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Lost cause strain

STRAIN: Lost Cause
MEDIUM: Flower
31.9% Potency
(reflects THCa 29.5% / THC 0.4%. *+ 20% CBGa )

* NOTE: the THC content is higher than an average ratio of THC Derivation to THCa content which is usually something like 0.1 or 0.2%.

Or, in the example of the last 1/8 of Tally Man that I reviewed here on IG it could even be listed as low as “0.0%”!!

I think that, along with the terpene content, this derived concentration of decarboxylated THCa is a very good indicator of a strain’s overall potency rather than the raw THCa value.

PRODUCER: Strane (Liberty)

CLASS: Indica dominant Hybrid

LINEAGE: (according to SeedBank UK) LOST CAUSE is:

Amnesia Haze (Sativa dom hybrid ) x Dosidos (Indica)

(Amnesia Haze (mostly Sativa) =Traced to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains

Dosidos (mostly Indica) OGKB (OG Kush Breath) x Face Off OG

ATTN : If anyone can confirm the genetic information matches Strane’s version of Lost Cause, please comment so that I can update this info for everyone. Thank you

  • Cerebral stimulation (increased creativity, tangential thought patterns, talkative, etc.
    Energizing / uplifting
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Mental and Physical Euphoria
  • Intense and pleasurable long-lasting “head buzz” *almost felt as if I was a bit taller(?), or top heavy from the shoulders up..with a subtle urge to lean forward (?)Interesting.

Lost Cause by Strane is Sativa/Indica hybrid that offers fairly intense and beneficial Sativa effects (positive mental uplift, focus, creative inspiration) from its Amnesia Haze /landrace roots. This is amplified by an equally long lasting Indica body high that leaves one more loose and relaxed, than sleepy and couch locked.


+ creative stimulation/ inspiration
+ uplifting “happy”, euphoric feelings
*compounded by the nice even and long-lasting body buzz
+increased mental focus and clarity
-some mental “haze” and drowsiness at higher doses
*the limonene most likely supplies the energizing-uplift here, which would be attributable to Lost Cause’s Haze/ landrace ancestry.


+physically energizing /uplifting
+ocular and facial pressure *remained for most of the high-felt like invisible fuzz goggles or haze-helmet after awhile
+waves of euphoric body and head area “buzz” / airy feeling
+mild appetite stimulation
-some dry mouth
-/+sleepy feelings at higher doses
*the Indica factor is pretty strong with this strain

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Sleep Disorders/ Issues


  • Creative (making music,art, etc.)
  • Could lend itself to repetitive work that requires sustained focus and effort (painting, needlepoint, etc.) *but most likely you’ll be up for something more engaging.
  • working out (pre and post)
  • Gaming *not a gamer per se but I have enough to know this would be great
  • Watching movies * especially sci-fi and thrillers. Try viewing Alien or Susperia after battling with some Lost Cause and let me know what you think.
  • Another potential hike-and-chill strain

APPEARANCE (consistency) :

Lost Cause is certainly a visually appealing flower with an almost ancient-dwarfed banzai tree look. The calyx are larger robust, dense, and crusty, with a coating of sticky trichome crystalline resin.

Tiers of crown-like leaf layers spike out every which way hiding and revealing thick red and orange stigma cropping out at every crevice. The trichome coverage alone would be enough to attract but the balanced hybrid effects will keep you coming back.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:

Small to medium sized buds appear dense but are quite easily broken down for spliffs, bongs, and vapes.


  • Sweet-Berry
  • Citrus-lemon (Amnesia Haze) + papaya(?) (Dosidos)
  • Dank-skunk
  • Earthy- pine
  • Minty-hash (?)

*The pine can really be intense when vaping


  • Sweet-berry
  • Pine-skunk
  • Fuel- hash

Lost cause strain STRAIN: Lost Cause MEDIUM: Flower POTENCY: LOW -MED 31.9% Potency (reflects THCa 29.5% / THC 0.4%. *+ 20% CBGa ) * NOTE: the THC content is higher than an average