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Marijuana seeds are sorta-kinda legal now, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, but licensed pot businesses Colorado have been warned to stay away from doing business outside of state's framework. Learn about where to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado and the laws governing growing your own cannabis. Click to learn more about cannabis seeds.

Marijuana Seeds in Gray Area With the Feds, but Not in Colorado

Marijuana seeds are sorta-kinda legal now, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, but Colorado’s licensed pot businesses have been warned to stay away from doing business outside of the state’s framework.

Hemp and marijuana are the same plant with different THC amounts in their blooming flowers, but neither hemp nor marijuana seeds exceed 0.3 percent THC — the federal line that differentiates the two. Earlier this year, the DEA confirmed that marijuana seeds, clones and other parts of the cannabis plant with under 0.3 percent THC are now considered hemp products, legal under 2018’s Farm Bill, which ended federal hemp prohibition.

Since then, some marijuana breeders have interpreted the DEA’s confirmation as a green light to ship marijuana seeds or clones (immature marijuana plants that haven’t yet bloomed) across the country. However, a June 28 memo from the state Marijuana Enforcement Division warned Colorado business owners that buying or selling seeds outside of the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system could still be considered illegal.

“Regulated marijuana businesses are only permitted to transfer marijuana seeds, immature marijuana plants, marijuana or marijuana products to other regulated marijuana businesses,” the MED announcement reads. “Licensees transferring marijuana seeds, immature marijuana plants, marijuana, or marijuana products in conflict with the marijuana code or the Colorado marijuana rules could be subjecting their licenses to administrative actions including but not limited to fines, suspension, or revocation.”

While legal experts have recently warned marijuana businesses against shipping or buying seeds across state lines, licensed marijuana breeders were already too invested in staying compliant to ship products outside of the regulated system, according to John Paul, founded of Colorado seed and clone supplier Klone. But non-licensed businesses are not as cautious, he adds.

“If you look on social media, like Instagram, there are a lot more of these quasi-, non-licensed clone providers popping up. They’re playing in that gray area of selling and shipping what they are calling hemp clones across the country. Now, what the clone ends up being after the person receives and grows it is sort of the gray area they work in,” he said in a May interview. “I don’t see it as competition for our business, because we have to operate within METRC [Colorado’s seed-to-sale tracking system for retail cannabis]. So we’re not targeting the same audience. All of our clients need to stay compliant within the Colorado regulations.”

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In its June 28 memo, the MED notes that evolving federal cannabis policy is likely to create more potential conflicts or legal questions, and says it will “continue to monitor statewide and federal initiatives with this in mind.”

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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Colorado?

What are the laws around buying marijuana seeds and growing marijuana in Colorado?

With countless people indulging in legal weed in Colorado, many wonder what the laws are that govern buying cannabis seeds and starting their own marijuana grow and where to buy cannabis seeds?

Residents of Colorado are welcome to grow weed at home, as long as they follow the laws around cultivation. With the passage of Amendment 64, Colorado recreational dispensaries can legally sell cannabis seeds to adults over 21 of age. Residents can buy those seeds legally grow up to 6 plants, 3 of which can be mature at a time (a mature plant is defined as a flowering plant). Colorado law also requires that the plants be grown in an enclosed, locked space that is not “open” or “public”.

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If you’ve ever wanted to try growing your own marijuana, this is a great time to visit you’re The Spot 420 dispensary to buy some cannabis seeds!

The Rules of Buying Marijuana Seeds at a 420 Dispensary

Like buying any other product from dispensaries, buying seeds comes with its own set of rules. As with buying weed itself, you need to be 21 years of age or older to buy seeds at a Colorado recreational dispensary. You’ll need valid government-issued ID. You’re also not allowed to give or sell seeds to minors.

While anyone from around the world can come to Colorado to buy cannabis seeds from a 420 dispensary, there are a lot of rules governing who can grow weed and where. Read on!

Possession of cannabis, including seeds, is mostly illegal in the United States. It is still illegal federally. If you live in Colorado, you’re fine to grow weed under the cultivation limits. If you’re from somewhere where it’s still illegal to possess and/or grow cannabis, you shouldn’t buy seeds and take them out of Colorado – if it’s still against the law where you are, you could face harsh penalties.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

In Colorado, you have to pay for seeds at 420 dispensaries and pick up your products in person. Seeds can’t be mailed, so shop local at the Spot 420 Pueblo dispensary and Trinidad dispensary!

Choosing Your Cannabis Seeds

As many smokers know, there are different strains of cannabis, and thus seed, for every desired trait and every type of person. There are countless strains of marijuana out there, and The Spot 420 dispensaries stock a wide variety of products for you to try growing. How you know which marijuana strain to choose?

In most cases, it’s a matter of personal preference. Most people should choose between indicas or sativas (or grow both!) to start.

The Difference Between Growing Indica and Sativa

Sativas will grow quickly. They’ll get quite tall in the course of the season. With this type of plant, you’re looking at an energetic, “up” high.

Indicas are shorter and denser. They mature faster than sativas once they start flowering. People generally call the stone from these plants more of a body buzz.

Of course, there are hybrid seeds, which have individual characteristics depending on the percentage of indicas and sativas in each plant. When you make your seed selection at a 420 dispensary, think about the type of growth and maturation you want in your plant, and the type of high you’re looking for.

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Generally, to get the most bang for your buck, look for seeds of plant strains that are proven to have large yields and a high THC content. Buying cheap seeds isn’t worth it, most of the time. You’re likely to end up with plants that fail to grow into anything worthwhile. When you consider how much weed you can get out of a single plant, it makes sense to invest in high-quality seeds, which should turn into high-quality bud!

How to Know You’re Getting High-Quality Marijuana Seeds

The next questions after where to buy Cannabis seeds should naturally be how to know you’re getting high quality marijuana seeds?A good Colorado dispensary, like The Spot 420 will stock and sell high-quality cannabis seeds. If you want to double-check the quality of the product you are getting, there are a few things to look for when you are seed shopping.

The genetics of a seed are the most important aspect of quality. Seeds should come from plants with desirable traits, and predictable behavior. Buy seeds from breeders who care about their product, and will take the time to breed plants properly to get the best quality seeds possible.

You can find out how seeds are harvested and stored. Seeds should be fully matured before they are harvested for sale. They need to be stored in dark, cool places, and used within 16 months, or frozen for future use. If not, you’ll end up with seeds that have been spoiled by mold and other nasty developments, so be sure to ask if you aren’t sure of how the seeds were kept.

Once you buy them, use them right away, or store them appropriately in the meantime.

If you have additional questions about where to buy cannabis seeds, call or come in to The Spot 420 dispensaries to chat with our knowledgeable staff.

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