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Which States Could Be Next to Legalize in 2021?

2020 has been a tough year, but it has also seen some major wins for the cannabis community. In the November 2020 election, four states legalized recreational marijuana (and South Dakota became the first state to legalize medical and recreational wee.

How Many States Have Legalized Medical Marijuana?

As the decriminalization of cannabis continues across the country, chances are high that you live in one of the states where weed is legal, or at least one of the 35 states with medical marijuana (plus Washington, D.C.) as an option for patient use. .

2020 Election Results: Marijuana Legalization Wins Big

The 2020 Election was nothing like we’ve ever seen before, politics-wise. While we still sit and wait for election officials to finalize the “big decision”, many smaller statewide ballot measures have officially passed. Who are we calling th.

Legal Cannabis Delivery: Everything You Should Know

Sometimes, getting up off the couch and making your way to the nearest dispensary is just a little too much work. And with the Coronavirus pandemic still raging across the country, staying at home is more popular – and integral – than ever before. Fo.

DC Seed Bank Reviews

The quality & price is mind blowing!

Nothing but the best. Delivery was right on time and it smokes how it looks!!

This guy right here is the truth! definitely gave us some great recommendations. The Alaskan thunder fuck is to die for. Had amazing experience. Thank you!

Great deals and great tree and the driver was fast and professional

Great communication great customer service. These people know what they’re doing thanks again.

Super easy , fast and great customer.

Very very happy with my experience today. Spoke with Jasmine and she recommended some amazing flavors that were more than I expected. Keep up the good work y’all and the positive attitudes I love it!

You can’t go wrong with a wide selection and fair price is that déjà vu office no matter how I’m feeling or what kind of situation I’m in I can always find something that will satisfy me on the menu you guys never let me down.

Very professional and good quality flower

Love This Place. Always On Time. Flowers Are Fire!!

These guys were awesome, the product was some of the best I’ve had and I’m a veteran smoker. They even through in an extra gift. Super polite, quick delivery, and they cut me a great deal too. 10/10 will be buying again!

Definitely my go to place! Love the flower options and quality plus the clipper lighters are my fave ???

Fire Sour Diesel. Would definitely recommend. Also gotta give a shoutout to Sam on the phone, she knew her stuff and really hooked it up. Many thanks!!

Some of the best bud and prices in DC. Munchies never disappoints!

I would highly recommend this place if your in town for a quick trip! They respond very quickly and the quality is well worth the price for the deals.

Munchies is great. I have used this service for the past 8 months. They are professional, communicative, and have lovely specials that change on a frequent basis. Whenever you have an issue, they are very kind and quick to solve it or provide compensation in my experience. I have recommended Munchies to friends in the area, and many of them use it consistently as well.

Great service with great buds

Smooth, very easy setup and pickup. Hulkberry is ?? Great deals

It was pretty cool. Great response time. Can’t wait to shop here again!

Good company, I would def do business again. They respond quickly, gave updates, they were on time, and they use their own drivers. I bought Ozs in the lower two brackets, buds were very small but thats fair for the price and they hit good and get the job done.

Very pleased with the quality! I’ve found my new goto guys.

excellent product for price and great to work with

excellent product for price

Why would you go to any other company besides exotic blooms? This company is the best in the biz, they hands down have the best customer service in the game, they actually care about you and how your doing, I’ve been going to these guys for over a year now and they have NEVER failed to impress, the free gifts are always super dope, they really are super down to earth people and easy to work with. I would recommend this company 100000 times over and over again, I won’t go to any other company besides them. Thank you exotic for being able to provide us customers a kick ass experience and always having kick ass product ??

Always it’s so good doing Business with you guys . Love you cloud9

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My experience on 5 US seed banks in the last 2 weeks

Well-Known Member

So I’ve been buying my seeds from Europe for years til now. I live in the US and anything I order would come through the dreaded Chicago customs. Green sticker to me is like a unicorn I hear a lot about it but have never seen one. Anyway to avoid all that BS, this was the year to start ordering US beans. So about 2 weeks ago I started my orders with T.D.T., Neptune, Aficionados of cannabis seed bank, DC Seed Exchange, and G.L.G..
And my thoughts on what I received rated.

#1 GLG was the only one I had to send cash, but the rewards in extras they sent more than doubled the original purchase in testers, freebies, fast shipping, etc ++.. Hands down the best order I’ve ever made.. Will be doing business with these people again.

#2 #3 would be a tie between TDT and Neptune.. Great Seeds banks Freebies, fast shipping, no complaints, Straight up good business, and I will be doing business with these!!

#4 DC Seed Exchange.. Didn’t ship 1/2 my order, which does it happen sometimes. An email fixed everything, happy again, he said I stuck something extra in there for you. Other 1/2 of order arrives . He must have ment the business card cause nothing else was in there but what i’d paid for . NO freebies.. none. fast shipping and good customer service.

#5 Aficionados of cannabis seed bank.. Only ranked 5 due to strange crosses in their portfolio I didn’t want to order. So I ordered the 25 random for $25 and can’t really comment til I grow some out. fast shipping, and 1 out of one popped again I need to try it first. no freebies on this purchase..

So I've been buying my seeds from Europe for years til now. I live in the US and anything I order would come through the dreaded Chicago customs. Green…