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Blue Cheese

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Big Buddha Cheese x DJ Short’s Blueberry


Bred by Barney’s Farm by pollinating a Big Buddha Cheese female with a pair of Blueberry males


Compact, purple-tinged flowers with average resin coverage


The high point of this strain for sure, the aroma was a wonderfully pungent mix of sweet blueberry and sharp, musky, putrid elements… which, yes, can be described as smelling like cheese. It’s a very strange and unique taste that you really only find in Cheese strains — alternately appealing and revolting, like many fine cheeses


The taste took on more of the cheese elements than the smell did, while the berry sweetness fell to the background. One reviewer commented that there was even an iron/mineral-like taste, similar to what is found in very “goaty” cheeses, while others mainly picked up on peppery, sharp notes. The sweetness was still present, but the sharp tastes were stronger for sure.


We had one outlier reviewer in our results that had a very uppy, motivational experience full of energy, exaggerated hand motions, and laughter… this contrasted with the experiences of the other reviewers yet was repeated on a secondary review, so we felt it worth mentioning. Sometimes meds simply affect people differently, so keep that in mind with this one, as we don’t normally have one review sticking out so much from the others.

The majority of staff felt that this was a wonderful relaxing med that served to take all the troubles and pains of the day and put the brakes on them. Starting off with a buzzing, warm body, strong forehead/temple pressure, and an immediate mood elevation, this strain felt really potent early on. It was a torquey med that stayed at medicinal levels for around 1.5 hours, only tailing off around hour 2. The dominant state was one of engaged but inactive focus, where the couch and a movie or video games were the perfect accompaniment. It was a great “stealth med” though, as the reviewer’s physical appearance was unaffected despite the potency. A soft drop (or perhaps a rise, since it was a “down” med overall) back to sobriety made this a smooth experience overall.

Blue Cheese is a strain of marijuana. Learn about the effects and characteristics of Blue Cheese, and view our collection of cannabis photography.

Cheese marijuana strain

Amazing ? ? . First time trying Blue cheese strain!!? ? I’m in love ? ? ? ☆☆☆☆☆

Very nice strain. But it energizes me instead of making me sleepy.

Got sleep? Blue cheese is a phenomenal indica strain that will relax you into bed. The sweet, cheesy aroma is just as prevalent when you smoke the bud as it is when you smell it. Cannaisseurs and medical users will both enjoy the flavor and effects of this potent herb. The smell of blue cheese is thick but not overly powerful until you break open a nug. The scents of a berry and cheese danish will rush into your nose, with undertones of skunk and gas. The smoke is creamy and smooth, but also very thick. The “cheese” in the name is prevalent of every step of the process of smoking, even after the exhale Overall, blue cheese is a splendid choice for medical users with its well rounded effects, as well as recreational users. It’s the perfect strain to use before dinner or bedtime, but make sure you’ve completed any major projects for the day first. Get ready for stress to melt away.

The blue cheese strain I bought surprised me because it had only a faint smell of cannabis, even after breaking off a nug, there was no blueberry smell like the lovely blueberry strain has, and no cheese or cream smell like the Nice Cream strain has. The flavor was very off-putting to me, it tastes harsh and burnt. This is actually one of the worst tasting strains I’ve ever tried and I’m a daily user who loves trying out different strains. Maybe I got a bad batch or something but the place I purchased it from – Trestle in SF – has sold me some of the most amazing flavored cannabis and their top shelf is always top-notch. When I read the reviews for this strain I just don’t get it. The effect was fine though. I like that I didn’t feel too spacey, fried, or tired on it but I have to wonder if it would do the job when I’m in a lot of bad pain.

I only review strains I at least really liked! This is a dandy indeed! Not an amazing taste.. a little herby tasting but pretty smooth not harsh. The smell is almost underwhelming from what I was expecting but that being said once a hug is broken its smelly in a good way. Effects are tremendous. It’s a certified creeper, should maybe be locked up! And it is a very distinct relaxing feeling, long lasting, very pleasant cerebral effects not racy or dull. 5*****

This indica-dominant hybrid (20:80 sativa/indica ratio) is fairly potent, with THC levels reaching 20%. As its name suggests, it tastes strongly of blue cheese, giving it a flavor distinct from other Cheese varieties. The aroma is a mix of blue cheese and sweet blueberries. The original Cheese st…