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Mexican brick bagseed: Growing out the schwagg.

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Thought I’d do some “community service” and put up my first grow journal on Mexican bagseed.

The forum gets a lot of questions about whether or not its worth growing out beans found in cheap Mexican schwagg.

You know, stuff that looks like this:

The genetics can’t be any good, right?

Well. . .lets find out if you can grow a good plant out of this stuff.

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OK, first of all, why would you want to grow out this cheap stuff?

Well, because you have it, mainly, and the seeds are free. After a long period of abstinence, I recently had to re-enter the game for medical reasons. It so happened, I had a bunch of old brick seeds lying around, and decided they’d be a nice way to test out the setup.

The seeds in question were gifted by an old friend, and they came out of ugly brown brick actually worse-looking than the image above. Brick was bought in the NY area prior to 2001.

Yup “pre 9-11 bagseed”. . .stored in a plastic baggie in my refrigerator for a few years, and at room temp for a few more. Picked the best-looking seed and planted it and to my surprise. . .it germinated inside of five days.
The next six seeds? 0 for 6.

And here are the grow details:

Plant grown in soil, using a custom blend of about 60% of the Miracle grow moisture control (sifted to take out nasty chunks of wood), 25% peat moss, and 10% perlite, 5% vermiculite.

Why this? Mostly because all these things are readily available where I live, where as nice high end soils are not. You can mock all you like, the Miracle Gro stuff all by itself contains coco-coir and is a low soil mix. Fortified with the peat and the other stuff, it works great.

Nutes? Eh. . .the MG soil is pre-fortified with slow-release nutrients already. . .don’t need any more. Just added a bit of epsom salts for extra magnesium two weeks into flowering, and then again, three weeks later.

Setup? Stealth grow under 250W HPS. More than that, I’m not telling.

By the way, comments are welcome; try to keep it civil, please.

Thought I'd do some "community service" and put up my first grow journal on Mexican bagseed. The forum gets a lot of questions about whether or not its…

Mexican Brick Weed Bagseed Grow


More of the same pheno.


is this a windowsill grow.

is it the same that you put in the POM?


is this a windowsill grow.

is it the same that you put in the POM?


most of mine have come out on the sativa side mostly. Love seeing what i can get from a bag.

heres an old grow i did. lovely tasting. Strong up high.


new pics to come

just got a new job so i,ve been super busy but i’ll post more pics soon.

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Mister Charlie

Here are some that i started out of some good brick that i got the other day. They are 11 days into 12/12. Experimenting.


I grew out some mexican seeds couple grows back, I was truly blown away! Hope you don’t mind the pics, thought it would inspire you, cause i was so so about growing mexican seeds, but at the time was all I had, I live in NM so they come pretty easy.:)

Sometimes you get a winner, im excited to tag along and see what you find, hopefully some hidden gems:)

so this plant in the pic just started changing to purple around week 7, super fast like.

I didnt have a clone of it as I just got some killer genetics from a friend, and wasnt worried about saving some mexican, then i saw her changing colors, tried to take a couple clones,(but they never ended up making it :()

the plant ended up being fucking dank dank, it did pop out one single bananna, and I used it to pollinate another Mexican plant that was a few weeks behind it.
That mexican plant also turned purple, but was just kinda bland in flavor and makes you fall right to sleep.
I got two seeds, = ) going to plant them and see what comes up.

anyways here are the pictures,

having trouble uploading pics, ill post up later.

This is a project I just started. I had come across a large amount of seeds that originated from several different batches of mexican brick weed that spills…