual units, some prefer packaging them in a bundle of six bath bombs. Tuck box style and mailer boxes are the go-to options for CBD bath bombs.

CBD for Vape Cartridge Packaging

CBD vape cartridges are in high demand, start-ups and brands are looking for creative ways to package their vape cartridges and pens with unique printing methods and attractive features to have a competitive edge in the industry.

CBD Display Boxes

The importance of making a good first impression is known to everyone.CBD display boxes are used to showcase your CBD products and are an important part of CBD packaging. Be it CBD oil for tinctures, bath bombs, vape cartridges, or pre-rolls, display boxes are a must if you want your products to stand out from the competition and they’ll also help customers learn more about what you offer.

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Make sure that whatever type of CBD packaging you choose, it meets all FDA requirements. Having the right packaging will help your business grow!

Stampa Prints – Your Reliable Partner for CBD Box Packaging

Looking for a reliable partner you can trust when it comes to CBD packaging? Look no further than Stampa Prints. We offer a wide range of custom packaging options for CBD products, so you can find the perfect box for your business.
Stampa Prints can help you create the perfect CBD box packaging with our professional design services, fast turnaround time, and best-in-class customer service. Plus, our team is here to help you every step of the way, so you can rest assured that your products are in good hands.
CBD packaging is an important part of your branding and marketing strategy. We use state-of-the-art printing technology to create beautiful, eye-catching prints that will make your products look irresistible. Trust us to provide you with the perfect packaging for your CBD products.

Packaging for CBD Oils, Drops and Other Tinctures

Do you sell cannabidiol (CBD) oil or other hemp-based health products? We’re loving the emergence in popularity of high quality CBD oil, which research has shown supports the treatment of pain, anxiety, nervous system disorders and more.

EcoEnclose works with quite a few (often local to Colorado!) businesses that are thoughtfully producing high quality, ethical, and natural CBD products.

CBD Packaging Considerations

If you’re developing a packaging solution for your CBD oils or other health-related oils and drops, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll want to consider a few key questions before landing on the right option for your business:

  • How extensive is your product line? Some companies we work with have a single product and others have a line of 20 or more SKUs.
  • How are your oils bottled? Some are packaged in glass containers with droppers. Others are in glass jars with a dispenser. Still others are in plastic or even ceramic containers.
  • How heavy are your products? Some are up to 2 oz and some are heavier.
  • How do you typically sell your products – one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, etc?
  • How diverse are your orders in terms of the number and type of products customers purchase?

CBD Packaging Recommendations

Do you utilize 1 or 2 oz Boston Rounds for your packaging, or any packaging that is glass, ceramic or plastic, relatively thin and up to 2 oz? If so, do you typically sell one or two bottles of product at a time (versus many bottles at a time), we recommend a Protective Mailer as your primary shipping strategy, either our:

    – 4″ x 6.75″ or 6.5″ x 8.75″ – 6″ x 9″

Both offer the cushioning needed to protect these small, relatively lightweight bottles in transit. Both are 100% recyclable and our padded mailers can be custom printed to extend your brand all the way through the customer experience.

Do you ship in containers over 2 oz, such as 6, 8 or 12 oz Boston Rounds? Because these are bulkier and heavier, we recommend a custom corrugated shipping box for these CBD oils and similar products.

Custom corrugated shipping boxes are also the best solution for companies that tend to have a lot of diversity in their product set and the types of orders they receive (even if they typically sell 1 or 2 oz bottles). Tab locking boxes and literature mailers will work well for these unique, premium products.

Are you typically selling one, two or three units of a product? If so, you might consider Molded Pulp which provides a unique way to showcase your product while maintaining durable protection for fragile products.

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Or, you might consider a single shipping box size for your business with a variety of inserts to accommodate the different types of orders you anticipate. For example, you might order a single 8”x6”x3” shipping box and then get three different inserts – for one bottle, two bottles and three bottles. If you sell a pre-assembled kit that combines a few of your product types (such as CBD oil, lotion and soak), you may decide on a standard insert that is custom designed for that kit.

If you have much more fluidity in your orders (some customers order oils and lotions, others order only lotions and others order salves, all of which vary significantly in size and weight), use a custom shipping box with void fill such as GreenWrap, Corrugated Bubble or Indented Kraft Packaging Paper as cushioning. The amount and strength of cushioning you’ll need will vary based on fragility and weight of your bottles. For heavy bottles or for companies that have a lot of diversity in their orders, we recommend cushioning options in shipping boxes. GreenWrap, Corrugated Bubble and Packaging Paper would all be effective for void fill.

Have questions about what void fill is right for your business? Check out our Definitive Guide to Void Fill and Cushioning to learn more and determine which is right for your business.

Finally, if you are looking to place your CBD bottles in inner production, before putting them in an overall shipping container, check out 100% Recycled Retail Boxes, which come in a variety of sizes and can be custom designed and branded at a minimum order quantity of 10,000 units.

We can also offer 100% recycled paper tubes at minimum quantities of 5,000. Request a quote.

Create Affective Impression of Marvelous Quality Though Custom Cbd Oil Boxes

After being legal, Cannabis extracts are widely being used in different forms as a natural remedy and common ailment. Such as CBD Oil for pain relief and relaxing muscle. Custom CBD Oil boxes are most integral element to protect, present and promote such type of products. The privilege to create them from the scratch allows customers to select the type of material appropriate for the protection demanded. These boxes give liberty to print anything customers want for the pertinent presentation they expect. For sterling presentation, these custom boxes allow customers to get the type of style and shape of boxes along with all six side printing to inform and convince customers to prefer your products upon others. Seems complicated? With Emenac Packaging it never is. We keep the intensity and significance in mind of these packaging boxes for CBD Oil and give full freedom to our customers to choose any paperboard material they want, pick any color they want to print and opt unique promotional strategies to publicize their products.

  • Size: Available in all shapes and sizes
  • Stock: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt and 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
  • Finishing options: Gloss, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
  • Add on choices: Available in all shapes and sizes

Certitude Uttermost Protection by Creating Custom CBD Oil Boxes

Getting these boxes manufactured with your own provided guidelines is sure to uplift the protective index of your packaging. The additionally added cardboard insert prevents dropper bottle from unnecessary movements and certify to shelter cbd oil glass bottle from spilling its liquid out. The liberty of profoundly adding perfectly die cut foam insert provides a strong grip to the oil bottle and prevents it from external damage. It provides privilege to laminate these boxes and make them more protective from edge erosion hence preventing the bright look at retail shelf. Have something different in mind? Talk to us wo have the solution. We are providing all the possible solutions to ensure maximum protection with the help these customized boxes. We are offering all the sturdy stocks and protective elements that are sure to guard your cbd extracted liquid bottles.

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Reflect Unavoidable Presentation with Ravishing Custom CBD Oil Boxes

The customized manufacturing of CBD oil boxes is extending the latitude to select any color you want and print it accordingly to get required appearance. The unique blend of colors, inside and out printing, choices of unique shapes and distinct opening styles create a magnetic attraction in these boxes. To add up the gorgeous look of these personalized oil boxes can be created with different add-on options including finishing, embellishments, and ribbons to uplift their dazzling looks. If you are not sure what would best suit your packaging? Ask our experts. Emenac Packaging is facilitating cannabis oil providers with unforeseen packaging solutions that are glamorized enough that no one can venture to ignore the box. From printing to finishing, material to shape and design to color contrast, we look after all the micro and macro elements of presentation to ensure our created custom cbd oil boxes give bewitching exhibition.

Persuade customer to buy with promoting custom CBD oil boxes

These boxes are enabling cannabis businesses to opt a unique color theme for their products. Such distinct theme enables customers to identify your brand and certainly get promoted. The freedom to print any information motivates customers to read and find their required CBD oil with certain benefits. Such personalized packaging for CBD oil bottles is more feasible to opt any unique approach to induce everyone with design and information. The creation from the scratch provide ease to CBD Oil companies to select any material, size, shape, and style to make their own signature statement in the market with distinct packaging. Whether selling CBD Oil in dropper bottle, pills, tubes, edibles or infusions, these boxes has the capacity to promote your product with its distinctiveness and desirability. To create a box that could speak a loud for your brand, you need packaging experts. Emenac Packaging is offering the widest options ranging in printing, stocks, styles, shapes, finishing and embellishments to make sure your strategy to persuade customers with high quality packaging boxes never goes in vain. Our guide facilitates and guide to opt unique approaches to make these boxes most appropriate to promote the health benefits of your products.

Getting Custom CBD Oil Boxes – Easy, Quick and Economical

Emenac Packaging is one of the most experienced and trusted by Cannabis brands as a reliable packaging supplier company in United States. Our team of dedicated and experienced packaging experts works for individual order and ensure to save maximum cost along with certifying protection, presentation and promotional requirements. Experienced team of designers, with multiple years of experience in cannabis and herbal industry, will work for you to draft an exceptional box for your cbd oil dropper bottles. The production team will carefully examine the product type, volume of liquid, medical benefits it offers and potential concerns with your specific product. After that, the production of custom cbd oil boxes is executed. Either CBD Oil, Tincture extract, CBD spray, or even THC liquid a personalized box is developed from scratch to resolve the specific concerns of each product and ensure perfect branding. We responsibly deliver the ordered boxes at your door step within the committed date without considering the size of your order. Experience the high quality of services and additional facilities like free shipping and free designing without limitations of order size. To find out our lowest wholesale prices, fill up instant quote form. To know more about exceptional services, pick up your phone and call at 888-276-1239.

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