Drying Cannabis Seeds

The quality of weed depends on how it's grown, and on how it's treated afterwards. Preserve your weed's taste by curing your cannabis. If you are wondering how to dry cannabis after the long and winding path of growing and flowering, we have the answer for you! How to Dry Marijuana Seeds Proper Marijuana Seeds Drying Marijuana seeds should be dried in a climate-controlled environment using fan ventilation. Seeds should never be dried in the sun nor

Drying and Curing Cannabis: Preserving Your Weed’s Taste

Though you might think your work is finally over after you harvest your weed, actually the opposite is true. After your cannabis plants have fully ripened and been cut off – or harvested – it is time to dry your harvest. Because let’s be honest, smoking wet weed probably won’t work too well… Smoking too dry weed isn’t all that great either though. That is why the after-care, the drying and curing process, is so damn important.

If the little stem ‘snaps’ when you pull on a bud, the weed is dry enough to be cured.

To dry cannabis plants, most growers use the tent or cabinet they grew the weed in. After cutting away some big fan leaves the plants are hung in a dark, cool place, with their bottom-side up for 7-14 days. Some growers trim their weed before they hang it up to dry, speeding up the drying process. Though most home-cultivators choose to trim their weed after it has been dried. A slow drying process usually results in a better tasting end-product, they say. Whatever you do, make sure to have some airflow and -circulation where you dry the plants. The last thing you need is the plants to get moldy in these last weeks of the growing-process.

To decide if a bud can be deemed ‘dry enough’, try pulling one off a branch. If the little stem it is attached to ‘snaps’, the weed is dry enough for the next step. Does it still bend instead? Then you should definitely leave it up to dry a bit longer.

Curing Cannabis

When the weed is dried properly, it will have only a slight smell and taste to it. Nothing in comparison to the strong odor experienced during the first days after the harvest or during the trim. Where some would take this loss of smell for granted and start smoking their homegrown from this stage on; others go one step further to preserve the aroma of their carefully grown cannabis. This next step is called ‘curing’.

The curing process can be compared to the aging of cheese and wine.

Curing can be compared to the aging process of products like wine and cheese. Though instead of a fermentation process, with curing weed the main focus is on humidity. Because even-though most moisture has evaporated and left the cannabis during the drying of the plants, there’s still some moisture left in the weed. By keeping your weed in air-sealed glass jars, you avoid that the flower dries out too fast and terpenes (aromatic components in the weed) evaporate. Leaving you with a musky, funky smelling piece of dry grass which nobody will enjoy.

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How To Cure Weed

Simply storing your weed in said jars isn’t enough to say you’ve ‘cured’ it to a perfect level. To do so, there’s still some work to be done in the first days after you’ve dried the plants and have put them in air-sealed jars. To begin with, only fill 2/3rds of the mason jars (or other air-sealed containers) you’re going to cure the bud in. This ensures there’s still some air left in the jar, and it won’t get too humid inside.

Leaving the jar open just a little is enough to let out excess moisture

During the first ten days, it is advised to ‘burp’ the jars (or other container) you cure the weed in, to let an excess of evaporated moisture out. Growers usually start by burping the jars 10 minutes on the first day. While slowly working it down by a minute each day, to only burping the jar 1 minute on the last day. While burping the jars, you can also take some time to check the buds on mold and other irregularities. If you find any, take moldy buds out, so they can’t contaminate the rest and screw up an entire harvest.

Increase Taste

Not only is the curing process important to preserve the cannabis’ aroma, it can also increase the weeds taste. Yes, curing weed can give the cannabis more taste than it would have had if it wasn’t cured. This has every bit to do with the sugars and chlorophyll (the plants green colour) present in the weed. These components, in contrast to terpenes, do not contribute to a good taste of your flower. As a matter of fact, these elements can make even well-flushed weed taste harsh.

A perfectly dried and cured cannabis bud

Over time, the sugars and chlorophyll in the weed gradually break down. That’s why old, dried out cannabis isn’t green anymore: all chlorophyll, giving the bud it’s colour, has been broken down. If this process happens to fast, not only will sugars and chlorophyll disappear from the flower. Terpenes will as well, taking all flavor with them. The curing process ensures the sugars and chlorophyll in the flower are broken down slowly, without affecting the terpenes. Providing you with a cleaner, better tasting and smooth smoke off of your well-cured bud.

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Drying Cannabis

If you are wondering how to dry cannabis after the long and winding path of growing and flowering, we have the answer for you! Drying cannabis is not a very difficult part of the process, but it takes a minor issue while drying cannabis to make a huge disaster in your harvest. Here you will be able to find how to dry cannabis as well as how to go about drying cannabis outdoors.

Although it is not a big difference, there are some key factors that are important to point out while drying cannabis, whether it is drying cannabis leaves or drying the whole cannabis plant. Continue reading to find out our best practices for drying cannabis!

How To Dry Cannabis Like A Pro

When it comes to drying cannabis, we recommend drying the whole cannabis plant. The reason is that when you are drying the cannabis, whole-plant will help the trimming process and there will be less of a chance that your buds break or dry too much. We recommend you trim a few leaves although drying cannabis leaves is also possible, you just need to leave them on when you chop down the plant.

After you have decided what to do with your leaves, you should then chop down the plant and immediately hang it upside down in a dark and well-ventilated area. It is important that the first week of drying cannabis happens in the dark because light burns the THC crystals and takes away all the potency from the plant.

Drying Cannabis Outdoors

When you are drying cannabis it is also possible to do the process outdoors, but drying cannabis outdoors is riskier because someone may spot your harvest and snitch. or worse, steal it!

If you are sure about the place you will be drying cannabis, you can leave your harvest outdoors as long as the buds are not in direct contact with sunlight. The UV rays will reduce the potency of the THC, but the cannabis will also dry faster and become powder. Therefore we recommend a shed or roofed area for drying cannabis outdoors. If you leave the cannabis out for a week to dry (after the week of darkness) it will be more than enough. Now comes the difficult part.

How To Dry Buds Without Hanging

If you don’t have the space to hang your drying cannabis, you can also use nets that will allow you to lay your cannabis and should also allow for airflow. Remember that if there is any moisture left in between the buds that does not air out, you could lose your harvest to mould! The easiest way to drying cannabis whole plant is to hang it upside-down. Although nets are how to dry cannabis buds without hanging, we recommend you dry the cannabis in a well-ventilated place to avoid the extra risks!

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Drying Cannabis As A Whole Plant

Once you are done drying cannabis, you need to cure it! Remember that difficult part we mentioned when drying cannabis outdoors? This is it. You need to trim all the buds off your plant. This will be the most tiring process, but all the leftovers can be used to make cannabutter. In this article, you can find out how to make cannabutter!

After trimming all the buds from your plants and freezing the trimmings for extracts, you should put the buds that are done drying in a glass jar or a humidity-controlled container. If you don’t have access to either, a Ziploc bag also works, but you need to squeeze the air out. Leave your buds to cure anywhere from a week to three weeks and your cannabis should be ready to smoke!

How to Dry Marijuana Seeds

Proper Marijuana Seeds Drying Marijuana seeds should be dried in a climate-controlled environment using fan ventilation. Seeds should never be dried in the sun nor anywhere the temperature exceeds 95oF (35oC). Remember, dark colored seeds absorb more of the suns rays and are especially vulnerable to sun/heat damage. A ceiling fan and air conditioner will dry seeds safely and very quickly. Spread seeds out on a window screen or plywood, never use cardboard, newspaper or any other paper product. Seeds will stick to paper products and can damage the seed when unstuck. Use a hard, non-stick surface. Never spread marijuana seeds thicker than ¼” thick. Be sure to stir them 3 times per day. I like to stir them while drinking my morning coffee, just before sitting down for supper and before bed after brushing my teeth.

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