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Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse Cannabis: What’s the Difference?

Monday January 29, 2018

L egal cannabis sales have afforded customers the ability to choose from many forms of marijuana – edibles, topicals, concentrates, and so on – and in states like Oregon, those options include choices between indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grown cannabis, too. But how exactly does the result differ between the three types of marijuana? The answer may surprise you.

The Truth About Outdoor Cannabis

Cannabis is designed to withstand variable conditions to flourish for generations (in other words, it grows like a weed), and has evolved all sorts of traits to help it withstand environmental stressors: quick grow periods, beautiful accessory coloring, sturdy stock, and so on.

But marijuana’s fantastic ability to evolve and adapt to its environment has also brought with it some unfavorable consequences. For example, stressed female cannabis plants may produce seeds to protect the next generation, and a quicker growth period or weather fluctuations may result in lower trichrome content when grown outdoors.

Outdoor cannabis may also be lacking in aesthetics (buds won’t be as pretty) which is due to a few factors. First, marijuana grown outdoors will stretch as it grows because of the abundant light and ample space which results in fluffier weed instead of those dense nugs you see in connoisseur magazines. Likewise, large harvest sizes produced by outdoor grows may result in a sloppy trim job as trimmers trudge through pound after pound of product come harvest time.

But that doesn’t mean outdoor cannabis doesn’t have its place in the industry. By growing outdoors, cultivators can produce large quantities of product with minimal resources which translates into a cheaper product for the consumer and helps cannabis remain accessible for those who need it.

Outdoor cannabis makes an excellent choice for DIY cannabis products, too!

We recommend strains like Critical Mass, Killer Queen or Sour Diesel for outdoor grows due to their high, potent yield with minimal effort. Resilient to the elements, these strains will thrive on natural sun and produce large yields and picture-perfect colas when fed and watered correctly.

Potency and Yield of Indoor Grown Cannabis

What started as a covert solution to an illegal trade has become the secret to cultivating premium, award-winning strains. When growing cannabis indoors, growers can focus their attention on a smaller number of plants, monitoring growth patterns, nutrient needs and so on with ease. This hands-on approach has allowed growers to perfect their practice in controlled environments, using a variety of techniques to increase potency, perfect flavor and improve appearance all within a smaller space.

Buds grown indoors tend to be smaller and denser (with a much cleaner trim job), but their trichome content is typically much higher. The flavor and cannabinoid profile of indoor cannabis plants are often on point, as well, thanks to the ability of growers closely monitor the maturation rate of trichomes for perfectly timed harvests.

This increased potency and premium flavor has made indoor cannabis especially appealing to connoisseurs who are willing to pay top dollar for their premium cannabis products. Of course, this also means higher prices for the average consumer, as well, but fortunately, there’s a happy medium that harnesses the best of both worlds: greenhouse cannabis.

Ideal strains for growing cannabis indoors include Skunk #1, Strawberry Haze, and Big Wreck because they do well in controlled environments, producing tall, dense buds in relatively small spaces. Indoor cannabis flowering time is often shorter than outdoor-grown cannabis and is much easier to tell when it is time to harvest.

Growing Cannabis in Greenhouses

Cannabis can be a finicky plant, producing seeds or dropping its trichome production as the result of stress, so keeping the girls happy and stress-free while they grow is imperative to developing quality cannabis. That means controlling the environment, the light schedule and all contaminants that may make their way into a grow area, as well.

Greenhouses allow growers to monitor their crops on a larger scale and grow them continuously throughout the season.

They utilize sunlight whenever possible, thus reducing electricity costs while keeping the plants enclosed and protected from the elements at all times. Provided the plants are trained properly using netting to support substantial growth while encouraging airflow, greenhouse-grown cannabis can easily be grown pesticide and mildew free, and the potency comparable to indoor cannabis despite its potentially larger size.

Some of the best strains to grow in a greenhouse include Northern Lights, Tahoe OG, and Jack Flash due to their large size, resistance to mold and pests, and their ability to withstand slight temperature fluctuations.


One of the best things about the legalization of cannabis has been the considerable selection of cannabis products that have become available to us. Of course, being an educated consumer means understanding products and their price points so that you can make the best decisions for your health and your wallet. So, if your dispensary offers a variety of cannabis, ask your budtender for more information on the difference between indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cannabis. You might just find a new favorite strain!

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Have you ever compared the differences between outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse grown marijuana? What did you notice?

If you're into cannabis, then you may know there are several methods for cultivating marijuana. Learn about three different cultivation methods: indoor, outdoor and greenhouse.

The Best Strains for Greenhouse to Get the Most Out of Your Grow

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to a greenhouse full of cannabis.

You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to capture that feeling for yourself.

Today, we are talking about the five best strains for greenhouse growing.

If you’ve never grown in a greenhouse before, you’ll love these strains because:

They make growing easier, and can deliver some SERIOUS yields.

These strains combine potency, great genetics, complex flavors/aromas, and can easily grow to their fullest potential when grown in a greenhouse.

Quick Top 5 Greenhouse Strains:

White Widow

Critical Mass


Jack Herer

Gorilla Glue

Keep reading or jump straight to the reviews!

Table of Contents

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Advantages to Growing Cannabis In a Greenhouse

While setting up a greenhouse takes a little more work than simply sticking a seed in the ground, there’s a world of advantages that come with a properly set up greenhouse.

→ Controlled Environment

The biggest advantage to growing in a greenhouse is the control it gives you over your outdoor growing environment.

Plus, for many growers, the more control they have, the bigger their yields.

Even when your climate is perfect, a massive rainstorm with high winds or random heat wave can always strike.

A greenhouse gives you protection against these random acts of God.

Now, a greenhouse won’t give you as much control as growing indoors does, but putting together a greenhouse is almost always cheaper than an indoor setup.

With a greenhouse, you can still rely on your climate to help fulfill your plants’ needs like light, temperature and humidity.

With an indoor grow setup, you have to recreate all of that, and this costs money and takes more time to put together.

You can save hundreds of dollars on a grow light alone.

To see the lights that will save you the most money, check out this guide.

→ Helps Keep Insects and Mildew Away

A greenhouse can greatly cut down insects access to your plants, but be aware that they can still get into the enclosure.

As well, you’ll want to keep a hygrometer in your greenhouse.

High temperatures and humidity can really build up, which is bad for flowering plants.

However, many outdoor growers struggle to adequately provide the high temperatures and humidity levels that young plants love.

Using your greenhouse to give young plants their optimal temp/humidity is a great way to get a massive head start that turns into an equally massive yield.

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→ Great for Climates That Are Hard to Grow In

If you’re not living in either a Mediterranean or Equatorial climate, it’s likely that where you live isn’t perfect for growing cannabis.

You want the biggest yields you can get out of your space, right?

Well, then the first thing you need to do is learn how to provide your plants with the perfect environment.

If you happened to be an indoor grower reading this, and are interested in supplementing CO2, you really want to follow and master the above advice before introducing it.

→ You Can Choose Pickier Strains

We’ve just looked at three advantages a greenhouse can give you, and the final advantage directly relates to them.

When you can control more of your environment, keep pests away, and provide optimal conditions, you can grow pretty much any strain your heart desires.

There are a lot of great strains out there that are picky about their environment in one way or another.

There is a good reason why you’ll find article after article about the best strains to grow indoors because well, let’s put it bluntly, some strains suck when left to the whims of an outdoor climate.

A greenhouse is fantastic for growing cannabis strains better suited for growing indoors.

The Best Strains for Greenhouse Growers

While a greenhouse is a perfect way to grow strains that are typically reserved for indoors, we wanted to give you five strains where a greenhouse gives you the best setup for growing them.

White Widow

Many growers consider White Widow a quality over quantity strain, but when grown under perfect conditions, it’s one of the best strains for greenhouse grows.

White Widow has gotten a bad rap for lower yields.

But it’s still a popular strain to pick when you’re climate isn’t ideal for cannabis.

And while WW grows well in a lot of different climates, if you want to see truly big yields from it, you want to provide it with a Mediterranean climate.

With optimal conditions, White Widow can become the star of your garden.

And once you smoke it, you’ll see what all the hubbub is about and why it’s been called one of the best strains for decades.

White Widow has a smooth aroma and flavor with some varieties displaying spicy and sweet notes.

The high is simply delightful and is perfect for sparking the artist’s mind with creativity and euphoria when they’re stuck with writer’s block.


If you want a strain that you can enjoy smoking for months on end, make it Trainwreck.

Trainwreck has a very versatile, but always balanced high with its significant alpha-pinene terpene content, and ability to blend both indica and sativa effects.

Because of its balanced cannabinoid ratio and comforting body effects, Trainwreck is popular with medical users who want a strain good for pain, migraines, cancer and epilepsy.

As well, recreational users will love its euphoric and stimulating high that’s great for getting things done, but watch out because it can couch-lock you if you let it.

Trainwreck is often grown indoors because it has a long flowering time, but as long as you set up your greenhouse to handle colder temperatures, you’ll have a sturdy plant that does very well outside.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a joy to grow, and the dense nugs you’ll reap during harvest will have all your friends wanting a piece of the bag.

There is one small problem with Critical Mass that forces it indoors a lot, and that’s the nugs getting a little too dense and its high leaf to flower ratio.

This makes this strain great at trapping in moisture.

Frequent rainfalls and just too much moisture, in general, gives mold and mildew the perfect breeding ground for eating your plants from the inside out.

Growing Critical Mass in a well-ventilated greenhouse is the perfect solution to avoid this issue, and you’ll likely see this fast flowery outshine indoor grows.

Critical Mass has a sweet woody flavor and is packed with CBD making it great for conditions such as depression, insomnia, pain, PTSD and stress.

Jack Herer

Late September-Early October

Often called a harder to grow strain, Jack Herer has been one of the most popular marijuana strains since the ’80s, and its balance day-time high, spicy herbal odor, and smooth smoke is simply put, magnificent.

In actuality, Jack Herer is not difficult to grow as long as you can provide it with one thing, and that’s room to grow.

It takes around ten weeks for this sativa-dominant strain to flower, and in the time it can grow to heights that would make it perfect for playing cannabis NBA.

Its tallness makes it a pain to grow indoors because it can reach heights between 6-8 feet.

This makes it a perfect strain to grow in an average-size greenhouse that can meet its Meditteranean climate demands and handle all that height.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a fast flowering sativa that puts on a lot of height fast when given optimal conditions, and this often takes indoor users by surprise forcing them to do a lot of plant training.

But all of that makes GG perfect for growing in a greenhouse.

Make sure you can give this plant up to 6-7 feet of growing space, or you’ll be sharing the indoor growers frustration.

Gorilla Glue is a high yielder, and while not highest in flower content, it does have the highest THC levels on our list with some growers hitting 30% THC with it.

This strain’s name gives away to the high, and you can expect to become best friends with your couch where you’ll be spending all your time.

The flavor and aroma are fairly similar to each other and deliver a nice balance between pine and moss after a heavy rainstorm with hints of coffee and chocolate popping up in some varieties.

The only times you need to watch GG when cultivating outside are during heavy rain and frost, but that’s why you have your greenhouse.


Growing cannabis outside can hinder your choice of strains when your climate isn’t perfect for growing in some aspect.

Fortunately, a greenhouse can solve those issues allowing you to grow pretty much any strain you want, even those that are recommended for indoor grows only.

The hardest part of putting together a greenhouse is knowing how complex you need to make it.

If you aren’t unsure of where to buy seeds from, click here to see our favorite store.

If you’re new to growing in one, we recommend one of the strains above.

They’re pretty easy strains to grow and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Think we left any of the best strains for greenhouse growers that we left off the list?

Looking to grow cannabis in a growhouse? Click here to see the Best Strains for Greenhouse and get started growing today!