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5 Cannabis Strains Perfect For Deep Water Culture Hydroponics

Deep water culture offers some serious benefits when compared to growing in soil. But not all strains react the same to this method. Try out these 5 cultivars for the best results!

Deep water culture (DWC) is a form of hydroponics that immerses roots in a water reservoir throughout the entire duration of the grow. Plants are suspended above the water in net pots filled with clay pebbles to keep them secure, and their roots grow down into the reservoir below where they uptake nutrients. The nutrient solution is aerated by a device called an air stone, which pumps air into the water and allows the roots to breathe.

DWC is favoured by many cultivators because it’s very low maintenance and can easily be automated using timers, meaning it can be left alone for extended periods without intervention. Plants can also grow extremely large considering a large reservoir is provided. Nutrients are delivered directly to the roots, allowing strains to grow up to several centimetres per day in some cases.

DWC also removes the need to abide by a watering routine. The roots are permanently submerged—free to uptake as much water as they require. Practically any cannabis strain can be used in a DWC grow. However, some varieties are much better suited to this cultivation setup than others. Despite all the benefits of DWC, the lack of soil means there’s nothing to buffer the nutrients, and thus pH fluctuations are more common. As such, strains that can withstand a little bit of “turbulence” are best suited for this method. Check out the 5 best strains to use for DWC below!


Amnesia Haze is a strain known around the world for her fun and energetic sativa high, great productivity, and tantalising tastes. This lady was first bred in the European cannabis capital of Amsterdam using Haze genetics from California. This award-winning variety has seen great success in the competition circuit, and was victorious at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004 and 2012. She produces a potent effect that borders on psychedelic—an electrifying high that takes hold of the neurons instantly and proceeds to elevate mood and provoke talkative and social behaviour. She’s an excellent daytime smoke when looking to zone into work. Her flowers produce high levels of THC and medium quantities of CBD.

Amnesia Haze is a superb option for DWC. She grows to a medium height and can be cultivated with ease in limited space. Expect an indoor yield of around 600g/m² after a flowering period of 12–13 weeks.


Gorilla Glue has a legendary status in the cannabis world. This variety is easily one of the more potent strains in existence, pumping out THC levels of between 24–26%, with some phenotypes even clocking in at 30%. Such power might seem like the result of a well planned breeding process, but the original Gorilla Glue was actually created by accident when a Chem Sis plant pollinated a Sour Dubb specimen. This well balanced hybrid produces a relaxing high that deeply stones the body, releases tension, extinguishes stress, and induces a meditative state. The terpene profile provides moreish notes of earth, sweetness, lemon, and pine.

Gorilla Glue is a great choice for DWC is you’re seeking potency. This lady will grow to a height of 90–150cm indoors and yield up to 560g/m² after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks.


Northern Lights is another titan strain that sits upon the pantheon of legendary genetics. This indica-dominant lady was created when genetics from a pure landrace strain were introduced to those of a Thai sativa. The result is an offspring loaded with alluring tastes, incredible potency, and therapeutic qualities. Northern Lights provides a soothing high that melts the muscles, diffuses tension, and makes the eyelids feel heavy. She’s an ideal smoke for the evening to help immerse yourself into the present moment and detach from the outside world for a while. This pleasant high is beneficial for stress, pain, and anxiety. Her buds ooze delicious flavour notes of fruit and sweetness.

Northern Lights is a productive strain that is highly compatible with DWC. Indoor plants grow to easily manageable heights of up to 120cm and are suitable for relatively small water reservoirs if space is an issue. Plants have a brief flowering time of 7 weeks and produce a rewarding yield of 500g/m².


Giant White Haze was born out of an ambitious breeding project involving legendary parent strains Haze and White Widow. This merging was a great success, and the progeny inherited the best traits of both parents. She’s equipped with an invigorating sativa high that sparks creative thoughts and helps the mind to hone in on a single task for long periods. Giant White Haze also offers therapeutic effects to medicinal users in terms of boosting appetite and decreasing anxiety. These effects are augmented by a terpene profile that generates tastes of earth and pine.

Giant White Haze is a highly productive strain that reaches a tall height. Plants grown using DWC will peak at a height of 200cm and yield around 600g/m² after 9–10 weeks of flowering.


If you’re a fan of body highs and nights spent satisfying the munchies, then try growing Critical via DWC. This indica-dominant strain has been the commercial grower’s go-to cash crop for years. Featuring characteristic hardiness in the grow room, she produces compact buds abundant with gooey, psychoactive resin. Prepare for a long-lasting and intense high that will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. If you want to take her strong effect to another level, make some cannabutter and cook up some brownies.

Critical is a great option for DWC growers seeking large hauls from vigorous plants. She produces massive yields after an impressively short flowering period. After just 7 weeks, indoor plants produce around 600g/m².

Deep water culture (DWC) is a form of hydroponics that supports exceptional growth and yields. These 5 strains are highly compatible.

Retro Weed: 10 Strains From the ’90s You Don’t See Anymore

It’s officially 2015, and weed strains nowadays are as plentiful and colorful as those retro Jordan sneakers of yesteryear. There’s all kinds of Kushes here: Purple this and blue that, that hypebeasts salivate over whenever they hit the open market. But the truth of the matter is that I’m an old-school cat who lives for that OG shit. Sure, I love today’s genetically modified and engineered strains of ganja whose single purpose is to leave us coma-toasted and in a haze for days, but I’m a Kings County Viking (that’s Brooklyn, to the rest of the world). I still light my “branches” with matches. That’s just how I do. And while I do live off that new-age leaf and appreciate what it brings to the table, I also miss the taste and smell of some of the original ’90s bud. Here’s a list of the traumas I would love to see retro’ed in my hood for nostalgia’s sake…


Made famous by the legendary Dr. D-R-E, Chronic weed was considered top-of-the-line tree stumps at a time when the only kind of weed that was available in my hood was stem-and-seeds-filled skunk, a.k.a. regs (as in “regulars” or oREGanos”). That Chron-Chron had us coughing up lungs to the extent where we swore we were able to breathe easier afterwards. Now that was the original medicinal marijuana.


This bittersweet bud would simply melt in your mouth and leave you with sticky hands. An absolute must for date nights, Chocolate Thai was known as an aphrodisiac amongst the stoner community. We’d puff on the Hershey to get some shotgun kisses from the missus and end the night with a Snickers to her kisser. It almost never failed.


Puffing on Buddha used to bring peace and tranquility to the wildest of men. The thick yellow smoke of clarity was a sight to behold. Philosophies were thought up in project hallways, and stoners wrote all kinds of street rules to abide by. Legend has it Biggie wrote the 10 Crack Commandments while high on the Buddha lye.


This was legendary simply because the weed was compressed and shaped into the form of a single dice. It was sold for one year in Do or Die Bed-Stuy before that spot got raided (a hex on the house of thy snitch! A hex, I say!). There were times when newbies would enter the Tyson cipher and weren’t ready for what was about to hit ’em. Straight one-hitter quitter types. Rival spots tried to counter with “Holyfield,” but it was nowhere near as potent as the Champ.


The original “Oh shit! There’s orange hairs and tiny crystals on the weed” weed. Until then, every single bud I’d ever seen was purely green or brown. So when Hydro hit the hood with the force of a tidal wave it left everyone wet, if not drenched, in its wake. We used to walk 10-deep to the spot for a single dime bag just to make sure no one pinched it on the way back to the block. That’s how fiended out we were for this product.

White Widow

No lie, I remember back in high school heads copping this specific kind of bud whenever they went to hookup with a certain shorty. She made men of boys, and boys of girls—she was wild. Not to mention that only one cat had White Widow in that hood, and thanks to that young lady, he was able to push a Land Cruiser by the end of that school year. Talk about burning rubber(s).


Shout-outs to my Dominicans in Washington Heights who made this one of their signature products in the ’90s. There was always debate as to whether or not Pu-ree was just Hydro renamed due to its similarities in both physical and “psychological” properties. Either way, it was a great product.

Northern Lights

The fuzzy fix. This was very hard to find, and if you did, the dimes were so skimpy you didn’t want to share because it was like having a few squares left in a public bathroom. You wouldn’t want to spare a single square if you had to get yourself right, would you? Neither did we. You’d have to have at the very least $5 on it if you wanted to enter the cipher and even then it would be a tough decision to make.

Mango Pina

As best as I can recall, this was the first fruit-flavored ganja strain in the mid ’90s. It wasn’t particularly strong, but it delivered a mellow and relaxing state of mind whenever it was burned down.

It’s officially 2015, and weed strains nowadays are as plentiful and colorful as those retro Jordan sneakers of yesteryear. There’s all kinds of Kushes here: