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DNA Genetics

Starting life in California, DNA Genetics’ founders enjoyed the very best selections of local strains when they started growing in the late 80’s.

In 2002 DNA Genetics decided to leave the West Coast of America and head to a more cannabis friendly environment. They settled in Amsterdam but were immediately underwhelmed with the quality of the cannabis. They decided to sell popular strains from their native California while creating brand new strains in Amsterdam such as Nevils Haze and Columbian Gold.

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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics Seeds comprises of two guys who love cannabis.

They started growing in the late 80’s in the Hollywood. Being in California they had lots of tasty and different kinds of Cannabis to smoke and grow! In 2002 they decided to get out of the heat and go to a more cannabis friendly place. DNA Genetics Seeds, like many others before them, settled in Amsterdam.

DNA Genetics is known for the creation of many strains of medicinal cannabis seeds. In just over 8 years, DNA has won over 50 awards from prestigious cannabis events in several countries. They have been selling their clothing in their store in Amsterdam and are now expanding their horizons by making their clothing line available to be sold in stores throughout the world.

The name “DNA Genetics” is frequently seen and heard in magazines, books, over the internet, in songs, on the radio, in the newspaper, on t.v., and by word of mouth. DNA Genetics learned the ropes on the mean streets of Hollyweed, CA, but this Cup-Winning breeder is firmly entrenched in the smoke-filled city of Amsterdam these days.

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