golden teacher strain

The Effects of Mushrooms

Today we’re going to talk about different types of magic mushrooms; more specifically speaking, the effects of mushrooms – psychedelic mushrooms, that is. This particular species of fungi has, over the last 25 years, had quite an impact on modern society. This is mostly due to the legalization of shrooms in Holland regarding growing and consumption.

These types of hallucinogenic mushrooms have been used for over 2000 years by tribes and religious groups from all over the world. It’s also been documented to have been used as a medicine, helping patients recover from post-traumatic stress disorder among many other issues such as stressful family life or anxiety in general. It’s also said that they’re used in certain religious rituals to “heal” or “exorcise” those that have apparently been possessed.

Effects of Mushrooms | Before Taking Them

There are over a hundred different species of fungi that have high amounts of psilocybin or psilocin, which are the two ingredients that cause the desired hallucinogenic effect. You should learn about each strains’ characteristics and effects before consuming so that you can be sure it’s the kind of trip you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you should take it in careful doses in accordance with your environment; you should take mushrooms somewhere where the environment isn’t static so that the trip doesn’t get too intense or enclosed.

Some of the most interesting types of psychedelic mushrooms that have been taken and studied for years are Mazapatec, Thai, Mexican, Mc Kennaii, B+, Ecuadorian, Colombian and Golden Teacher. Keep reading if you want to find out how each of these strains might affect you, as well as other lesser known strains.

Magic Mushroom Strains


This particular strain comes from Colombia, as its name would suggest, and it’s one of the most sought-after strains thanks to how easy it is to grow, the large amounts of mushrooms that it produces and its potent effect. It has a tall pale stem that darkens as it reaches the head and it’s quite a bit stronger than Mexican strains. It produces average visual effects, although it has quite an introspective effect that’s perfect for social interactions, which is one of its most intense effects. This strain is highly recommended for magic mushroom beginners.


These particular hallucinogenic mushrooms come from Mexico and are incredibly easy to grow. They’re pretty sturdy and can deal with more stress than other strains, which is why they’re a good idea if you’ve never grown your own before and don’t know where to start. They grow easy but slow, producing quite a lot of mushroom heads. They were first found and used in Mexico, where they were taken from the wild and improved. They’re tall, pale mushrooms with open heads.


This strain comes from the Andean Ecuadorian region and they are super easy to grow. They can grow even when given less than optimal conditions, so it’s a great strain for beginner growers. It’s capable of producing large mushrooms with just a little extra care, and it can even grow in colder temperatures. Its effect is quite potent, introspective and mental, causing your deepest thoughts to come to the forefront of your mind, putting all 5 of your senses to the test.


The fungi strain B+ was given that name due to how beautiful and large it’s mushrooms can grow – up to 35cm in some cases. It’s one of the most highly productive strains that we’ve ever seen. It may produce slight nausea when ingested, unlike the other strains. Its effect, however, is incredibly positive and highly creative. You can grow this strain without using a heated blanket as it’s used to cold in its natural habitat.


This special strain was created artificially in a lab with a specific objective in mid; large yields and intense psychedelic effects. This type of hallucinogenic mushroom was named after one of the biggest magic mushroom activists, the writer, ethnobotanist, “psychonaut” and historian Terence McKenna. This strain can produce more mushrooms after harvesting, and is known for its thick stem and rounded caps. It grows quite fast and isn’t that complicated to take care of. It’s quite a potent strain, though, so we do not recommend it for the less-experienced.

Effects of Mushrooms | Taking Them

When taking magic mushrooms it’s always best to do so in an environment in which you know you will be able to have nice social interactions, which help to comfort your trip and can also be quite the spiritual experience. We recommend having someone around that isn’t taking them or an experienced guide. This allows you to feel safer in your environment, especially when taking them in a group of people. Depending on the people around you when tripping, you’ll experience it in one way or another, depending on how close you are to those people.

You will need to take them surrounded by people that you like and transmit good vibes in a calm place where you can relax if needed. Keep in mind that the effects can last from 2 hours up to 25 depending on the amount taken, so you will need to carefully control your first dose and tolerance.

First Tier:

If this is your first time taking magic mushrooms, we recommend starting with less than 1g – between 0.25 and 0.95g. This allows you to test how tolerant you are, as you’ll be able to feel the beginnings of the main effects produced by that particular strain. Lights will begin to look brighter, you’ll be more perceptive and your peripheral vision may improve. You may feel lighter, emotional, and you might feel pins and needles up and down your body.

Second Tier:

If you’ve already had your first experience and you want something a bit more intense, you can take between 1-2.5g at most. This much should allow you to experience visual effects even with your eyes open; colors will begin to intensify, forming into rainbow-like shapes, and you’ll begin to see auras and light reflecting off of every surface. Everything you see may begin to seem a lot slower, as if you’re re-living it as it happens. This type of high allows for many distractions and is incredibly fun when it hits right; you’ll be obsessed and enamored with the details of the world.

Those that have not built up their tolerance may feel a bit uncomfortable and unsafe when tripping on this amount. That’s why you need to build tolerance before taking more, as some people may go into trances in which they begin to feel scared of the world and their life, leading to quite an intense internal battle. However, experienced consumers will be able to bask in pleasing visual sensations; like coming home after a long journey.

Third Tier:

The most potent effects are to be had from taking 2.5g onwards, depending on your tolerance. The effects are the same as doses from 1-2.5g, although you’ll feel the high a lot quicker and a lot more intense; it may even be uncomfortable at times. You’ll experience much more intense visual effects, especially with your eyes closed – you’ll enter a whole other dimension in your brain. If taken when in a good place mentally, the effect is colorful and comforting, full of light, colors and shapes.

You may even see your surroundings become covered in a hopeful, colorful sort of fog – you may go into an existential trance that will have you going over everything you’ve ever done up until that point, losing your place in space and time which can be confusing. The most experienced consumers may have their clearest moments when taking this amount, unleashing their inner creativity. After your trip you may feel like you’ve left behind everything that was weighing you down, giving you a new lease on life as if you have just awoken.

Duration and Good/Bad Effects of Mushrooms

You’ll begin to feel the effects after one to two hours, which is where you should be at your highest point. You should stay there for about 2-6 hours, depending on the amount you’ve ingested. After that, you’ll begin to come down over the next 4 or 5 hours.

Remember: the strongest part of this process is when it begins to take effect and the following hours in which it’s in full effect. You’ll need to be ready for it, as the come down is quite slower and more pronounced, which can be anxiety inducing if you’re in a static environment.

Its effects can be divided into three categories; positive effects, which are fun and distracting, neutral effects, which are introspective, and negative effects which are highly introspective. We always try and make sure that everything is in place for the most positive trip possible.

Positive effects of mushrooms:

A major part of the positive effects magic mushrooms have is laughter – you may even laugh so hard that your face hurts the next day! You may feel like you’re floating in a philosophical cloud that’ll have you feeling wise and at peace. You’ll feel renewed, with a new perspective on life and the need to keep harmony with nature.

Its introspective effect can also help to solve internal mental battles that you may have been having. Some studies have stated that it’s incredibly useful for treating migraines when used in micro-doses, and it can also be used to improve moods in general when taken in incredibly small amounts.

Neutral effects of mushrooms:

Magic mushrooms can also produce certain neutral effects and this generally has a lot to do with your state of mind when taking them. If you have accumulated emotions or issues going on at the time, you may experience them in a more intense way, whether they’re negative or positive. You’ll feel more emotionally sensitive, whether you’re emotionally stable or not. If you have nice interactions during the drip, you’ll feel them much more intensely and may create stronger bonds with friends.

Everything will be much more sensitive, including the speed at which you see light – everything will be much shinier and your brain may even feel overloaded with lights. You may lose sense of time, seeming like time hasn’t passed or that time is passing much too fast. You’ll feel energy running through your body, making you feel light and floaty with episodes of heaviness. You may even begin seeing auras of certain people and objects, or electrified silhouettes.

Negative effects mushrooms:

Negative effects are much more likely to occur in those that have had rough periods or that are not emotionally stable at the time, or those that have recently been stressed for whatever reason. Due to the introspective effect, you may end up in a sort of mental battle with yourself.

This type of effect essentially takes all of your fears and problems and brings them to the forefront, and you may feel the urge to release all of your secrets and get rid of all of the bad stuff. If you don’t know how to control these impulses you may begin feeling severe anxiety which can cause mental disorders that may extend beyond the lasting effect. You may feel consumed and vertigo, and in some cases you may even faint if it gets too intense.


An important part of consuming for the first time is finding the right people and place that you feel fully comfortable with to try mushrooms for the first time. Make sure to have water, food and something sweet nearby. Make sure that the environment is not static so that you don’t get stuck in your trip. There should also be someone that is sober or an experienced spiritual guide to go with you on this trip, as they can help calm down any anxiety or fears that may arise.

If you're interested in learning about the effects of mushrooms, this is the place for you; full strain guide and advice on taking magic mushrooms.

Golden teacher strain

Just got my first shroom kit and ordered some “Golden Teacher” spores.
Could someone give me info on this strain and how trippy it is?

This is my first experience with shrooms/not drugs and i want to make sure it’s a good one.

Thanks so much for your information! Yes, i agree with you on the kit. However, i did only pay $16 shipping included for an “Old School” type mush kit. It’s very bare minumum and i cant wait to try these babies out.
I appreciate you!

My advice is to take no more than 1.5gr your first time out.

And remember: the shrooms you grow will be full of spores so collect as many as you can!

I grew a few Golden Teachers in the 1990s PF-TEK style. An excellent shroom, as are all Cubies.

Get 1 month’s supplies in case of illness or calamity and help loved ones.
Strengthen your friendship ties – and exchange more favors and advice !


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A week ago I took about 20g of fresh Golden Teachers in tea form, and it was an incredible experience. Consistent high and enough visuals, euphoria and great feelings . Growed on bird seed.

From the same grow, but on brown rice another time I took about 1.8g ingested and I noticed much less effects.

Good luck and happy trails!

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why the hell do so many suggest 3.5g for a first time? man sounds like a SICK JOKE to me. id stick with 1-2g

I fully agree.
In fact:

Last time I checked the Great Mushrooms Poll the average of 855 Shroomerites in over 10.000 trips was about 2gr or two-thirds of 1/8oz and they would on average recommend the same amount to a newbie.

Why are the 1/8oz people so vocal? Perhaps there is psychedeliuc macho-ism going on with those who take smaller doses not speaking up.

Personally I use 0.25-2.5gr (and I have used 12gr) nowadays and I recommend that a newbie user should not take more.
1.5gr contains 5-20mg Psilocybin (10mg on average) which is well within the range for most people to get decent to strong effects.

3.5gr is WAY too mucvh for a newbie of unknown sensitivity and psychology.

Get 1 month’s supplies in case of illness or calamity and help loved ones.
Strengthen your friendship ties – and exchange more favors and advice !


personal Ethereum gifts w/o strings attached are very welcome at:
0x9e107aC7656A4b2Fc295Ef5157f06B 8E313D7aFa Ethereum?

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Golden Teachers Kick Ass.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

I guess im the only one here that actually “tripped” my first time.

I took 7 grams dry PC my first time. I also drove a couple miles on my peak, not that im bragging, but it was one helluva trip. One that ill never forget.

To the original question:
– Within the Psilocybe Cubensis species, the established strains are all very similar (to the average mycophile). What differentiates each strain the most is the appearance (size/shape/density), the speed with which a strain colonizes and fruits, and the average yield. (Also, resistance to contaminants and the degree of rhizomorphia (root-like appearance of the mycelium))

If you know anything about different strains of pot, this is not like pot at all. Strains of pot vary incredibly both in appearance and in potency–which is a factor not only of the percentage of THC, but also of the other principle cannabinoids which affect the effects. (I.E. Sleepiness, etc. )

Psilocybe Cubensis isn’t like that. Mushrooms reproduce asexually, so you can’t just “cross-breed” two different strains like you can with pot. So the cubensis we’re eating right now is pretty much the same cubensis that shamans were eating 15,000 years ago. We have not increased potency through selective breeding–though of course people tend to hang on to the strains they like and ditch the ones they don’t.

All of the popular cubensis are about as potent as the others. Of course this is a generalization, but if one strain were noticeably more potent than all the others, everyone would be growing that strain. And possibly most important: No one has, as of yet, done a comprehensive scientific analysis of the average potency breakdown from one strain to another within the P.C. species. Furthermore, there has not been enough research to indicate whether or not potency is simply determined by the amount of psilocybin/psilocin there is in a given mushroom, or if other alkaloids (such as baeocystin/norbaeycistin) have some kind of psychoactive effects that contribute to the experience.

So anything anyone tells you about how potent one strain is vs. another must be taken with a grain of salt, because there are so many variables which affect the quality/intensity of the experience, such as mood, setting, activity, dose, body weight, tolerance, experience, presence of other drugs, and everything that goes on inside people’s brains that make us different from one another. Not to mention: How were the mushrooms grown? Substrate has a big impact on potency.

I like to think of the big-name strains as “solid”; -that is to say: reliable. Of course, sub-strains can vary a lot from source to source, too. In other words, a Hawaiian from one source may appear quite different than a Hawaiian from another source.

As you can tell, Golden Teacher is quite popular.
Good luck!

Land_Crab said:
How were the mushrooms grown?
Substrate has a big impact on potency.

This is sooooo very true, and I’ve grown from BRF cakes (PF method/ MMGG) but the results were lacking in my opinion. I plan to begin spawning from and casing with Rye, in 50/50 mix with a little bit of oyster shells chunked around in the casing. This seems more prefferable to me than most other methods I’ve read about.

Also to note that starting the whole cultivation from “Scratch” has advantages and disadvantages, and does not guarantee an excellent success, expecially for first timers. Even with all of the info on the Shroomery, and all of the experienced people who can help answer your questions and all of their thoughts, opinions, and methods. it does not change your direct approach, nor your lack of personal experience, which is what will really help you in the long run.

as for dosage amounts-
3.5 is really the prefferable dose to me. reasons being:

1) Most of the time, people don’t bother to keep an empty stomach. The less your system has to work on, the faster and harder the psilocybin hits your senses.

2) 1-2.5 grams is fine, but does not usually produce the visuals and euphoric effects classically tied to the idea of tripping. 3.5 was an awesome starter for me and for many people because it gave us what we were looking for.

3) Because of what I quoted above. Substrate has much to do with how the mushroom grows, it’s strength in structure and in potency are both affected by what it’s spawned from. I have no idea what is included in that “old school” grow kit, but my guess is BRF/Verm. This is a good method for beginners, but I’ve had to eat

3.5 – 4 grams to achieve just beyond that grinning phase to dialate my pupils, and give me the giggles, which I had to stifle, because I was beginning to laugh very hard in front of my grandma for no apparent reason and this got me a little paranoid that she was going to know something was up. I also achieved a subtle visual state, where the feild of corn I was standing by appeared to be rippling like water all around me, but this also didn’t last a long time.

It’s up to the person to judge dosage, since we really don’t know how everyone takes to this “anti-drug,” so if you are feeling nervous and want to just take the shrooms and your mer-ka-ba on a test drive, just taking .5 – 1 gram for starters is very respectable indeed.

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Hi All, Just got my first shroom kit and ordered some "Golden Teacher" spores. Could someone give me info on this strain and how trippy it is? This is my first experience with shrooms/not drugs and