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7 Best High CBD Strains in 2020: High CBD, Low THC Strains

THC tends to get all the glory. After all, this cannabinoid is what gives marijuana all of its famed psychoactive effects.

However, it shouldn’t be the only cannabinoid you consider when you are thinking about what kind of weed to grow. Some of the best high in CBD strains will not only make you feel good, but offer tons of medicinal benefits, too.

Here are some of the best high CBD strains for you to consider.

Why You Should Consider High CBD, Low THC Strains

As cannabis becomes legalized all over the country, more people are considering growing low THC high CBD strains. The best CBD strains on our highest CBD strains list are those that can be cultivated for other purposes, such as edibles, dog treats, skin balms, and even shampoo.

Cannabis seeds that are from CBD dominant strains offer relief from pain and other medicinal benefits. If you grow CBD dominant plants, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of weed without the psychoactive effects. CBD offers numerous benefits such as relief from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Pain
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Acne
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cardiovascular problems

7 of the Best High CBD Strains to Consider

1. Harlequin

The Harlequin strain is a sativa-dominant CBD strain with a ratio of roughly five parts CBD to two parts THC. It generally has CBD up to 10%.

A good daytime option, this variety has a musty taste that is also somewhat earthy. The longer you smoke it, however, the more you will notice that it also has a sweet, mango-like undertone.

After smoking Harlequin, you will likely notice that you feel relaxed, alert, and creative. It’s a good option for people who suffer from chronic headaches such as migraines as well as those who have pain related to inflammation, depression, anxiety, and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

2. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is named not after Beatles’ legend Ringo Starr but instead after world-renowned cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. This hybrid of ACDC and Harle-Tsu and has a great taste that offers both a body and cerebral high.

When you first smoke Ringo’s Gift, you will likely notice a full body high that leaves you feeling relaxed without feeling couch-locked. It has a citrusy, woody flavor that is somewhat earthy. It can be used to help relieve symptoms of certain gastrointestinal disorders as well as arthritis, PTSD, and even chronic pain. Many people smoke it to help with anxiety, too.

It is available in several strengths of CBD and THC. Most often, it can be found with no more than 24% CBD and less than 1% THC.

3. Sweet and Sour Widow

With a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, Sweet and Sour Widow is another high CBD strain for you to consider. Although this strain will likely contain more THC than some of the other high CBD strains you are used to, it is still a good option for first-time cannabis users and growers. It’s a great entry point if you want to try out the effects of THC but aren’t ready to go totally into orbit with a heavier THC plant.

4. Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush has all the mild, relaxing effects of marijuana while also giving you all the CBD you could ever want. It is an indica-dominant strain that has a heady, soothing feel. It’s easy to find at most dispensaries and seed banks, too.


ACDC is a Cannabis Cup winner that has CBD at 20 times the potency as it does THC. A calming, happy strain, this is one of the most popular highest CBD strains for people who want a hemp-like feel to their weed. It has been labeled by many dispensaries as THC-free and pure CBD and is perfect for people suffering from nausea, social anxiety, or even ADHD.

A descendant of the Cannatonic strain, this type of high CBD strain contains up to 20% CBD with only .42-.6% CBD. therefore, it is one of the most popular among all kinds of smokers. It has a woody, earthy flavor reminiscent of pine, although some smokers report a sweet taste, too.

6. Cannatonic

The name implies heavy sedation, but Cannatonic is not as intense as you might expect. Compared to some of the other high CBD strains, it has a pretty marginal split of CBD/THC – it can range from 1:1 to a more moderate 5:1 ratio. An even-keeled strain of marijuana, this option gives you plenty of options as a grower or as a smoker. It can be used as a medicine or as a more mild-mannered strain.

7. Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tsu has an impressive 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. Short for Harlequin Tsunami, Harle-Tsu is perfect for users who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy. It works wonders on inflammation and also improves your mood, offering an energy boost and a dose of good feelings.

Harle-Tsu can be difficult to find, as it is a hybrid of Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. That being said, it is growing in popularity. It has an earthy flavor almost like tea, and works wonders at improving your appetite. It can also be used to help treat join

Where to Buy the Highest CBD Strains

With few side effects to consider, the best CBD strains are rapidly growing in popularity. If you are looking to buy some high CBD seeds from our high CBD strains list, make sure you purchase seeds from a retailer who specializes in CBD dominant strains.

Consider one of the top seed banks that ships to the USA – this way, you will know you are purchasing some of the top CBD strains’ seeds. Make sure you consult this helpful growing guide, too, so that you can produce some of the best CBD-dominant marijuana around.

Keep in mind, however, that while these strains won’t offer your state of mind to an extreme level, they do have the potential to interact with other medications you might be taking. Always consult with a doctor before you consume any kind of cannabis – including CBD-high strains.

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Bored of getting high? How about a peaceful night and an enjoyable sleep?. Consider trying one of these 7 Best High CBD Strains instead!

16 High CBD Strains You’re Gonna Love in 2021

Using pot used to be all about getting high. Well, not anymore. With the introduction of cannabidiol and high CBD strains to the cannabis market, things have changed.

Cannabidiol is becoming immensely popular with medical users who want all the healing power but none of the high. Recreational users who are looking to enjoy weed, but still keep a clear head, are also turning to CBD.

And not just that. Today, CBD evokes notions of luxury and elegance, unlike the stoned image mostly associated with THC consumption. CBD oil has found applications in the beauty, food, and pharmaceutical industry. No wonder more and more companies are focusing on developing high-CBD, low-THC strains to meet rising demands.

To make sure you’re up to date with the best CBD strains, let’s dive into the list of some of the most popular cannabidiol types, arranged by their CBD to THC ratio.

1. Charlotte’s Web

One of the most popular cannabis strains, Charlotte’s Web is a CBD hemp type with many benefits and an incredible story behind it.

It was named after and specially developed by the Stanley Brothers from Colorado while they were searching for a high CBD low THC strain. At the beginning, the name Hippie’s Disappointment was used for it, but the brothers changed it after they had been contacted by Paige Figi, the mother of Charlotte Figi — a girl diagnosed with Dravet syndrome (a rare form of epilepsy among children). In 2012, she was looking for a low THC high CBD strain that could help her daughter.

Previously suffering from about 300 grand mal seizures a week, Charlotte managed to reduce the number of seizures to just two to three a month by using CBD oil from high CBD hemp strains developed by the Stanley brothers. Having seen Charlotte’s response to their extract, the brothers decided to rename their proprietary genetics Charlotte’s Web.

The story of Charlotte and the success of her treatment opened up discussions about the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol and turned this CBD bud into the forerunner of the medical cannabidiol revolution. In fact, it became so popular that people were actually moving to Colorado just to get access to extract from this strain.

More significantly, as one of the high CBD strains , it resulted in the legalization of cannabis in several states and the establishment of a successful cannabis company . It also led to the introduction of a CBD-based, FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, two conditions that develop in childhood.

Charlotte’s Web has 17% to 20% CBD , and almost no THC , which means that the CBD oil from this strain can be legally sold across the nation, even as a food supplement. Charlotte’s Web has 17% to 20% CBD, and almost no THC, which means that the CBD oil from this strain can be legally sold across the nation, even as a food supplement.

Possibly the highest CBD hemp strain with rich taste and woody aroma, it is usually consumed in the form of CBD oil or gummies.

2. Remedy

Remedy is an Indica-dominant strain, which means that it is mostly used for relaxation and treating sleeplessness.

Remedy comes from another CBD weed type, the Cannatonic strain, and Afghan Skunk, but has much higher percentages of CBD than its parents. With a whopping 28:1 CBD to tetrahydrocannabinol ratio, it definitely goes on the high CBD strains list. Some variations can have CBD levels as high as 15% to 18%.

Its high percentage of CBD is not surprising, seeing as how Remedy was specifically developed as a weed strain to provide high CBD content and medical benefits, minus the headrush and couch-lock.

Remedy, with its delicious earthy aroma and a sweet floral taste with notes of sour lemon, is known to calm racing thoughts helping people manage stress and anxiety, as well as tremors and muscle spasms.

3. Valentine X

Proclaimed as the highest CBD strain for 2019, Valentine X has a spectacular 25:1 CBD to THC ratio.

The fact that this strain is named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy (not the one of love and romance), is proof enough of its anticonvulsant properties. In addition to its use on seizures, it is also effective in alleviating pain and muscle spasms, as well as symptoms of migraines and tension headaches.

A descendant of the world-famous ACDC CBD strain, Valentine X is 50–50 Indica/Sativa combination that provides a feeling of euphoria, accompanied by a state of bliss and tranquility. It never really overwhelms you (due to its low THC percentage), but it does increase creativity and releases tension and negative emotions.

With its honey-pine aroma and spicy, woody aftertaste, Valentine X is a strain that is likely to remain popular among medical cannabis users for a long time.

4. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift, a crossbreed between high CBD strains like ACDC and Harle-Tsu, comes in different varieties of CBD to THC ratio. There are some with 1:1 cannabidiol to THC ratio, whereas others contain a mind-blowing 24:1 CBD/THC one.

The name has nothing to do with the famous Beatle, but a legend in the world of cannabis. This strain is named after its breeder, Lawrence Ringo. A trailblazer in CBD genetics and famous marijuana activist, Ringo was also the founder of SoHum Seeds, a cannabis genetics company responsible for the creation of some of the best CBD strains of our time.

Ringo’s Gift is one of the low THC strains perfect for treating pain, GI issues, arthritis, PTSD, and muscle spasms. It is also considered by some to be the best strain for anxiety and stress.

People who’ve used this strain of weed say that it gives them a warm, mellow, and calming feeling without the couch-lock effect. What is more, it provides some cerebral activity, but because THC levels are so low, it is barely noticeable.

Ringo’s Gift has a rich terpene profile, too, which gives this strain a piney and minty scent with a somewhat spicy and tangy taste.

One of the highest CBD strains out there, this is another type of pot that’s great for daytime use as it doesn’t mess with your head and keeps you alert and sociable.

5. Harle-Tsu

Perhaps not as famous as some of the others on this list of strains, Harle-Tsu is a crossbreed between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin, developed in North California by SoHum Seeds.

It is an Indica-dominant strain with a CBDTHC ratio of 22:1. Although some phenotypes have lower CBD content, this is still one of the best high CBD strains that display almost no psychoactive effects.

The Harle-Tsu strain is mostly used as a painkiller, but it benefits symptoms associated with PMS, PTSD, depression, insomnia, and migraines, as well. Moreover, it is great for lowering anxiety and stress levels due to the mellow, relaxing buzz it gives.

With its sweet earthy scent and herbal, pine, and slightly citrusy flavor, it is just a matter of time before this strain comes out of the shadows and becomes as popular and available as other high CBD strains.


Don’t be fooled by its rockstar name: ACDC is actually known for being one of the highest CBD buds with a CBD–THC ratio of almost 20:1.

This is a Sativa-dominant strain, which means that it will give you a boost of energy, allowing you to feel happy, calm, and more focused. All of these properties make this marijuana type the perfect strain for daytime use.

ACDC is best known for offering relief to pediatric epilepsy patients. Declared as one of the highest CBD strains for 2018, it can benefit people affected by chronic pain, depression, MS, and Parkinson’s, too. What’s more, users find it extremely helpful in the treatment of chemotherapy side-effects.

Due to its low THC percentage, it has no psychoactive effects. But, it does have a sweet, citrusy flavor and earthy aroma that will certainly make an impression.

7. Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is one of the first strains to be developed specifically for its high CBD content and therapeutic effects. Bred for four years by the above-mentioned Lawrence Ringo, this high-CBD, low-THC strain is a cross between Sour Diesel, another legend in the world of marijuana, and NYC Diesel.

Any child of Sour Diesel is expected to have the distinct diesel, and chocolate aroma and Sour Tsunami definitely delivers. But it does so much more than that! It has proven especially effective in the treatment of back pain and other types of inflammation, as well as nausea, stress, and anxiety. At the same time, its combination of CBD and THC is said to leave users in a state of deep relaxation and sleepiness.

Ranking among the CBD rich strains, Sour Tsunami is a Sativa-dominant strain with phenotypes that can produce 10% to 11% CBD levels and THC content ranging from 1% to 10%.

8. Harlequin

Apart from being one of the more popular CBD strains, Harlequin is also unique for its CBD and THC content. It has around 8% to 16% CBD and 4% to 7% THC, lab tests show, or around a 5:2 CBD–THC ratio.

Even though it has more THC than others on this list of strains, tetrahydrocannabinol levels in the Harlequin strain are still low enough to avoid that “stoned” feeling. This means that Harlequin has a soothing effect, but lets you keep a clear head. Plus, it is a Sativa-dominant strain, so it has a bit of an uplifting and energizing effect.

Some adverse effects can include dry eyes and mouth or mild headaches, but only in extreme cases.

Its original content makes this strain especially sought-after by people suffering from pain, migraines, depression, and PTSD. In addition, HelloMD has ranked it as one of the best CBD strains for anxiety.

Harlequin has a sweet, mango, and earthy scent and flavor, making it the perfect aromatic strain for both medical and recreational use.

9. Stephen Hawking Kush

A cross between Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush, SHK has many phenotypes that range from 5:1 CBD–THC ratio to varieties that can have a staggering 22% CBD content.

Offering a feeling like no other CBD strain, SHK provides instant relief from pain and racing thoughts, followed by a calming, relaxing, and blissful effect.

Praised as the best and highest CBD strain for 2020, its soothing properties make SHK just what you need if you are suffering from pain, nausea, or muscle spasms and tremors (known to accompany MS and Parkinson’s).

What does it taste like? Think sweet, fruity cherry and berry scent and flavors mixed with a minty and earthy aftertaste.

10. Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream is a strain that is typically used to relieve pain but is also incredibly popular among medical users for its effect on eye pressure, muscle spasms, and inflammation.

Known as one of the low THC/high CBD strains (1:2 ratio), this CBD bud is a Sativa-dominant, uplifting weed. Hawaiian Dream is probably a cross between the exceedingly famous Blue Dream and Maui Wowie strains, but it is mostly recognized on the cannabis market for its 6% to 12% CBD content.

Such high levels of CBD provide creativity, imagination, and focus (although if the occasion doesn’t require focus, you could end up feeling a little spacey).

Hawaiian Dream has a sweet, tropical smell and even more delicious taste that’s reminiscent of pineapples and Pina Coladas, making it a popular option for recreational users as well. Definitely one of the high CBD cannabis strains to try out!

11. Cannatonic

With a name so closely resembling the word “catatonic,” it wouldn’t surprise us if you confused this strain with the one that gets you couch-locked. But rest assured, Cannatonic does not get you high even if some varieties contain higher levels of THC.

In fact, it is estimated that around half of Cannatonic CBD seeds will provide plants with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. This means that this strain is excellent for people who want to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana strains high in CBD and a mild THC buzz (although it’s quite short-lived).

Other phenotypes of this strain come with 6% to 17% of CBD and less than 6% of THC, so it’s best suited for daytime use.

The Cannatonic strain was created by a Spanish genetics company, Resin Seeds, in 2008 as a cross between a female MK Ultra and a male G13 Haze. Like other rich CBD strains, it has many healing properties. Namely, it offers instant relief from headaches, while its relaxing effects are beneficial to people who experience muscle spasms and chronic pain.

If you go for this particular high CBD strains’ seeds, expect an earthy aroma and a sweet and mild, citrusy taste after 10 to 11 weeks of flowering time.

12. Sweet and Sour Widow

Bred by CBD Crew, this strain is a crossbreed between the classic White Widow and an unnamed Sativa hybrid, making it a 70:30 Indica-dominant weed strain. But this isn’t what sets Sweet and Sour Widow apart from other CBD strains.

Actually, it’s the even cannabidiol to THC ratio of 1:1 that dubbed this marijuana type a “beginner strain.” Simply put, this is one of those high CBD and THC strains that are great for people who want the best of both worlds — it has the medical benefits of cannabis and the buzz of THC, but without getting you too high. So, if you are new at the cannabis game, or you need it to medicate without getting too blazed, this is the strain for you.

As Sweet and Sour Widow puts you in a state of complete relaxation and just a mellow high, it is one of the best strains high in CBD for insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, and pain, as well as muscle spasms.

With a slight onion aroma and sweet and sour tastes accompanied by herbal and earthy overtones, it is not one to miss out on.

13. Pennywise

The Pennywise strain is an Indica-dominant weed that provides mental clarity (courtesy of one of its parents Jack the Ripper) and excellent medical properties from its other parent, Harlequin.

It is a highly sought-after strain due to its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Recognized among the weed strains high in CBD, with its 12% to 15% concentration of both CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, Pennywise will provide relief from your medical symptoms.

However, it will also provide a slight THC high that will never stop you from going about your daily business. In other words, the Pennywise strain gets rid of the symptoms but keeps you focused and uplifted.

Pennywise is highly recommended for patients who are affected by arthritis, epilepsy, and cancer-related conditions and treatment.

Another great thing about Pennywise is its delicious coffee and peppery taste with hints of bubblegum.

As this is one of the high CBD strains with a somewhat higher THC content, some users report experiencing dry mouth, so be prepared. Although, to be fair, none of them described it as a serious issue.

14. Dancehall

The name of this strain comes from a style of Reggae that is played during celebrations, and it is famous for its upbeat style. One taste of this strain, and you’ll see why it was named after this popular genre of Jamaican music.

Dancehall, one of the weed strains with high CBD, is known to lift you up and make you feel happy and energetic! It offers incredible social energy and boosts creativity while making sure you are focused at all times.

Like other high CBD, low THC buds, Dancehall will not get you high. How could it when some of its phenotypes contain only trace amounts of THC? It does have pretty high CBD percentages, though — around 16%. On top of that, it is one of the strains that has consistently shown high CBD levels on lab tests.

Included among the Sativa-dominant, CBD high strains, it is immensely popular for its sweet, fruity taste and tropical, earthy aromas. It is mostly sold as a flower, although some dispensaries stock it in concentrate form.

Bred by Reggae Seeds, Dancehall is a combo between Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kaliyah strains. Although it is extremely effective in pain and stress management, it is mostly used for mental health issues, such as depression and lethargy.

15. Canna-Tsu

Unlike its cousin, Harle-Tsu, Canna-Tsu is a combination of Sour Tsunami and the Cannatonic strain. Some varieties put Canna-Tsu on the high CBD, low THC strains list with 0.52% tetrahydrocannabinol, 0.16% of CBN, and a whopping 18% of CBD, while others have an almost equal CBD to THC ratio.

But even if the ratio is equal between the two main cannabinoids, the high Canna-Tsu provides has nothing to do with the buzz of some of the most potent weed strains. Instead, it gives the user a calming, serene sensation while at the same time, remaining alert and focused.

Being rich in terpenes, it gives off a wonderfully sweet earthy and citrusy aroma and taste. But more importantly, Canna-Tsu is one of the best high CBD strains for anxiety, and it offers instant relief to patients affected by chronic pain, seizures, and bipolar disorder.

16. Midnight

An incredibly rare strain across the globe, Midnight is not to be confused with another strain of the same name. This high CBD bud is only produced in Israel, and it was originally developed by an Israeli company Tikun Olam as a treatment for nausea and vomiting.

The Midnight strain has 10% to 12% THC, but around 12.5% CBD, making it perfect for daytime consumption. Like other CBD high strains, it relaxes the user but provides a sense of focus and mental clarity.

It is mostly used for pain, indigestion, and inflammation, although being so rare, it doesn’t boast a huge fan base. This might change soon as Tikun Olam has succeeded in creating a strain that has a pungent earthy smell with undertones of blueberry and lavender in its flavor — an excellent choice for all cannabis aficionados.

Final Thoughts

Of course, these are not the only high CBD strains out there, but they are certainly some of the most popular. With more emphasis placed on the healing powers of cannabidiol, new strains with high CBD levels are sure to be developed in the near future. Something we are all looking forward to!

Wanna try some strains to unwind, but not too much? Here you are! High CBD strains with their CBD to THC ratio, brief history, and above-average CBD percentage.