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Your Cannabis-Friendly Guide to the Perfect Spooky Halloween

Halloween is upon us! To celebrate this spooky day, here’s a handy step-by-step guide to pulling off the perfect Halloween complete with strain suggestions to pair with all of the fun activities you have planned this weekend. Enjoy!

Step 1: Create Your Costume

If you’re extra prepared, you’ve already got your costume ready with the finest props at your disposal. Some of you last-minute types, however, may still be scrambling for ideas. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Leafly cobbled together a few fun last-minute strain costume ideas — we especially recommend Granddaddy Purple for a quick, easy, funny-punny costume.

Once you’ve got your costume idea, get down to business with a motivating strain to help you focus and get your creative juices flowing. You’ll bust out that costume in no time!

Our favorite creative-costume strain: Cinex

This energetic sativa provides a clear-headed focus with an inspiring boost of creativity.

Step 2: Pre-Game Like a Champ

Going out in public while wearing a costume can cause some serious social anxiety in some folks. Quell any lingering weirdness with a soothing sociable strain that will have you laughing and chatting up strangers like you’re old buddies.

Next, get yourself pumped up with some rocking jams – this Ultimate Pre-Game Playlist includes the top 100 jams to get your pre-funk on – from Snoop to the Spice Girls, you’ll be jumping and grooving before it’s time to hit the parties.

Our favorite pre-gaming strain: Rainbow

A colorful hybrid from parent strains Blueberry and Dancehall, this strain will lift your spirits to euphoric heights and give you mad social bonding skills.

Step 3: Check Out a Haunted House

Amp yourself up for a truly frightening scare and get ready to run from a madman wielding a chainsaw while you’re pumped up with some super active strains.

Looking for the scariest haunted houses in your area? We’ve got you covered:

  • Denver: 13th Floor Haunted House was shown on the Travel Channel as one of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions, and was also voted Scariest Haunted House in Colorado by MTV. Stop by and see why it’s been rated the most horrifying!
  • Seattle: The spookiest haunted spot in Seattle is not a house, but a hotel! Hotel Sorrento is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Alice B. Toklas, the long-dead author of a cookbook that contains a recipe for “Hashish Fudge,” which was, yup, a recipe for pot brownies. A cannabis-friendly Casper? Yes, please!
  • Portland: The House of Shadows in Gresham is a full-contact terror experience that will have you screaming for your life. Watch out for chainsaws!
  • Los Angeles: CreepLA is an interactive spooktastic attraction with mazes, themes, and technological terrors. Prepare to get creeped!
  • Phoenix: The Fear Farm Haunted House features a corn maze, chainsaw mayhem, and two of the creepiest clowns you’ve ever seen. Don’t get lost or the clowns might get you!

Our favorite strain for a haunted house: Ghost Train Haze

Aptly named, this creeptastic sativa will have your adrenaline prepped and pumping so you’re ready to run screaming from chainsaw-wielding clowns.

Step 4: Party Party Party!

The big event! With Halloween falling on a weekend this year, the time is ripe for parties and there will surely be no shortage of fun activities. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy your time to the maximum by lifting your spirits with the most euphoric strains.

Better yet, prep your party with some fun and easy Halloween party recipes for a tasty treat! Make a batch of Brew-Ha-Ha Punch – add your favorite spirits for an alcoholic treat, or infuse your punch with a few tablespoons of cannabis tincture. Make sure to put a sign out if you go the infusion route so that your guests are properly informed and everyone can experience a happy (and informed) Halloween!

Our favorite party strain: Jesus

You don’t have to dress up like the Son himself to appreciate this uplifting strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid will have you bursting with peals of laughter and dance-dance-dancing on waves of euphoria.

Step 5: Cue up a Scary Movie Marathon (a.k.a. The Anti-Halloween)

Ready to sit back and indulge in some scary chills? We’ve compiled some of our favorite horror classics with their delicious canna-counterparts. Check out this list of horror movies and their strain pairings to help plan your night!

Perhaps all the Halloween hubbub is just a bit too much? Would you rather stay in, relax, and let your head hit the sheets early? Don’t worry, there’s a strain for that, too.

Our favorite strain for a night in: Ghost OG

And not just for its appropriately scary strain name! This balanced hybrid has a nice focus so you can pay attention to the plot of a movie, combined with a soothing body buzz so you’ll be ready for bed by the time the credits roll.

Whatever your plans are for this fun and spooky holiday, there’s a strain for that! Happy Halloween from all of us at Leafly – keep it fun, stay safe, and remember, #JustSayKnow.

Here's a handy step-by-step guide to pulling off the perfect Halloween complete with strain suggestions to pair with all of the fun activities you have planned this weekend.

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Ghostly Ganja: Ten Weed Strains for Halloween Lovers

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Whether you’re toking up before eating your children’s candy, getting high to inspire jack-o-lantern designs or enhancing the visual aspects of Halloween stoner flicks, you’ll find that cannabis can come in handy during Halloween season. And as with pumpkin beers and witches’ brew, there are plenty of scary strains to heighten the spirit.

Below are ten Halloween-friendly strains we’ve recently reviewed, all of which are routinely available in the Denver area. This ghastly mix of OGs, uplifting sativas, melting indicas and more will have you coughing at the moon in no time — and if you’re stuck in a pumpkin patch without a pipe, check out this guide on how to make pipes out of harvest fruits and vegetables.

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Seven New or Rare Strains Around Denver Worth Trying

Not only does Frankenberry ramp up the ghoulish effects a notch as you puff a joint and watch Michael Myers get back up for the tenth time, but it also takes you back to mornings before school, eating a bowl of the strawberry-marshmallow cereal — and so does the strain’s cake-y, berry flavor.

Ghost OG
Ghost OG won’t rip you apart immediately, instead initially giving a body high with strong accompanying focus. Euphoric effects on the mind peak about twenty or thirty minutes later, just about the time that body high turns into an epic case of the munchies, whether you last ate five minutes or five hours ago. Medical benefits include treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, headaches, glaucoma, eating disorders and exhaustion.

My favorite strain names take me back to childhood or otherwise tap into nostalgia, like Bruce Banner, Duke Nukem and Smurfette, all of which are actual names of pot. So imagine my joy last year when I came across Ecto-Cooler, a strain named after the Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C drink in the ’90s made to turn from orange to green in honor of Slimer, the movie’s fat, lovable undead ball of ectoplasm.

Witches Weed
A hybrid of Chemdawg D, Cinderella 99, OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG, Witches Weed certainly sounds like it was brewed up in a cauldron, and its funky high is almost supernatural. Some people don’t like the unpredictable high, but most tokers don’t have a tolerance level high enough to notice the differences. I compare its effects to a weed salad: mixing a handful of different strains together for one sweet mindfuck. But what Witches Weed lacks in consistency, it makes up for in flavor.
Chernobyl was the Soviet facility that experienced a reactor malfunction in 1986, resulting in one of the worst nuclear-power-plant accidents in history. The nearby town of Pripyat, Ukraine, is still abandoned, and the disaster’s long-term effects are expected to kill up to 60,000 people, largely from thyroid cancer. Chernobyl the strain’s bright-green color has a radiant glow, and its genetics are somewhat ghastly, too, hailing from a blend of Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. Still, I’d rather think of Mr. Burns or the Springfield Isotopes after smoking this citrus delight than death, disease and destruction.

Although it’s a CBD strain, Harlequin packs quite the sativa uplift, known for melting away pain and anxiety while easing stress and fatigue. The strain is much more popular for medical use than recreational, but its relaxing yet invigorating effects are a favorite for the productive smoker. Just remember to keep a water bottle with you: The cottonmouth is strong in this one.

No matter the cut, Ogre tends to be a calming strain, good for mental anguish and a sore body after a hard day’s work. Its high is forceful up front, filling the eyes and mind with a gust of creativity that can be hard to contain — but that brute inspiration only bears fruit if dosed responsibly. Smoke Ogre throughout the day, and its mean tendencies will surface. Reserve this for after-work projects and hobbies, or your concentration will be wiped.

Ghost Train Haze
This strain delivers effects similar to those of other sativa heavyweights, bringing shots of energy and a case of the munchies, but possible paranoia, too. Medical patients use it for pain, lack of appetite, exhaustion and stress. Creatives use it in low doses for an inspirational rush.

Killer Queen
Although uplifting and relatively free of anxiety, Killer Queen’s high is light on focus and has a strong comedown if you smoke the strain regularly. The combination of energy and muddiness makes for great effects before an easy hike, run or any activity that requires vigor without concentration. Minor pain, headaches, glaucoma and insomnia have all been treated with Killer Queen.

Toxic Kool Aid
Toxic Kool Aid, a strain popping up in a handful of dispensaries around Denver, wouldn’t be my first choice for infusing a Keef Cola, but I’ll happily stuff a gutted cigarillo with it. In no way will this strain have you jumping through a living-room wall with energy, but one sniff of its fruity, sweet flavor could have you screaming “Oh, yeah!” in no time.

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Here are ten Halloween-friendly strains we've recently reviewed, all of which are routinely available in the Denver area. This ghastly mix of OGs, racy sativas, melting indicas and more will have you coughing at the moon in no time — and if you're stuck in a pumpkin patch without a pipe, check out this guide about…