hawaiian baby woodrose seeds erowid

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds erowid

[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid’s ‘heavy’ range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

About 2 weeks ago I ingested 20 hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. A little backround on my substance use is 4 LSD trips, 1 of those a pretty high dose. 1 morning glory trip, my first psychedelic experience :). 2 San Pedro trips, in which one of those I fell asleep during and another was a micro dose because I took it a few days later. 1 experience with 4-ACO-DMT which is and extrodenary drug, unfortunaly I didn’t have a good setting until the end of it. And 1 2c-X trip, not sure what it was but it was a fun trip. Also countless times with weed, which I can’t smoke now because of probation. And a few pills which I don’t touch at all anymore. Some spice too by accident but fuck that stuff. Now I don’t really know the timing of the effects but ill try to explain it in order.

So I chewed up 20 seeds, not really caring about the coating and around 30 min later I was begining to feel really sedative, I watched Dark Side of the rainbow, Wizard of Oz with Dark side of the moon in the backround, while coming up, while I also talked to some really close friends from back home. I just moved so I miss them alot but they helped comfort me. By this time I was already naked so I knew it was going to be a good trip. Also this is my first time tripping alone, so I was a little anxious but not until later in the trip.

Soon enough I was getting slight visuals but nothing really intense, I started walking around my apartment a little until I realized that I was begining to get into a thought loop, which last time that happened on 4 tabs of acid it made it a little scary so I retreated to my room. I listened to some classic rock like the beatles and Grateful Dead for awhile but then I got a sense something was behind me. Nothing was there visually but ‘it’ was there.

This was when I was peaking and I got scared. In this experience I was looking for ego death, not knowing what to expect. A ignored it for a while but soon enough it was time. I was thinking alot about my life and how I got to this moment, thats when I realized it was time. This is when I puked. Alot. And I just couldn’t let go and my friends wern’t answering the phone so I was terified at this point. I turned on the Ego Death video by Psyched Substance which helped me let go. I was lying in my bed and I looked up at my light, and someone asked, ‘are you ready now?’ We had a little converstation pretty much I was saying I was scared, but this is what I wanted and ‘It’ said it was okay to be scared but when your ready close your eyes and I will take you.

So I turned on a playlist a perpared, turned off the lights, got in my bed, and let go. I remember feeling very sensitve to touch but then I felt nothing, I became everything. My visuals were these strings that were constantly morphing into these 5th dimensional shapes and it felt like my body were the visuals. I’m not sure how long I was in there but I opened my eyes and called one of my best friends dylan and we talked for a little bit. I told him a loved him and all my friends and that I felt like they were my family, like we all have a deep spirtual connection that I have never felt about anyone. I cried a bit saying, I always thought there was something there but I was skeptical. I finally felt the warmth of ‘god’ or whatever you want to call it I reailzed there is something in the universe connecting us all and it loves us. I realized Love is the most powerful feeling because it surpresses all others and goes past space and time. Across the Universe by the beatles makes so much more fucking sense.

Anyways I was coming down and I looked in the mirror and my head looked really funny. I talked to my self a bit more, or god or whatever. When I say I was talking to someone its not like a heard voices it was like a feeling of communication, probably from my sub-conciouss mine. I realized Death was behind me like litteraly the feeling, and now that a knew kinda what happened we became one and I no longer feared it, No longer will I constantly live my life fearing the unknown but excepting it with open arms.

Alot of more things happened but nothing a could describe in words.

An Experience with Hawaiian Baby woodrose HBWR. ‘The Most Powerful Trip of My Life.’ by Birdboy

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds erowid

My girlfriend and I finally decided to try the seeds after I had read much about them on the internet. I have eaten mushrooms numerous times, and I have also tripped on acid. Both my mushroom and acid experiences have ranged from pretty bad to excellent. I fully understand that it is the nature of psychedelic drugs like these to have unpredictable effects. Sometimes they are awesome, and sometimes you think you’re gonna die.

I soaked 16 seeds in water for a day or so, and then spent a good amount of time scraping the ‘skin’ off of them with my fingernails. I then soaked them again for another day, and scraped them once again. I had heard that the ‘skin’ is the primary reason that people get sick when they consume these seeds, so I figured I’d be as safe as possible. The seeds were sold as 100% organic, so presumably there were never any pesticides applied to the plants during their growth period.

In any event, once the seeds were fully scraped, I ground 8 of them in a coffee grinder and dumped the powder into a container of water and let it sit for a few hours, shaking it up now and then. I did the same thing with the remaining 8 seeds, but used a different container so that my girlfriend and I could be sure to have the exact same dose. She is about 130 pounds, and I weigh about 150. We both drank our slurries at the same time, but it only took about a half hour before she threw up. My stomach was feeling pretty crappy, and although I wanted to throw up, I didn’t. Fortunately for her, vomiting got most of the seeds out of her body before she had a chance to digest them.

We took a walk and things started to get interesting. My stomach felt pretty crappy, but I was still excited for the trip to come. It didn’t take too long before I felt horrible. I tripped my balls off and had what I would describe as the worst 12 hours of my life. There were some VERY weird side effects of the seeds that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I tripped hard, but not in a good way– it was a totally bad trip. One of the interesting things about hallucinogenics like LSD, shrooms, and LSA is that even though I know you just ate a drug, sometimes I cannot help but feel that I am going to be fucked up forever. No matter how many times I told myself that it was going to get better, deep down I was never really sure. My girlfriend helped to reassure me that eventually I would be okay, but it was a very difficult experience.

Physically I felt sick to my stomach, and visually everything was wacky. The visual wackiness was typical of what you might expect from acid or shrooms, but not enjoyable at all. It just made things more difficult. At times I felt halfway between sleeping and waking despite the fact that I wasn’t even close to being asleep. I couldn’t stay in one place for too long without growing extremely uncomfortable, so I had to go outside for a little while, then come back inside, then go back outside etc.

One of the strangest things for me was a definitive cyclic nature of the drug. I truly believe that this was a strictly physical thing, and not mental at all. What would happen is I would feel really bad for a while, and then gradually I would start to feel more normal, but then I would start to feel bad again, and then I would start to feel more normal. The first time that I started to feel more normal, I got excited because I almost started to feel good for the first time.

The weirdest thing of all was the physical effects that would go along with the cycles of feeling good and then bad. While I was feeling ‘bad’ my hands felt very uncomfortable and tingly. Then gradually I would start feeling better, and my hands would not tingle again. Soon though my hands would start to get tingly and I could feel the ‘badness’ coming back, as if I could literally feel the drug pulsing through my veins. Also very strange was the fact that I literally could not have a conversation during the ‘bad’ parts, but during the times when I felt more normal, my entire mental state shifted such that I could have a normal conversation with various friends who were around the house at the time. But like clockwork, I would begin to feel my hands get numb and tingly, and I would start to lose my verbal ability, until I had to leave to go outside and do my best to make it through the next hour of uncomfortableness.

These cycles continued for the duration of the ‘trip,’ which, incidentally was a full 12 hours. At almost exactly 12 hours after we ate the seeds was the first time that I felt normal again, and it was an unbelieveably emotional experience for me because I had had such a harrowing experience for such a long time. The cycles of ‘goodness’ and ‘badness’ got progressively shorter and progressively milder– what I mean is that the ‘bad’ parts were worse and longer lasting during the first hours after ingesting the seeds, but became gradually more tolerable and shorter lasting as the trip progressed.

I would put the entire experience in a category as the quintessential ‘bad trip.’ This was not only mentally and emotionally difficult for me, but physically, it was extremely uncomfortable. During the ‘bad’ periods, I felt sick to my stomach, tingly and numb in my extremities, and I felt on the verge of a yawn for the entire time.

To anyone who’s thinking about eating these seeds I would say this. there is probably a reason that these seeds are not well known. I think people aren’t too familiar with them because they are not popular. They are not popular because they are not enjoyable for the most part. I could see how in some instances some people might have enjoyed consuming these seeds, but my guess is that you’re much more likely to have a bad time than a good time. This is coming from someone who’s had plenty of mushroom and acid experiences. My worst mushroom and acid experiences sucked in their own rights, but the suckiness was something that I could deal with as an experienced drug user. However, the suckiness of the LSA seeds put me over the edge, beyond what I think any mentally stable, normal person could effectively and comfortably deal with.

An Experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds. ‘My First and Last Time’ by Elephant