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Dr. Underground

Founded in 2009 in Spain, Dr. Underground is an exceptional feminized cannabis seed breeder. Dr. Underground allows to sell their products only to some sellers of cannabis seed.

Dr. Underground offers hybrids created from their own selections from the best seeds in the market. They offer strains like Melon Gum, Painkiller, Brooklyn Mango, Crystal M.E.T.H. or King Kong.

Their seeds are 99.9% feminized, and have been through rigorous hydroponics grow systems. All seeds were tested to ensure high a quality product every single time you buy it.

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Dr Underground

Dr. Underground’s marijuana range contains such popular cannabis seeds as Brooklyn Mango (known for its strong mango fragrance and powerful structure of rock-hard buds), King Kong (known for its resin and speed of production), Crystal Meth (known for its recreational use and psychedelic high), Melon Gum (known for its large size and lavendar/melon flavours), and Painkiller (known for its medicinal uses including increasing appetite and reducing nausea).

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