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Ganja Mamas Hello mammas! I just gave birth to my beautiful babygirl today Leilani De Santiago weighing 6 lbs 8oz at 38w 4days !! Perfectly healthy babygirl! I Smoked up until yesterday CBD — often in the form of an oil, a tincture, or an edible — has been rumored to reduce anxiety, a common symptom among those diagnosed with ADHD symptoms.

Ganja Mamas

Hello mammas! I just gave birth to my beautiful babygirl today Leilani De Santiago weighing 6 lbs 8oz at 38w 4days !! Perfectly healthy babygirl! I Smoked up until yesterday before I left to head to the hospital! However , I was never tested.

Nausea? Normal? It started yesterday (5 DPO). Especially after waiting a while in between sessions, I cannot take a bong hit without needing to run inside to get water and swallowing anything Ive regurgitated/gagged up. TMI and gross, sorry.Did.

hi all! i’m a young first time mom & been smoking weed for a handful of years now. i’m in IL and also carry a medical card so it’s legal where i am. i’m about 7 weeks along now & started taking prenatal and have so many questions that this group.

So I’m currently 22-23 weeks and I used to smoke before I got pregnant and stopped completely but every now and then i slip up like I smoke one day regret it for weeks into months then slip again . Out of old habit but I’m kinda scared because.

I’ve been a daily smoker for roughly 10 years now. I started smoking much less while trying to conceive, but we got our positive result quicker than we thought we would. I’m down to one bowl or less a day (maybe half a gram), but the smell aversions.

* even if u are not pa mom u can comment if u like * Im 34 weeks and plan to get induced due to preeclampsia at 37 weeks. I smoked maybe 3 or 4 times out of my entire pregnancy. I seen on my labs my ob office drug test me for Cocaine, heroine.

Hey CannaMamas! Hope everyone is doing well! First off , I really appreciate this group and all the various topics that are talked about here. I think this is a good safe space to get some insight & info from women who’ve really gone thru.

Ok, pregnant with baby #2 and it’s SO MUCH DIFFERENT than baby #1. Now I have a 3 year old, run a small business, work a full time job, and all the other things that come with life and taking care of the household. I’m so much more stressed.

I am 31 weeks pregnant and nervous about testing being done at l&d. I stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant, at my first ob appointment they did drug test and came back positive. I told them I was heavy smoker prior to being pregnant.

Does anyone know if they do a drug screening for u and baby I am on and off smoker due to hypermesis gravadarium

Hi mammas! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I have a big event coming up that’s giving me major anxiety. Before pregnancy, when I felt anxious I would take a CBD but I haven’t since. Do you think it would be okay if I take one before the.

Hello ladieeeees ! I’m officially 35 wks today , so I have 5 wks left! We are so excited!! This will be my 3rd daughter & I’m lowkey hoping she comes a lil bit early like my 2nd who was 11 days early! Her actual due date is Oct. 08! A Saturday.

Hi everyone, just wondering if you used a vape pen like stiiizy when pregnant and if so, how often, and how were the scans and did everything go okay throughout pregnancy and after birth?

GA moms if i say i dont smoke will they still drug test me ? Lol some say they will, some say if you say you dont they just wont test you.

I’m so pissed off man. I live in PA where weed still isn’t legal so I’ve been smoking CBD for the last like 4 weeks. I haven’t touched weed since like week 9 or 10 of pregnancy. I get drug tested at every appointment and haven’t tested positive.

let’s keep this post alive!!the research has been done read up & stay positive!Much love!*********************************This is copied from a Cannamom group on FB, where a lovely lady put this all together for easy reach. I am posting it here.

I’ve only been having a tiny bowl every couple nights to help with heavy insomnia.now I’m getting super close to due date I’ve started to think what if I go into labour while a little high.has this happened to anyone and did it actually help.

I give birth November 22, 2022 at Spartanburg Regional Hospital. I stopped smoking at 13!weeks and my pee was clean at 18 weeks. I haven’t been tested at my obgyn yet, I tested at home. I’m absolutely terrified of my baby testing positive if.

I worked Conservatorship, but I know a decent amount about all levels of Texas CPS. I left the agency in 2016, so there may have been some slight changes to policy since that time, but I can still offer general advice and answer questions. If.

hey cannamamas! I’m currently 34 weeks.. 35 weeks tomorrow. I’ve been smoking my whole pregnancy w/ my 2nd baby. Also been using backwood leafs the whole pregnancy.. has anyone smoked them and their baby turned out fine?

Hi mamas, just putting out my information for anyone else looking! I was a daily heavy smoker for years (as in I always had a bowl packed and was hitting my pipe throughout the day, multiple bowls. I went through a half oz a week) and I also.

3rd pregnancy, 6wks, I’ve had a little nausea, just wondering if it might get better or worse? I’m hoping if it isn’t that bad it won’t be, but I also heard it can peak until 16wks?

Hello this is probably a long shot but does anyone know if Utah tests for THC after every birth? I have a medical marijuana card and take low dose edibles for pain and morning sickness. Worried if I need to stop a month before birth? Curious.

I am 29 weeks and have not been able to stop vaping. I haven’t smoked flower since I found out I was pregnant but have continued with edibles. I have my card in state of FL. I quit taking xanax at 5 weeks after being on it for about 7 years.

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Hey everyone , before I found out I was pregnant I was a heavy smoker . I would smoke six blunts a day. And I’ve been smoking since I was 18 I’m now 26. Upon finding out I was pregnant I’ve been decreasing them # of blunts I smoke now . Down.

Hey Canna Moms :)I have been smoking for years this is my second canna baby. I prefer extracts over flower.I have been in this group for a while. Checking like most of y’all for a peace of mind about using marijuana while pregnant. Well I have.

I’m 30 weeks as of yesterday and have cut back on the weed since 28 weeks. I’ve had a few hits today, but don’t plan on smoking anymore. I’ve never admitted usage to my OB and have not been drug tested (to my knowledge). I’m just curious to.

I’m 29 weeks today and just stopped smoking. I was only smoking lightly 2-3 times a day up until I stopped. My worry is that I haven’t told my doctor I’ve been smoking during my pregnancy and I’m afraid I may have to have a c-section come time.

What happens if my baby is tested and it’s positive for thc? Will they take my baby ? Or can i not get him tested ? Do i have a choice ? And if i dont want him tested will it be for everything or just thc? Its my first baby sorry for all the.

I’m currently 24+1 and a week or two ago i was told at my ob office that i tested positive for thc. i’ve tried to stop smoking since i became pregnant but i get so sick and barley eat. My doctor asked if i was smoking and i got nervous and told.

I was due Aug 29th, got induced on the 30th. He came that night at 11:19pm. Weighing 7lbs and 4oz and 20 in long. He’s perfectly healthy, dr said he had jaundice but he’s already better. I’m in Ga we were tested and both of us were positive.

Hello!I am simply sharing my experience so do what you want with this info!My son was born 8.11.22 via c-section. He didn’t want to come out lol so after 12 hours of pushing, they decided to cut him out!He is absolutely perfect, passed all of.

Hi mammas! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I have a big event coming up that’s giving me major anxiety. Before pregnancy, when I felt anxious I would take a CBD but I haven’t since. Do you think it would be okay if I take one before the.

Any Rhode Island mamas out there? I am a patient but my card is going to expire. Is it safe to continue using cannabis as a pregnant woman and not have a medical card? Should I keep my patient card going or is it a waste of money at this point.

So, I recently moved to Louisiana from California to be with my husband (works as a lineman). Upon arriving we found out he’d be working 4 hours away for about a month or 2, no real timeline. I’m 16 weeks pregnant, high risk pregnancy, have.

I’m 28 years old, 29 on the 19th this month. I’ve been a chronic user for the past 6 years. Off and on before that. I quit smoking almost 3 weeks ago and I still don’t have that clear sober feeling. I’m wondering if anyone else has experience.

I am struggling so bad to stop vaping it’s been my go to for stress and everything else to manage for years I’ve stopped so many times since I’ve found out to start again I am 15 weeks now and want to stop so very badly please help

Hi! Im in Indiana. Ive already had two girls in Indiana in the same city. Richmond . With both girls, at my first obgyn appointment, I had tested positive for weed but immediately quit. Both times the doctors/ nurses never said anything to me.

If you or baby were not drug tested at the hospital, did they ever collect a urine sample from you while you were there?

Before being pregnant I was a heavy smoker and I don’t exercise or drink much water as I should so I don’t expect to be clean and I did test positive for THC but im a little upset they just drug tested me without even informing me. On my lab.

I am 38 weeks and 4 days I go in this Thursday for my c section I stopped my usage of weed about 2 weeks ago. I use weed for schizophrenia since my medicine would have caused severe problems with my pregnancy I was denied my MMC or Kcard due.

Hi all. Please don’t judge.Pre-pregnancy we had my medication leveled out. I have bipolar 2, anxiety, and ADHD. I’m unable to take my adhd and anxiety medication. So I kept smoking flower to help with anxiety. Just wondering if anyone has had.

I don’t know if you guys saw my other post asking about how others went and how I was so nervous about whether or not I should be honest about smoking. Well I feel crazy because I over worked myself up for nothing lol. I put on the paperwork.

So I gave birth to my cute happy baby 3 weeks ago. I feel great and all healed! I recently had a friend offer up a two day lil get away that she is gonna pay for but idk if I should go since my lil one is only 3 weeks. Her dad would be able.

Anyone from the Virginia Beach area or given birth in this hospital? I plan on stopping at or before 30 weeks anyways, just because I’m tired of driving myself crazy lol. Did anyone/and or their baby get tested?

I constantly get guilt tripped by my own stoner mom to not smoke because I’m breast feeding. My baby is 1 and he’s doing so great in all his developmental milestones it’s just like my way of relaxing through the chaotic life of motherhood .

hello ganja mamastoday I am 26 weeks and have been smoking my whole pregnancy. Im a young mum, 19 and have been smoking daily since 14. I have 2-4 small cones max most days (cones=bowls).I am planning to stop smoking by 30 weeks.But I am writing.

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CBD Oil for ADHD? Despite Scarce Research, Patients Are Trying It

Early research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may help patients with epilepsy. It is also believed to relieve pain, anxiety, mood disorders, and even acne. But what about ADHD or ADD? So far, research linking CBD oil to ADHD symptom relief does not exist. That isn’t stopping patients from trying it.

Verified Medically reviewed by Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D. Updated on January 5, 2022

UPDATE: On November 25, 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a revised consumer update regarding safety concerns about cannabidiol (CBD) products. Due to limited research data, the FDA is unable to declare CBD products safe, according to the updated statement. The FDA warns that CBD can cause liver damage, increased drowsiness, and a number of other side effects. The impact of daily CBD use over a sustained period of time is unknown. Likewise, the FDA says there is insufficient research on the effect of CBD on the developing brain, on fetuses, and on the male reproductive system. The FDA has approved only one CBD product, which treats two rare forms of epilepsy. In late November, it issued warning letters to 15 companies for illegally selling products containing CBD.

These days, it’s tough to find an online community or social media group not singing the praises of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. This helps to explain why so many people are exploring its benefits for diseases and disorders ranging from Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons to PTSD and, yes, attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). Though research suggests that CBD oil may benefit patients with epilepsy and other disorders, any such claims around ADHD are only that: claims.

What Is CBD? Does It Help ADHD?

CBD is a product of the marijuana (cannabis) plant with the high-inducing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compound removed, which means it is not psychoactive. CBD — often in the form of an oil, a tincture, or an edible — has been rumored to reduce anxiety, a common symptom among those diagnosed with ADHD symptoms. No one, though — not even the drug’s most hardcore advocates — claims CBD is a treatment for ADHD.

According to Mitch Earleywine, professor of psychology at SUNY-Albany and an advisory-board member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), there is “no published data, let alone randomized clinical trials, [that] support the use of CBD for ADHD.”

Even so, word of CBD’s potential benefits — proven or otherwise — are often enough to compel some patients with ADHD to experiment. Dr. John Mitchell of the Duke University ADHD Program says that one of his patients, an adult woman with ADHD, tried CBD. Twice. On her own. Without his approval or supervision.

“I bought one vial for $50 that contained 30 gel tablets, and I took all of them over a few weeks,” says Mitchell’s patient, who preferred to remain anonymous. “I’d never tried CBD or any type of cannabis before, and I felt no changes. But I didn’t have any adverse effects, either.”

Anecdotally, this outcome appears common for half of those trying CBD on their own — regardless of the quantity, quality, or type used. The other half claim some positives with regard to CBD and ADHD: “I was able to relax” or “I felt less manic” are common refrains. The problem, as Dr. Mitchell and the broader community of ADHD and CBD researchers point out, is a dearth of studies around CBD. No single research team has yet studied the possible effects — good or bad — of CBD oil for ADHD symptoms specifically.

“There are anecdotes that CBD may help with ADHD,” says Dr. Robert Carson, an assistant professor of neurology and pediatrics at Vanderbilt University who co-authored a 2018 study on the efficacy of CBD on epilepsy, “but this is true for many other symptoms or diseases. Thus, there may be patients whose ADHD symptoms improve after adding CBD, but we cannot generalize that anecdote more broadly. Secondly, the cases we’re most likely to hear about are the one where somebody had a great response — not the 10 who did not.”

“I am not aware of any scientific or clinical data that would speak to the safety or efficacy of using CBD in the treatment of ADHD,” says Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D., a member of John Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit. “There is no scientific basis from which CBD should be recommended for use as a treatment for ADHD, nor is there any data that could speak to which product or dose would be appropriate.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends treating ADHD in children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 with FDA-approved medications, plus parent training in behavior modification and behavioral classroom interventions. Likewise, research confirms that “stimulant medications are most effective, and combined medication and psychosocial treatment is the most beneficial treatment option for most adult patients with ADHD.” All ADHD treatment decisions should be made in consultation and coordination with a licensed medical provider.

Is CBD Legal? Is It Safe?

To date, 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form; 10 other states and Washington, D.C., have adopted laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Even so, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers CBD, like all cannabinoids, a schedule 1 drug — making it as illegal as heroin and ecstasy. Despite this, one cannabis industry expert predicts that CBD products alone will comprise a nearly $3 billion market by 2021.

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With all that profit on the horizon, why so few studies? At least partially to blame is the legality of CBD; it’s difficult to attain a federal grant to study a federally illegal drug. Politics also come into play, as do lingering public perceptions of cannabis as a gateway drug that may lead to serious mental disorders, lethargy, or both.

Nevertheless, Dr. Mitchell feels that “The perception that [CBD] can have a negative effect has gone down because it’s becoming more available.”

This is not a perception shared by all of Dr. Mitchell’s peers, who note professional resentment and stigma regarding funding for cannabis research. “There’s a lot of political opposition coming from the business and scientific communities,” asserts Dr. Jacob Vigil, director of the University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund. “It’s still highly stigmatized, and we need more studies.”

The studies done on CBD and ADHD to date amount to… practically nothing. One 2011 study showed that, among a group of 24 people with social anxiety disorder, the half who’d taken CBD were able to speak in front of a large audience. In 2015, researchers in Germany examined the relationship between cannabis (CBD and THC) and ADD in 30 patients, all of whom said they experienced better sleep, better concentration, and reduced impulsivity while using the cannabis products. Finally, a 2017 study looking at CBD oil and ADHD in adults found that the oil improved some symptoms, but that more studies were needed to confirm its findings.

The Dangers of Experimenting with CBD for ADHD

The Netherlands’ self-professed “cannabis myth buster,” Arno Hazekamp stated in a recent paper, “While new CBD products keep entering the market virtually unchecked, effective regulatory control of these products has stayed far behind. As a result, unknown risks about long-term effects remain unaddressed, especially in vulnerable groups such as children.”

“During [a person’s] development, I worry about cannabinoids, both CBD and THC,” says UCLA’s Evans. “There are adenosine receptors (and CB2 receptors) on the microglia that are critical for brain development, and CBD inhibits adenosine uptake. This may be a beneficial factor for epilepsy and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, but who knows for ADHD.”

And while CBD may potentially benefit some patients with ADHD, “One is doing an experiment on oneself by taking CBD for ADHD,” Evans adds. “CBD is anti-inflammatory and I’m not sure there is good evidence mechanistically that for ADHD it might be helpful.”

It’s also unknown how CBD may interact with other medications. “CBD in any form is a drug, and thus has a potential for side effects or interactions with other drugs, specifically those metabolized through the liver [CBD is metabolized by the same enzyme in the liver that metabolizes many other medicines and supplements],” Carson says. “And with other ADHD medications that have sedating qualities, such as guanfacine or clonidine, there may be additive effects that may not be beneficial.”

Also potentially harmful is the non-standard and wildly fluctuating amount of CBD in most CBD products, even those labeled as “pure CBD oil.” Some such products may also contain other ingredients — pesticides, additives, herbs, and even THC. “CBD alone has multiple actions on the cells in the brain and we don’t know which ones are clearly responsible for its known benefits,” Carson says. “It gets more complicated when we have less purified products that also include THC and CBDV [cannabidivarin].”

Dangers may also exist in the method of delivery. CBD is packaged and consumed in oils, tinctures, or edibles — each one absorbed differently by a person’s body. “The labeling in this industry,” says Vigil of UNM, “is horrific.”

‘Natural’ Doesn’t Necessarily Mean ‘Safe’

Once CBD enters the body, no one yet knows how it works. Its long-term effects are a mystery. Exactly how does CBD work — in the brain and over many years? As Dr. Carson bluntly puts it: “We don’t know and we don’t know.”

None of this will stop some people from self-medicating with CBD or trying it on their children. “Apparently there are products offering about 30mg of CBD per dose,” Earleywine says. “I rarely see published work with humans that shows much of an effect below 300mg, which… would get quite expensive… So it’s probably a waste of time and money.”

“The bottom line,” Evans says, “is that there is a dearth of research on all cannabinoid actions — because of its schedule 1 classification — and no clear scientific evidence I can find to endorse or not endorse CBD use for ADHD.”

Perhaps because researchers have documented no negative links between CBD and ADHD, some “patients go through trial and error with CBD,” Vigil says. “First they go on the Internet, where they start with an isolate CBD. Then they try the vanilla products — only to find they get more benefits when they add THC.

“They do that because cannabis is so variable that patients are forced to experiment. Also because clinical trials can’t really tell you anything about the decisions that patients actually make in the real world. And finally because there’s not going to be a uniform solution for everybody.”

“Families need to think very hard about potential risks versus benefits for treating other disorders, including ADHD,” Carson advises. “So please discuss what you are thinking about doing with your child’s physician. In the absence of good data, a dose of 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight per day is where most patients start when using CBD for epilepsy — and this seems to be well tolerated. But if the side effects from any medication are worse than the problem was to begin with, that patient might be on too much.

“I like to remind families,” Carson adds, “that just because something is natural does not mean it is safe.”

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