deep purple punch strain

Deep purple punch strain

Its some solid dope. Especially when 8ths are $25 lol

Dude, Purple Punch, if grown right is a goto strain for me. I love indica weed and my all time favorite is Purple Mind Fuk but plain Purple Punch is a great way to Start the evening

The taste and smell were wonderful (like blueberry baked goods)!, And the nugs were very pretty with some really bright purple. There was a little too much leaf left on a few of the nugs (which you almost expect here in freaking Arkansas where a lot of times the bud here is of low quality. Bold Cultivation grew this bud and they always almost always leave too much leaf on there and that sucks. But they are getting better, this one was ALMOST perfect.

7/10. Solid base hit. Reliable. Properly rated. Slow riser. It works but not overwhelmingly so. Positive vibes, pretty chill. Slight thought racing but easily overcome. Not overly potent but potent enough. You’re definitely high. Above averagely high. Actually you can kind of find yourself in a groove, which is interesting. Makes typing kind of tactile. Cool. Certainly 7/10, but no more. You are going to get a good experience with this one, but it didn’t blow my socks off.

This gotta be the best indica i ever had. its says 80% indica but u can i can still function and get things done. The euphoria u get for this strain is like no other and it is almost instant, taste like the grand daddy purps. I would tell any smoker to try this strain.

Purple Punch is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG with the deliciously potent Grand Daddy Purps. With a one-two punch to the head of euphoric lifted effects and a super high 18-20% average THC level, you'll feel the knockout…

Is Purple Punch The Best Weed Strain of 2020?

Purple Punch Strain Breakdown

Strength: 19% THC

Lineage: Grandaddy Purple X Larry OG

Terpenes: Peppery | Citrus | Pine

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. It was originally propagated by Supernova Gardens out of Hawaii, though its popularity has spread it from the west coast to most dispensaries across the US. Purple Punch is highly sought after for its ultra-uplifting mental effects that melt away stress and promote generous physical relaxation. Many medical patients reach for Purple Punch to manage conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and nausea.

Purple Punch is an uber-sweet strain with flavors reminiscent of grape candies and purple kool-aid. It offers a similarly sweet scent that reminds one of a basket of freshly baked blueberry muffins. It’s a real looker too, offering vibrant shades of green and purple flowers under thick blankets of THC-rich trichomes that give the strain its unmatched potency of 18-25%. All in all, this flavorful strain provides a host of health benefits and medical uses. Next time you see it at your favorite dispensary, be sure to give it a chance. In the meantime, check out the more in-depth review below to learn more about the specifics of the Purple Punch strain.

The Color Of Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a beautiful strain from the initial transplant all the way through the flower cycle and consequential dry and cure. When exposed to cooler temperatures at the end of the flower cycle, this eye-catching high-yielder displays beautiful purple and green hues like her Grandaddy Purple parent.

Under the right conditions, Purple Punch grows in typical indica fashion. It grows shorter and wider stems and produces dark green to purple water leaves that contrast nicely against the vibrant, tightly-packed flowers.

Her flowers range in color from purple to green and are covered in orange and yellow pistils, making for a bright, alien-like flower. Each tight football-shaped nug is covered in a thick blanket of silvery-white THC-rich trichomes. The surplus of resinous trichome heads makes Purple Punch an ideal strain for making into concentrates, as it tends to yield high.

She thrives in a sunny, humid climate. Ideal conditions bring out the best colors and aromas in this strain, so it’s important to use quality equipment and play close attention to the plant at all stages of growth. Keep an eye out for mold, and be sure to train the plant whenever possible to avoid weak growth and keep her tendrils under control.

What’s The Flavor of Purple Punch?

The terpene profile of purple punch is very complex. Similar to the vibrant and sugary aroma, Purple Punch is on the sweet side. An inhale brings you bright notes of grapes and berries with earthy undertones that mellow into a rich, peppery smoke. The smoke itself is tart and herbal in flavor but on the pepperier side and likely to make you cough. On an exhale, you’ll enjoy the smooth sweet flavor of tart purple hard candies or sugared berries before being left with an earthy and peppery-heat aftertaste.

How Does Purple Punch Smell?

Purple Punch is one of the sweetest and most distinct cannabis smells out there. Its first impression includes a bright and sweet grape flavor that could be described as bakesale-esque. Many people compare the Purple Punch aroma to that of a basket of blueberry muffins, grape candy, and purple kool-aid.

When the flowers are broken up, the strain becomes even more sweet and sugary. It’s complex grape and berry notes are met with hints of spiced pineapple and blueberries along with earthy undertones.

What Are The Effects Of Purple Punch?

Purple Punch is a gently sedative strain with a good mix of soothing and uplifting effects. It’s a great choice for people in the creative field for its ability to melt away stress and promote focus and relaxation. It’s got a great mix of effects that typically start in the head where it eradicates feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, or the blues.

After some time, the effects tend to shift more towards the body. Once your mind is good and relaxed, Purple Punch settles into the limbs to provide unmatched pain relief from muscle aches, chronic pain, and arthritis.

In higher doses, Purple Punch’s sedative effects take center stage. Many people stick to Purple Punch after dinner to help ease them into quiet relaxation and eventually a heavy sleep. This is a great choice for anyone suffering from insomnia or anxiety-fueled racing thoughts that keep them up at night.

Purple Punch works best in small to medium-sized doses for all other intents and purposes, though. The mix of uplifting, euphoric, and happiness-amplifying cerebral effects can often be overshadowed by the physical relaxation and sedation found in higher doses, so if you’re looking for a strain to keep you vibing all day, the key is low and slow.

Phenotypes of The Purple Punch Strain

There are a few different Purple Punch phenotypes floating around, including Evan Levinton’s Purple Punch which is found mainly in Alaska. It tends to be on the spacier side of the effect spectrum. Other phenotypes include Wedding Crasher and Purple Gasberry. Since all seeds slightly vary in genetics, there are likely many other unnamed Purple Punch phenotypes out there.

Medical Benefits of Purple Punch

Purple Punch is packed with peaceful power that’s excellent for both medicinal relief and a euphoric high. It has a great balance of physical and mental effects that can help you to relax and stay at ease while also staying functional. As an indica-dominant hybrid, it has the potential to make you fall asleep or get stuck to the couch if you overdo it. But in the correct dosage, it offers milder sedation that feels like gentle relaxation and a blissful euphoric kick.

Purple Punch makes great medicine for patients who suffer from depression, insomnia, stress, or anxiety. The strain is ultra-chill and offers a soothing mental effect and gentle physical relaxation that can even be felt deep in the muscles. For this reason, Purple Punch acts like a potent pain reliever for those suffering from muscle tension and pain.

Purple Punch packs the one-two punch between mental relief and physical relief. The high also tend to stick around, making it a good choice for all-day stress and pain management. Many cancer patients turn to Purple Punch for its ability to ease worry and help with pain and nausea associated with chemotherapies. It’s the ability to cause extreme munchies is also a big reason for people with cancer or eating disorders to choose this strain to help them keep their bellies full.

All in all, medical patients love Purple Punch because it won’t slow you down or prevent you from getting things done while it promotes blissfulness, pain relief, a healthy appetite, and good stress-relieving vibes.

Are There Negatives Of Purple Punch?

The Purple Punch strain comes along with a few possible negative side effects typical of Indica-dominant strains. The high concentrations of THC and sedative terpenes like b-Caryophyllene found in Purple Punch can cause heavy drowsiness and couch-lock. Purple punch also has very little CBD so it wont help with pain relief or focus. Like most cannabis strains in general, it may also cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. However, some users have also reported feelings of anxiety with higher doses, so be sure to enjoy this heavy-hitter at home or another safe, comfortable setting. As you should with any new strain, take care to ease yourself into it to help avoid unwanted effects.

Where to get Purple Punch Flower or Seeds

If you are in DC and looking to get some Purple Punch for yourself then check out our local delivery services and smoke shops and type in purple punch to see who has it. If you are looking for Purple Punch Seeds you can visit the DC Seed Exchange and tell them 420DC sent you.

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Purple Strain is one great cannabis strains among the many ones available these days. With so many weed strains being discovered, sometimes it gets difficult to pick the right one. And of course one can’t keep on experimenting. Purple punch is kind of one that suits almost everybody and gives a great high.

Purple Punch is a tasty and powerful treat that contains 29.8% THC. This strain packs a powerful punch of fruity taste. It has grape, blue berry, and tart flavors. It’s parents Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple bestow a hearty resilience and a gourmet flavor.

Purple Punch has a classic aroma of grape, tropical punch, pineapple, and fruity goodness. Its main terpene is limonene which also gives a tart, lemon taste. You will get a strong whiff of grape fragrance as soon as you open the jar.

Of course,
this is Marijuana Science at its best
a lot of hard work and dedication to create something this enjoyable and a very potent strain!
You have Punch Breath and another big favorite that I’m happy with is the incredible LayerCake!

If you are interested in trying the world famous purple punch weed strain then you should read this review first to see if it's for you and also where to get it.