frozlunky seeds

Frozlunky seeds

####Seeds and more for Spelunky HD! Frozlunky forcefully disables score submission during use.

  • Download Frozlunky.exe from one of the links above, and place it anywhere accessible.
  • If running Frozlunky.exe gives you the error The program can’t start because MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer. or an invalid executable error download the Visual C++ Redistributable Package 32-bit version. (vcredist_x86.exe)
  • Launch Spelunky, then launch Frozlunky.exe.
  • Enter the seed you want into the seed input box, then press “Seed it!” to seed Spelunky.
  • Enter levels as you normally would in Spelunky, they will now be seeded.
  • You may select “Disable Frozlunky” to disable level seeding (this will not re-enable online interaction, you must restart Spelunky for that!)
  • /r/frozlunky
  • /r/spelunkyseeds
  • Exploring the Unknown AI (Detailed List of Unknown Hybrid AI’s)

mediumlunky:any custom seed

hardlunky:any custom seed

insanelunky:any custom seed

sashavol:any custom seed

These are “special seeds”, listed in increasing difficulty from top to bottom. You may specify custom seeds with the colon syntax specified above.

  • Information + How to Play
  • Leaderboards
  • Mods are additions to Spelunky via Frozlunky.
  • Current Mods:

    All levels are dark Forces all levels to be dark

    Dark levels are possible on hell / ice caves. Makes it possible for hell and ice caves to be dark.

    End Timer is not set to 99 minutes By default, Spelunky considers runs faster than 1:30 to be invalid, this mod removes the limitation.

    Display precise timer Creates a more precise timer at the bottom left corner of the screen (milliseconds thousandths)

    Hybrid AI Mod Combines together enemy AI.

    • To add an enemy AI, select an enemy from the drop-down and press “Add”
    • To remove an enemy AI, select it on the added AI tree and press “Remove”.

    Piranhas Unaffected Option

    • This option will prevent crashes caused by large numbers of piranhas in the Jungle. (useful for Orange Frog, Big Frog, Tank, etc.)
  • Score submission is disabled when Frozlunky is enabled on Spelunky.
  • To re-enable score submission, Spelunky must be restarted.
  • Failed to initialize Frozlunky, try restarting Spelunky. This error can usually be fixed by restarting Spelunky and trying to open Frozlunky again. If this does not fix the issue, and there have been no Spelunky updates as of the latest release of Frozlunky, post about it!
  • Spelunky is not running, please start it and then launch Frozlunky. Frozlunky depends on Spelunky being active, please start Spelunky and then launch Frozlunky!

08/23/2014 – 1.8b: Change seed on death now works in multiplayer
08/13/2014 – 1.8a: Added precise timer, anti-99:00:00
08/05/2014 – 1.7f: Added bomb box to shop mods
07/17/2014 – 1.7e: Windows XP support, optimizations to memory scanning
06/06/2014 – 1.7d: Added mattock to shop mods
05/07/2014 – 1.7c: Stability improvements, fixed redraw issues.
04/27/2014 – 1.7b: Mystery boxes no longer break shop mods, Change seed on death option is now saved
04/26/2014 – 1.7a: Added shop mods
04/22/2014 – 1.6g: Added “Piranhas unaffected” option to Hybrid AI to prevent common rushing water crashes
04/18/2014 – 1.6f: Fixed seeded crates bug, improved scanner to find more unknowns
04/18/2014 – 1.6e: Scoring algorithm is now dynamically initialized from the webserver, allowing for quick updates
04/17/2014 – 1.6d: Improved labels on hybrid AI mod, scoring algorithm improved
04/16/2014 – 1.6c: Hybrid enemies mod can now combine more than one other enemy, clarified mods window, fixed gui update bug
04/15/2014 – 1.6(b): Added hybrid enemies mod, leaderboards restricted to 10 attempts, crates are now fully seeded
04/13/2014 – 1.5d: Daily now signals loading properly, scoring improved, steam id reading bug fixed
04/11/2014 – 1.5c: New game flag is now properly reset, before was being read from uninitialized memory.
04/10/2014 – 1.5(b): Dailies, mods, leaderboards, may now re-enable score submission, various bugfixes.
03/18/2014 – 1.4d: Update notification, icon shows, mediumlunky improved, death seed change improved
03/11/2014 – 1.4c: Implemented safer discovery methods
03/11/2014 – 1.4b: Various bug-fixes, added info button.
03/08/2014 – 1.4: Final special seed difficulty curve adjustments.
03/08/2014 – 1.3d: Frozlunky toggle button works properly now.
03/07/2014 – 1.3c: Fixed “entity overflow” crash. Special seed adjustments.
03/05/2014 – 1.3b: Added option “Change seed on death.”
03/05/2014 – 1.3: Final adjustments to seeding, modified hardlunky.
03/04/2014 – 1.2b: Anti-crash patch for olmec, worm levels, bubbles, and yama.
03/03/2014 – 1.2: Anti-crash patch for non-worm levels + version number display
03/02/2014 – 1.1b: Various stability fixes
03/01/2014 – 1.1a: Custom special seed specification
02/28/2014 – 1.0b: Special seed anti-crash improvements
02/28/2014 – 1.0a: Initial release

Spelunky seed mod, difficulty mod, speedrun daily, hybrid enemy mod, shop mod, precise timer, timer unlocker, and more. – tetl/Frozlunky

Frozlunky seeds

frozlunky custom levels

Collect, trade, upgrade, and more in a global economy. Audica DontTouchExplicit – artist (Audica) 4 days ago. Beat Sage is an AI that creates free custom levels for Beat Saber. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I tried using it in hard mode and found out something very interesting.

– Sashavol for all the amazing work behind the beautiful Frozlunky. For custom levels to work, the game must start you in the standard lobby after character selection, not the darkened tutorial lobby.

155,212 ONLINE 42,959 Servers Karuta Over 70,000 anime characters as cards! Your game must save your tutorial progress (try entering the regular game at least once). Load More. This topic is for sharing all the seeds people have made using Frozlunky by sashavol! Audica ManontheRun – artist (Audica) 6 days ago. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Uncategorized Dam dadi doo thanks! Frozlunky – This seed isn’t that cool, but there’s a ton of pots, it has a shotgun in a shop on 1-2, has a pretty decent amount of money, and (the best part if you didn’t get the Udjat Eye) the door to the Black Market is to the left of the door (clearly visible ) on 2-1! For this command you will need the full blueprint paths of each of the dinos. Frozlunky performs its patches regardless of where you are in the game, so the customs will still work correctly.

There is an earlier post on the summoning of dinos by using the вЂ˜summonвЂ˜ command.

1029 views. – BaerTaffy & Israel Blargh for their awesome videos. switching to custom levels after the character select screen helped. I tried using it in hard mode and found out something very interesting. Map comes in custom Sakura Miko pink and white as requested. However, there is a much more powerful command available which gives you more control over the dinos you can spawn in ARK: Survival Evolved. Wow, thanks for the info on the “Frozlunky” seed.

If that doesn’t work, try switching to custom levels after character selection, instead of before. (Mossmouth just made a patch for seeds, and now someone made an even better seeding tool. Audica Deconstruction Star – Halozy (Audica) 4 days ago. Search. Most Viewed WEEK MONTH ALL. – sashavol/Frozlunky

Level up your server experience today!

: )Wow, thanks for the info on the “Frozlunky” seed. All rights reserved. Promoted View. 1009 views. The Black Market is in the same place!

Just react to grab a card! Spelunky mod introducing a level editor, netplay, and more. The Black Market is in the same place! В© Valve Corporation. 1609 views.

ALL Custom Levels should be played at your own risk, they are not supported in any way by the admins at, and anytime core code of an application such as THUGPro is messed with it can potentially cause issues.

– Awesome people behind Spelunky Bin & subreddits. For custom levels to work, the game must start you in the standard lobby after character selection, not the darkened tutorial lobby.

Frozlunky seeds frozlunky custom levels Collect, trade, upgrade, and more in a global economy. Audica DontTouchExplicit – artist (Audica) 4 days ago. Beat Sage is an AI that creates free