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Do any other growers enjoy just staring at their plants?

Did you know a lot of cats love cannabis?

Every cat I’ve owned will nibble on plants if given a chance. I’ve heard the same from many other growers.

One day you check on your garden only to see cat-sized bites all over your plants!

But is cannabis bad for cats?

I realized my cats loved cannabis leaves many years ago when the first one snuck into my tent and ate half of my plants. I was so angry at the time but it seems funny now.

They eventually learned to sit patiently next to me as I work in the garden and I’d reward them with leaves at the end.

The girl in this video is the only cat left in the house now, so she happily gets them all to herself. She goes crazy when she sees leaves in my… Ещё

Do you “top” your cannabis plants?

“Topping” is a simple and free plant technique that can dramatically increase your yields indoors compared to letting plants grow in the typical “Christmas tree” shape 🌲 It basically just means removing the top of a young plant before it has much structure.

I typically top plants above the 5th node (set of leaves) when they’re about 3-4 weeks old. This causes the plant to naturally grow multiple main bud sites instead of just one.

Not only does this result in higher yields overall, the buds are often higher quality. Several chunky nugs are often better to smoke than one gigantic thick cola. Huge colas can be prone to mold, and the middle of the bud is often… Ещё

This 2×4 foot grow tent has a ViparSpectra 300 and a ViparSpectra 450. These 8 autoflowering plants were raised under these lights from seed. Buds look sparkly and they stink to high heaven 👃 I love how 3 of … Ещё the side plants turned into total bud balls. The plants on the sides seemed to grow the biggest buds for some reason 🤔 The buds started fattening more evenly when I began rotating the plants around.

Some tips I’ve learned about the ViparSpectra LEDs: make your own hanging apparatus (the hangers that come with them are barely usable), keep lamps up to 30″ away from plants if you’re seeing sign of stress close to the lights, rotate the plants regularly, angle the lamps so the light comes a… Ещё

Here’s a quick tour of the 250W HPS tent. I already started flushing (giving plain water without nutrients) and plan to harvest all the plants this weekend. The top leaves are starting to get lighter. These … Ещё plants are in coco which doesn’t have any nutrients, so once the plants stop getting nutrients in the water they start losing green within a week.

I’m trying to keep the humidity under 55% and the temperature has been between 70-79F in the tent between the day and night.

What humidity and temperature do you aim for in the flowering stage?

A sea of autoflowering buds! Both @rocbudinc plants have turned purple now. The Purple Roc Berry was pink/purple from the beginning, but the back middle right Cookies n Chem plant (which was green all grow) has … Ещё joined the party and turned a delicious purple over the last few days.

Buds are starting to look close to harvest. When I checked the buds with a magnifier the trichomes were mostly cloudy white though some plants still lots of clear ones, which means those ones have a little time to go.

I’ve already switched to 1/3 strength nutrients as they’re winding down. Once I see the first amber/yellow trichomes I’ll stop giving any nutrients to that plant (start the “flush”) and harvest once… Ещё

A big reminder for outdoor growers 📢 Caterpillars are out in full force right now in many parts of the world! 🐛 These jerks will happily munch on your plants or even live inside buds and ruin your harvest.

Luckily there is an effective and safe solution that can be used even on flowering plants. It’s called a caterpillar “BT” spray and can be found in any garden store or online. It’s a unique bacteria that only affects caterpillars and prevents them from eating. It instantly stops them eating your plants, and they slowly starve to death. Even better, it won’t hurt your plants.

Reposted with permission from @blockheadbuds who had this to say.

“Another reason why I hate outdoor. Top tip, look for tiny webs around your nugs (similar to spider webs). If you see some webs and little black dots (that’s the worms shit) then you’ve got worms living inside your nugs. 🐛 season is upon us. Spray with BT like crazy. I just found about 6 living inside various buds”

Forum Stomper Auto by @mephisto.genetics swaying in the wind 🍃 Do any other growers enjoy just staring at their plants?


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