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Indoor Palm & Cycad Seeds

Growing Palms, Cycads and Indoor Tree varieties from seed is a challenge, but once you get the basics down, it’s rewarding! Here are some key pointers for successfully germinating these seeds.

Gardening through fall and winter is definitely possible, whether you choose to grow indoor veggies, houseplants or sprouts! Here are 4 different ways you can continue gardening through the colder months.

There are so many cool seeds out there, but picking the ones that are right for you and your home can be tricky! Here’s a little breakdown of the different requirements different seeds have so you can narrow down the options and make a good, informed choice 🙂

Growing Houseplants from seed is a fun and rewarding process, watching these tiny seedlings grow and develop into healthy adult plants is awesome! Adorable plant babies makes that process that much more fun, so here’s a fun little list of the cutest seedlings(in my opinion) 🙂

Monstera Deliciosa are extremely popular in the houseplant hobby, and luckily, they’re not too difficult to grow from seed! Here’s a guide on growing Monsteras from seed so you can start populating your indoor jungle with these gorgeous, lush plants.

Germinating seeds is one thing, but caring for the new seedlings and raising them properly to adulthood is a whole other matter! Here’s a little guide on how to care for houseplant seeds and help them thrive 🙂

We’ve discussed in previous posts the conditions houseplant seeds need to germinate, but how to create setups to meet those conditions can be tricky! Here is a breakdown of different setup methods for all budgets!

Fall is a great time to sow cooler weather-loving veggies in your garden, whether you have raised beds or a space-conserving vertical garden. From lettuce to root veggies, learn about the different veggies that thrive in fall and winter so you can start planning for your fall garden!

Growing houseplants from seed can be tricky. You have to get the conditions right, but once you do, it’s a very fun and rewarding hobby. This post goes into detail about a lot of the common mistakes I’ve seen in my year of selling houseplant seeds and what you can do to make sure you avoid them.

Philodendron Selloum are a popular houseplant that you can grow from seed! They are one of the trickier houseplants to germinate successfully, but if you can get the conditions right, they’re very rewarding plants to grow 🙂

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Indoor plants seeds for sale

Hypoestes ( Polka Dot ) plants make wonderful houseplants. Please check out our selections on the Hypoestes page.

Seeds need a cold, moist period followed by a warm, moist period, followed by a second cold, moist period. Seeds germinate after alternating cold moist, warm moist, cold moist stratification. Start by cold stratifying for 60-90 days, then storing seeds in a warm, moist area ( about 80 degrees ) for 30 days, followed by another 60 days of cold stratification. Another method is to sow seeds outdoors and allow 2 years for germination.

Seedman Cutflower Info:
Handling: Dip stem ends into hot to boiling water, then cut 1/2″ from stem. The dipping prevents the flow of milk that will block the water vessels.
Vaselife: 8-12 days
Remarks: Sensitive to temperatures below 60 F. Do not keep around ripe fruit. Avoid contact of the milk with eyes.

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