hemp seed planter

Hemp seed planter

What is the best solition for a Hemp planter? Specialty Sales has the perfect answer. What is the best way to plant hemp seed? The Monosem NG+ planter accurately singulates and spaces small seed such as hemp. Many Monosem planters are in the field right now planting hemp all across the United States.

Extremely accurate seed spacing along with uniform depth control will put you on the right track for a successful hemp growing season.

How do hemp planters work? The Monosem metering unit will accurately singulate hemp seed. The ejector system directs the seed down the seed tube into the seed furrow where the closing system creates the most seed to soil contact.

The precision of the Monosem Planter is the best choice when seed expense is an issue. Hemp seed costs have been known to reach $1 to a $1.50 per seed or more.

The cost of hemp seed is high but transplanting can also be expensive. Hemp no-till planting is a very attractive option. Farmers who plant hemp know there is no substitute for the efficiency of a Monosem Planter.

Decades of experience in vegetable agriculture has given us many time-tested features that we have been able to apply to hemp planting. Make sure your most important passes are done with a Monosem NG+ Planter from Specialty Sales Company.

Specialty Sales Co. can custom design and build seeders to your unique specifications. We also have innovative ownership opportunities that we are happy to discuss with you.

Products Made From Hemp Seed

What products are made from hemp seed? Many useful products are being manufactured from harvesting hemp seeds. One of the most popular hemp products right now are CBD products. CBD products include Hemp Seed Oil and its variations. Hemp seed oil can be sold in it’s pure form or made into capsules, vitamins or even gummies. Other products include hemp fabric and various other hemp infused materials.

Checchi & Magli
Trium Carousel Transplanter

Specialty Sales can custom design and build hemp transplanters to your specifications. We have innovative ownership opportunities that we can discuss with you.

What is the best way to plant hemp clones? The Checchi & Magli Trium Transplanters are the number 1 transplanters for hemp clones. The Checchi & Magli Wolf Transplanter plants clones through plastic mulch on raised beds. Trium equipment is ideal for transplanting hemp clones. Units are also available with “No-Till” options as well as Pull-type or 3 point hitch.

Here are some popular options and advantages.

• Adjustable water application (trip)
• Fertilizer (granular) & herbicide application
• 6-sided tray holder & Extra storage racks
• 12 cup carousel
• Plant-to-plant spacings 6”-20” (standard)
• Fully adjustable for your farming conditions

Drum Punch Plasticulture Seed Metering Unit
The Drum Punch Planter uses the latest technology in plasticulture manufacturing to insure accurate seed placement while utilizing the Monosem seed metering unit. This unit is the most accurate metering system on the market. Read more here

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Hemp Planters

Specialty Sales has your solution for hemp seed planters or hemp clone transplanters.

The Hemp Transplanter

Direct To Ground Transplanters

This year our transplanters have been the #1 choice for the HEMP market because “They really work!” NOBODY sold more transplanters for the US market than C&M!

This video features different configurations of our options and sizes from all over the country. From Colorado and Oregon, Maine, Nevada, Wisconsin, to Kansas and Oklahoma. More and more states are coming on board. Are you thinking about growing hemp in your state? Let us know if you are needing a transplanter– Just fill out the contact form below and someone will get ahold of you!


Monosem designed the NG Plus 4 row-unit with the ability to customize it to fit your farming operation straight from the factory rather than adapting your farm operation to the equipment.

The NG Plus 4 row-unit brings you the four critical components you expect out of a precision row unit:

  1. Accurate seed singulation,
  2. Accurate seed spacing,
  3. Consistent depth control,
  4. Good seed to soil contact for germination.

NG Plus 4 row-unit was not only designed to meet these criteria but exceed your expectations.

In today’s agriculture market every seed planted counts, which is why NG Plus 4 row should be your choice when it comes to the Most Important Pass.

The Hemp Transplanter Previous Next Direct To Ground Transplanters This year our transplanters have been the #1 choice for the HEMP market because “They