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Most Potent Colorado Weed Strains

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Let’s be real: no one goes shopping at a Colorado dispensary hoping to find a weak cannabis strain. It feels like the ultimate betrayal when you get home and open that new jar of flower only to realize it’s brittle, dry and barely even gets you high.

When you visit The Spot 420, you can rest assured our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries and Trinidad dispensary will be stocked with the best Colorado weed strains. Looking for the strongest indica strain to help you wind down after a long day? We’ve got you covered. Want a potent sativa strain to boost your energy levels? Look no further than The Spot 420!

But in case you’re stuck shopping elsewhere (we’ll try not to take it personally), there are some easy tips you should know to help you pick the most potent strains just by looking at them.

How to Identify Potent Colorado Weed Strains

When you’re shopping for potent Colorado weed strains, there are few things to remember that will help you know you’re looking at a quality option. Always keep these three visual cues in mind while browsing at a Colorado dispensary and you’ll never go home with dry, lame cannabis again.

Avoid Certain Colors

The color of cannabis can vary greatly. There are even cannabis strains streaked with purple, red and orange. But there are two colors you should always avoid. Generally speaking, cannabis with dark brown splotches or tan coloring is a warning sign to walk away. Both of these colors can indicate degradation, maybe because they were bad quality to start with or they’ve been sitting under harsh dispensary lights for too long.

Make sure there are plenty of glistening trichomes

Strong Colorado weed strains will have a glistening outer coating visible to the eye. What looks like frost on the outside of a cannabis nug is really made up of something called trichomes. And trichomes are absolutely vital to any cannabis strain, whether it’s a strong indica or sativa, because they house something called terpenes. Terpenes hold much of the flavor, aroma and effects of cannabis so be sure the strain you choose has a healthy dose of frost.

Check for visible seeds

While shopping for cannabis in Colorado, seeds are a sign that you should move on to a different product. Don’t get us wrong. Cannabis is a plant, so seeds are part and parcel of dealing with a natural substance. But too many seeds show signs of a low-quality product. That’s because marijuana seeds redirect the plant’s energy away from growing robust and potent buds, leaving you with a subpar product.

Strongest Sativa Strains in Colorado

Green Crack

Despite the slightly alarming name, Green Crack is a smooth and delightful sativa strain. A few hits of this and you’ll feel a distinct boost in energy and focus. You’ll see that this strain is absolutely coated with glistening trichomes, producing a tangy flavor and fruity aftertaste. With a THC content between 17.71% to 23.95%, Green Crack is a perfect strain for starting your day or during a night out on the town.

You can find this strain at either of The Spot 420’s recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary.

Lucinda Williams

Just like the country rock musician this strain is named after, Lucinda Williams has a way of making you feel happy, calm and creative. This is one of those strains that produces nugs streaked bright red and covered in dense white trichomes. It really is a beauty to behold. As easy as it is to look at, the tart orange flavor followed by subtle pine and mint notes is even better.

This is one of the most sought after Colorado weed strains of all time and you can get it from Trinidad dispensary or Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries.

Strongest Indica Strains in Colorado


Looking for one of the strongest indicas on the market? Afghani is a tried and true option to keep you feeling deeply relaxed and euphoric. It’s known for its heavy resin production and dense nugs with speckles of purple throughout. Medical marijuana patients often use this strain to help treat insomnia, pain and stress. Take a couple puffs of Afghani and watch all your stresses from the day melt away.

Durango OG

This was one of the top indica strains of 2017 and Durango OG’s popularity shows no signs of waning. A cross between Alien OG and Alien Bubba with a 18.81% to 25.45% THC content, be ready for a heavy hitting body high that will keep you locked to the couch. And the unique taste, a mix of earth, pepper and rubber, is oddly satisfying. If you have trouble falling asleep, give Durango OG a try. It’s long lasting effects will keep you relaxed for hours.

All of these potent marijuana strains, Colorado edibles, weed lotion and more are available at The Spot 420. Stop by either of our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary for one-on-one help finding the perfect cannabis product for you. Whether you want the strongest indica or a high flying sativa, The Spot 420 has you covered.

Let’s be real: no one goes shopping at a Colorado dispensary hoping to find a…

Know the Different Types of Marijuana Strains

Other Strains

There are various marijuana strains. The different types generally fall into three categories, and they have different effects on the user. If you’re new to cannabis, you may be confused by talks of indica, sativa and hybrids when you go to the marijuana dispensary. To get in the know, check out our brief description of different types of marijuana strains.

Choose the Best Marijuana Strains at High Country Healing

We have the best marijuana strains. All you need to do is learn the effects of the different types, then pick the best one for you.

There is some debate about the various strains and whether indica and sativa have distinctly different effects. However, this is a useful guide for users.

At High Country Healing, you can choose from the wide assortment of marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, pre-rolled cigarettes, and topical applications we offer and get some useful advice from our friendly staff. The best marijuana strains are grown by us at high altitudes and available in all of our Colorado stores.

Strain Effects Perfect For…
Indica More sedating Treating insomnia, pain or stress; promoting relaxation or as a night cap
Sativa More uplifting Providing energy and fostering creativity
Hybrid Vary depending on whether indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or balanced Beginners and medical cannabis users

At High Country Healing, you can choose from the wide assortment of marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, pre-rolled cigarettes, and topical applications we offer and get some useful advice from our friendly staff. The best marijuana strains are grown by us at high altitudes and available in all of our Colorado stores.

What Type of Cannabis Strain is Right for You?

If you’re curious to discover what type of cannabis strain is right for you, you’ll be happy to know that we grow over 50 varieties. Furthermore, you can pick your own buds. The highly-trained staff at High Country Healing will help you to identify what type of cannabis strain is right for you. This will be based on your flavor preferences, the effect you want, and the time of day you like to consume your cannabis. There’s no rush. We’ll let you take all the time you need to compare our premium strains.

Marijuana Strains Colorado Menu with the Top Varieties

Check out our extensive Colorado menu of marijuana strains. You must be 21 or older to place an order online or make a purchase in stores. Whether you want recreational marijuana or have a prescription for pain relief, buy the best cannabis in Colorado at the nearest dispensary. You can find a store near you in Silverthorne, CO; Alma, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; and Avon, CO.

Also, we serve a variety of Colorado locations, including:

  • Breckenridge, CO;
  • Vail, CO;
  • Frisco, CO.

When you head into a High Country Healing dispensary in Colorado, you may be overwhelmed by the options. However, most marijuana strains are some type of sativa, indica, or hybrid. They each have different effects, so the best marijuana strains are the ones which best suit your needs. Generally, sativas stimulate, indicas relax, and hybrids do both.