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Schoppee Farm is a leading provider in organic hemp, offering the best CBD oil and products for consumers across the U.S. Shop with us today! Healing Harbors is a Maine based CBD company with a mission to "Care for Every Body". We offer hemp infused CBG and CBD self-care products. Buy Maine CBD today.

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Are you looking for a restful night’s sleep, a calming boost, or natural relief from your every day aches and pains? Schoppee Farm has a product for you!

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Hi Folks,
I used the salve every morning for a week and it relieved the pins & needle feeling in my lower calf, ankles and feet, but cannot improve my neuropathy, which I understood. I’m trying every third day, to reduce the amount used and seems to be working. I’ll give more feedback later.
Thanks, David Bowker

I got an 1/8th of this in a local shop in Portland. It smell, and tastes wonderful! It relaxes me down to the bone, diminishing all my worries and anxiety. I live in Arizona, so I’m pleased to see I can order it online! I can’t wait to order more. Thank you for all the work you do!

Helps my dog so much

Would highly recommend

i have been trying to get the right formula with all my different means like bottles and gummies that i haven’t got to the chocolate bars .

i wanted to give a completely honest review after using your sleep capsules. i have slept for 7 hours straight of calming, refreshing, restorative sleep for the first time since Nov 26,2021 from long covid insomnia , 3 hrs of light sleep every.single.night. Product came looking amazing. clean, professional. Packaging and bottle were quite beautiful! After months of research, I will be staying with a local community based company. i have no words to thank you for giving me my blissful sleep back! much gratitude! ~Robin

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Our dog Archie has a very high prey instinct and we are his 4th home in his 4 year life span. He is a rescue and he is my love dog. Your product has helped calm him down and he loves them. Only trouble is that our Wellness Connection store here in Portland always seems to be out of stock with no idea of when they will have more. Archie gets 3 a day so we need to keep them in stock. Thank you for the product.

I am finding this product is, indeed, calm inducing. I feel more relaxed and at ease.

Great tasting and very relaxing

Excellent product! Helps a lot with my pain.

These are a delicious treat! Whenever I would eat one before bed they helped me fall asleep faster than usual even though I’m a night owl with a busy mind!

Professional, easy to navigate website and fantastic, organic products. Used for sleep.

I accidentally burned my arm while making dinner and though I applied an antiseptic burn spray the inflammation site was growing larger. My husband suggested I try the cbd arnica salve. I was hestitant as the burn hurt and I didn’t want to touch it; however the salve is rather soft and easy to apply. Almost immediately I felt relief. I think the salve prevented the burn from bubbling too. This morning the burn mark is evident but no pain,just healing. Thank you.

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North Lifter – Pre-roll

You CAN get a good night’s rest!

Fall asleep. Stay asleep. Feel refreshed!

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Love it or it’s on us!

Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, let us know. All we ask is that you give it a real try.

The Schoppee Difference


We focus on holistic, integrated, solutions. Every step is so important and has a wide variety of factors to control so we keep it all on the farm.

Sun and Soil Grown

We believe the best hemp is grown under the sun in organic soil. It is also what’s best for our planet! Global Organization 1% for the Planet supporter.

Science Based

We work with our physician partners Dr. Meer and Dr. Rioux and our network of researchers and scientists to create nature based, science backed, solutions.

Family Owned

Eighth generation farmers create high-quality CBD products on our 200 year old farm that help people and pets feel better and live better naturally.

What is CBD?

This is often the first question we get when meeting new people. Head over to the CBD Blog to empower yourself with information about CBD, the hemp plant, and how to find the right product for you. As a small women-owned business, we are all about making sure you get the information you need to make smarter choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Support A Healthy and Balanced Endocannabinoid System

Introducing 2:1 CBD & CBG Mango Jellies

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Did you know that people often report seeing a faster and more powerful onset of their CBD effects after consuming mango? Our newest flavor of jellies uses a combination of mango and a 2:1 CBD/CBG blend to give you maximum relief in one naturally delicious bite. Like our original Maine Blueberry flavor, these jellies don’t contain any artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives, and they’re still THC free, Vegan, and GMO Free.

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