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(Pre-order) How To Grow Mendo Dope Vol 2 “No-Till Revolution”

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The Mendo Boys are back! The No-till Revolution has exploded in recent years, bringing common sense back into farming. In this DVD the Mendo Dope Boys teach you how to build a living soil and team up with nature to grow some of the best cannabis in the world. From germination to harvesting you will learn step by step how to use cover crops, brew teas, IPM methods and more. Through organic No-till farming we help heal the planet one garden at a time. This is a 2 Disc set with a total of 1 hour 53 minutes.

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Mendo Dope Farms is a family built company created by brothers Old E and Bleezy. Located in the Emerald Triangle growing under the sun our goal is to provide the world with clean medicine.

Growing for the past decade we have a strong passion for the cannabis plant and we take pride in our work. Using unique genetics in one of the best places in the world to grow outdoor cannabis we provide nothing but the best flowers. We are hands on in the field making sure from start to finish every plant is healthy and grown to perfection.

Home page of Mendo Dope Farms. The official home of Mendo Dope Farms. Check out all of Mendo Dopes flowers, hash and rosin all grown organically. Contact Old E and Bleezy right here and find out where you can purchase some of Mendo Dopes sun grown Ca

Mendo Dope Farms

New Seed Release!

limited edition

Mendo Dope is dropping a limited edition line of new strains to kick off 2021. For more info click the link below.

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Mendo Dope and Greenshock Farms genetics are bred right in the heart of Northern California. These unique genetics are created by using nothing but the best varieties that have been hand selected by these veteran growers. Bred for flavor, resin and high terpene production these seeds are made for the connoisseur growers and smokers. The Mendo Dope Boys worked side by side with legendary breeder Subcool for many years and learned about the art of breeding and creating new flavors. Mark from Greenshock Farms has been making strains for over 20 years and in 2019 won Breeder of the Year at the Emerald Cup for his POG (Passion Orange Guava). With over 10 different strains to choose from you are sure to find something you will love.

It’s Mendo dope

Locomotion x querkle -70% Sativa -30%Indica

Respectfully known as one of the best breeders in the industry Subcool R.I.P. wanted to create the Mendo Boys first strain. “Its MendoDope”.

The exotic “Locomotion” purple hair pheno was pollenated by TGA’s “Querkle” male.

This strain has smells like Purple Bubble Gum (The tape kind with the powder), Oranges, Tangerines and fresh rubber.

wreak havoc

poison og x querkle—50% Sativa–50%Indica

This mother plant was super gas, nice dense buds with long vine like growth. After years of growing it we crossed it to the same “Querkle” male that was selected for the “Its MendoDope” cross. Kush to Grapes was Reek Daddys idea for a strain and when we created this we named it after his album “Wreak Havoc”

These plants will vary from short grape kushy phenos to having big vigorous sativa like characteristics with the classic “Space Queen” TGA nose.

Genetics. Mendo Dope Farms