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Golden Goat

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An incredibly sweet and potent strain, Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant plant with a strongly cerebral and social effects package. Its large yield of tangy buds makes it an excellent fusion of production and connoisseur-grade final product.


Freak Island Sweet Skunk x (Hawaiian x Romulan)


The strain was created in Topeka, Kansas largely by accident when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated MrDank’s freak Island Sweet Skunk mother. The best plant of the resulting seeds was named “Golden Goat” after the smell of Golden Goat Recycling machines in the dead of summer, when all the soda syrup smells would mingle in the hot sun.

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Its light green and pink coloration recall its Hawaiian sativa side while the aroma calls upon the ISS mother most directly.


Incredibly sweet mentholated lemon zest and cherry grenadine smell that brings to mind both the ISS and Hawaiian sides of the lineage


Exactly like the smell, it has a complex mentholated sweet-sour-spicy tropical fruit flavor that lingers on the palate and perfumes the room with a spicy, incense-heavy Haze-like smoke


This strain exhibits heavy, potent sativa effects that can be a little much for the anxiety-prone at times, with a racing heart, buzzing body, and near-frenzied thought patterns. For those who like racier sativas, it will provide a wonderful creative and social boost, seemingly making it impossible to sit down at times.

It’s a strain that works best on a sunny day with friends rather than a night home alone. The Romulan element adds a quality pain reduction and muscle tension relief element that seems to kick in most strongly later in the duration, making the body more able to keep up with the brain’s demands.

Grow Medium

Takes after the Hawaiian sativa side of the family structure-wise, growing tall and consuming a lot of root space in ideal conditions. It’s a branchy plant that grows best untopped, but liked judicious pruning of lower lateral stems to encourage top growth. The wispy structure fills out late in harvest, taking on a golden appearance as it gets closer to finish.

An incredibly sweet and potent strain, Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant plant with a strongly cerebral and social effects package.  Its large yield of tangy buds makes it an excellent fusion of production and connoisseur-grade final product.

Golden Goat Seeds

One of the most exciting aspects of cannabis strains is their versatile use for nearly any occasion. In the case of Golden Goat — it’s renowned for its pulse-pounding effects and nose-curling aroma.

Whether you want to send your mind into orbit or build up the courage to talk to your crush, there’s no better choice than to grow Golden Goat seeds.

Read along to understand everything there is to know about Golden Goat, such as how it became one of the most beloved sativa-dominant cannabis hybrids around, how to grow Golden Goat seeds, and what to expect from Golden Goat’s trichome covered flowers.

Golden Goat Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 18-22% THC, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Effects: Stimulating, Creative, Relaxing
Landrace Strain: (Hawaii x Romulan), Island Sweet Skunk

Grow Difficulty: Medium
Harvest: 9-11 Weeks / 11-12 Weeks
Yield: 450g㎡/ Up to 400g/plant
Height: Up to 10 feet / >10 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

About Golden Goat Seeds


Golden Goat seeds were accidentally created in Topeka, Kansas, by the famous cannabis breeder Mr. Dank. The accident occurred when a Hawaiian x Romulan male pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk female.

The result of this mistake was the original Golden Goat seeds, which Mr. Dank eventually germinated. Thanks to Mr. Dank’s seasoned eye, he quickly noted Golden Goat’s hybrid vigor and an aroma that immediately reminded him of local aluminum-can recycling bins from a company called Golden Goat.

Mr. Dank did not produce F2 Golden Goat seeds but instead kept it as a clone-only strain. From Kansas, Golden Goat traveled to Colorado, where recreational and medical cannabis enthusiasts likened it as a “holy-grail”-level cannabis strain.

Sweet fruit juice that’s ripened by the summer sun is how Mr. Dank described the aroma of Golden Goat, and now, you will too once you finish reading our Golden Goat strain review.

Although you may find seeds labeled as Golden Goat Kush, the real name should be just Golden Goat.

Growing Golden Goat Seeds

Once you’ve purchased your Golden Goat seeds, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

The Golden Goat cannabis strain is versatile, and both veteran green thumbs and complete beginners can pull down a bumper-crop yield — as long as they understand a few considerations about Golden Goat.

Grow Difficulty:

Golden Goat has a medium difficulty grow rating.

Don’t let the medium grow difficulty dissuade you – Golden Goat seeds need an extra bit of love to show you its true potential.

When grown indoors with hydroponics, Golden Goat thrives with a medium dose of N-P-K nutrients. Once flowering is in full effect, Golden Goat can handle high amounts of nutrients to fill out each bud site with plump calyxes, vibrant pistils, and trichomes that look like they might just jump out at you.

Many growers note that Golden Goat is an ideal plant to use with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique if you don’t intend on vegetating for more than 1-2-weeks. If you plan to use a long vegetative period, then the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method will suffice.

Lastly, the Golden Goat strain prefers large pots where it can spread its roots. When growing outdoors, utilize large pots – think 25-gallons and above. When growing Golden Goat seeds indoors, transplant immature Golden Goat plants into 1-5-gallon containers, depending on the vegetative time.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

Golden Goat seeds perform best in warm summertime conditions. The ideal temperature range for Golden Goat plants stands between 70-80°F. Although this is the perfect range, the highest temperature that it should receive is 90°F, while the low should not be less than 55°F.

Aside from the temperature, the Golden Goat strain does not enjoy high humidity. Make sure that you utilize spacing techniques, oscillating fans, and dehumidifiers if necessary.

If growing Golden Goat seeds indoors, make sure to use a heating mat to keep the soil or medium warm. Only germinate the seeds once the threat of frost is over. Depending on your region, May is the ideal month to begin your Golden Goat seeds.

Flowering Time:

When grown indoors, Golden Goat seeds will complete its flowering cycle between 9-11-weeks. Depending on the phenotype, you may get lucky and find a Golden Goat that flowers in 8-weeks. On the other hand, you may find a Golden Goat phenotype that completes the flowering stage in 12-weeks.

When grown outdoors, it’s likely that the flowering cycle will complete by late October. Depending on your region, you may need to build a makeshift cover to protect Golden Goat’s gorgeous buds from the rain.


All cannabis growers look at the potential yield before they even begin a grow guide. Since you’ve skipped everything to find this section, we’ll just get right to it.

The Golden Goat strain is capable of unloading 450-grams per meter squared. As you dial in the needs of your specific Golden Goat plants, you can potentially increase the harvest.

Growing this strain outdoors is a real treat because it can yield a whopping 14-ounces per plant. The Golden Goat cannabis strain is the epitome of an outdoor cultivators’ dream plant.

As long as you treat your Golden Goat seeds with care, they will reward you with showstopping flowers.


Although the Golden Goat strain is classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid, it grows like a pure sativa. You’ll be shocked by the vigor that Golden Goat seeds exhibit, especially when you strain your neck to admire a 10-foot cannabis tree.

When growing Golden Goat seeds outdoors, get ready for a monster garden. If you’re growing Golden Goat indoors, make sure to employ short vegetative times, LST, FIM, and topping if you’re limited in room height.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Growers love the Golden Goat cannabis strain throughout the world because it’s highly resistant to diseases and pests. This fact should be music to your ears because there’s nothing worse than fighting a spider mite or powdery mildew outbreak.

When you’re shopping for cannabis seeds, resistance to diseases, fungi, and pests should be a priority. You’ll find robust resistance, and more, with Golden Goat seeds.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Golden Goat Weed:

As you admire the resin-coated flowers of Golden Goat, you’ll also notice the vast amount of pistils jutting out of fat calyxes. In the case of Golden Goat, these cannabis flowers are decked in pistils that make the buds look as though they are dipped in 24-karat gold.

The medium-sized buds from the Golden Goat strain are compact and develop a delicate green hue as they ripen. Once fully-cured, Golden Goat buds are what cannabis connoisseurs dream about in their quest for the perfect strain.

In the case of Golden Goat, these cannabis flowers are decked in pistils that make the buds look as though they are dipped in 24-karat gold.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Golden Goat Seeds:

Golden Goat seeds are notable for their smaller-than-usual size. Although the seeds are small, Golden Goat packs a lot of cannabinoid content. The Golden Goat strain contains a dominant amount of THC and a minute level of CBD.

On average, Golden Goat seeds can reach 18% THC. If you give your Golden Goat plants the attention they need, they can push beyond the 22% THC mark. As for CBD, Golden Goat cannabis has a low concentration that’s 0.1% CBD and lower.

Most cannabis enthusiasts agree that Golden Goat cannabis is a potent flower, and its high THC content is a clear warning to all beginners.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Golden Goat Seeds:

The Golden Goat cannabis strain won the hearts and minds of everyone that’s indulged in it because of the unique blend of terpenes. Golden Goat seeds typically contain three dominant terpenoids, which are terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.

The terpinolene found within Golden Goat seeds is known to produce an aroma and flavor profile that’s reminiscent of lilac, nutmeg, and cumin seeds. In other words, terpinolene brings sweet, spicy, and pungent sensations to the table.

The caryophyllene contains a broad array of spices that bring the flavor and aroma of black and white pepper, along with cinnamon and cloves. The Golden Goat cannabis strain has a definitive layer of savory spice that’s both comforting and elevating.

Last but not least is myrcene. The myrcene found in Golden Goat seeds produces a sweet, floral, and juicy aroma and flavor.

The amalgamation of terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene creates a distinct aroma and flavor that’s wonderful, shocking, and unforgettable. As you open your jar of Golden Goat weed, you’ll experience a whirlwind of over-ripened fruit, flowers-in-bloom, and a profoundly deep layer of skunk.

Effects of Golden Goat:

The effects of the Golden Goat cannabis strain are second-to-none.

By the time you exhale the flavorful smoke, your mind will feel an instant rush of pure bliss, motivation, and excitement. From its onset, the Golden Goat cannabis strain makes it evident that you’re in for a wild ride.

Although Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it does contain roughly 30% of indica genetics. By the end of the rollercoaster ride, your mind and body will likely feel profoundly relaxed.

Here’s a list of effects that you may experience while indulging in Golden Goat weed.

• Increased energy
• Heightened awareness
• Creative thoughts
• Social motivation
• Relaxation

Medical Properties of Golden Goat Seeds:

The Golden Goat cannabis strain isn’t just for recreational users looking to party. Medical marijuana patients find Golden Goat as one of the best sativas available to assist a number of mental and physical issues.

• Decrease anxiety
• Reduce depression
• Decrease pain and inflammation
• Stimulate appetite

Negative Effects of Golden Goat:

Due to Golden Goat’s sativa-dominant nature, you can expect bouts of paranoia when you overindulge. Additionally, the Golden Goat cannabis strain has a high likelihood of producing blood-shot eyes and a dry mouth.

If you’re new to cannabis, take it slow with Golden Goat.

If you want to grow Golden Goat Feminized Seeds – this guide is for you. Where to buy Golden Goat Seeds online, growing tips, strain features, and more!