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mostly-indica ruderalis-indica-sativa indica-sativa indica mostly-sativa sativa ruderalis-indica ruderalis-sativa

3 Run Homer

3 Run Homer aka Slam is an indica leaning.

859 Granddaddy’s Blue Cheese

859 Granddaddy’s Blue Cheese is a mostly i.

Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison from Dutch Passion Seed.

Bam Bam Kush

Bam Bam Kush (Blue Dream x Fruity Pebbles.

Berry Bomb x POW33

Berry Bomb x POW33 is another terrific Ber.

Berry Ryder

Berry Ryder BX1 (Blueberry x Auto #1) x Lo.

Black Cherry Punch

Black Cherry Punch from Inhouse Genetics i.

Black Domina

Black Domina from Sensi Seeds blends the w.

Black n Blue

Created from 2 very stinky strains, Black.

Blackberry Diesel

Does very well inside and outside, produci.

Blue Cheese

Another VERY stinky strain. It does very w.

Blue Dream Sky

Adopted from MadCat’s Backyard Stash in.

Blue Haze Auto

Blue Haze Auto Feminized, more commonly kn.

Blue Haze Auto 2.0

Blue Haze Auto 2.0, more commonly known as.

Blue Headwreck

Blue Headwreck (Blueberry OG Wreck x Blue.

Blue Monster

Blue Monster from Goldenseed Company is a.

Blue Tahoe

Does very well inside and outside, produci.

Blue Tahoe Cheese

Another VERY stinky and potent strain. It.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow (Berry Bomb x White Widow) is a.

Blueberry Cookies

Blueberry Cookies is an sativa dominant hy.

Blueberry OG Wreck

Heavy yielder, loud kush aroma and big fro.

Blueberry Rox

Very potent indica strain with a delicious.

Bruce Banner 3

Bruce Banner 3 from Dark Horse Genetics is.

Bubba-Gum Kush

This indica dominant hybrid (80% indica /.

Burnt Cookie

Burnt Cookie, an indica dominant hybrid fr.

Burnt Sugar Cookies

Burnt Sugar Cookies F3 (Sugar Cookies x Bu.

Chem’s Sister

Chem’s Sister Feminized, a phenotype, is.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is LSD x Tangerine Dream, a hy.

Cosmic Lights

Cosmic Lights Feminized is a cross between.

Crystal Blue Aurora

Crystal Blue Aurora (Pauls Crystal Aurora.

D’Qar (Darkstar x Jedi Glue) is a mostly i.

Dansk Sativa

Dansk Sativa (Danish outdoor strain) is a.

Deep Purple

Deep Purple (Purple Erkle x Purple Querkle.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison, a very popular strain origi.

Early Skunk

Cannabis Cup Winner does great in Cool /Co.

Fire Glue

We’ve taken the award winning and famous G.

Forbidden Fruit Punch

Forbidden Fruit Punch (Forbidden Fruit x B.

Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail (Strawberry/Banana x Fruity.

Fruit Cocktail Punch

Fruit Cake Punch (Birthday Cake x Black Ch.

Fruity Rhino

Fruity Rhino from Rhino Genetics tastes an.

G13 x Haze

G13 x Haze Feminized (G13 x Hawaiian) Cann.

GDP Blast

GDP Blast is mostly indica auto-flowering.

GDP Wreck

Created from 2 very potent strains, Granda.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain (Durban Pois.

Glue Cookies

In our quest for high powered indica domin.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized (GG4) is a greas.

Granddad’s Lavender

Granddad’s Lavender is combo of two pote.

Granddaddy Purple

Originally created by Ken Estes in 2003, G.

Grape Afghan Kush

It will provide big fat very frosty buds w.

Harlequin CBD

This is Paul’s first high CBD strain, and.

Headbanger Auto

Headbanger Auto Feminized (Sour Diesel x B.

Himalaya Blue Diesel

Himalaya Blue Diesel from Robert Davenport.

Humboldt Cookies

Although susceptible to mold with over wat.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer, a Sativa dominant hybrid, is v.

Jedi Glue

Jedi Glue is a new high THC strain we crea.

La Berry Fruta

La Berry Fruta is a fast auto indica domin.

La Fruta x Lowryder 2

La Fruta di Venus by Delicious Seeds cross.


Lavender (Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x.

Lemon Skunk

A cross between two Skunks, the chosen phe.

Lowryder 2

Lowryder 2 is an autoflowering cannabis st.

Magnesia Auto

Magnesia Auto (Cinderella 99 X Jack Herrer.

Master Orange

Strong indica dominent hybrid (80% indica.

Mazar i-Shariff x Mazar i-Shariff

Mazar I Sharif x Mazar I Sharif Traditiona.


Medijuana, 100% all natural pain relief, i.

Mi5 Auto

Mi5 from Short Stuff Seeds. “Mi5&quot.

Midnight Cheese

Midnight Cheese (Deep Purple x Blue Cheese.

New Grape 48

One of Paul’s best Indica strains, and one.

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto Feminized, the infamo.

Original Grape 48

The original strain without the genetics o.

Pauls Blackberry Fire

An accident in the grow room brought us th.

Pauls Bubblegum Surprise

Pauls Bubblegum Surprise is a delicious sm.

Pauls Crystal Aurora

Pauls Crystal Aurora (Northern Lights x Wh.

Pauls Crystal Aurora Auto

Pauls Crystal Aurora Auto Feminized (North.

Pauls Purple Cookies

707-SFV Gorilla Cookies was started by my.

Pauls Purple Fire

Paul’s original signature strain and one.


Pennywise F2’s parents tested 1:1 so aprox.

Peyote Kush

Peyote Kush (Peyote x Skywalker OG) is an.


Pibeurt (Pipeweed) is a super potent medic.

Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush (IBL) is one of the heavier.

Pink Candy Kush

A mostly sativa strain (20% indica / 80% s.

Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies BX1 (OG Kush x Durban Poi.

Playboy OG Kush

Dense, frosty nugs with delicious smell an.

Post Traumatic Purple

Post Traumatic Purple (PTP) is a special t.

Power Glue

Power Glue was made by Chris Vault by cros.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Pre 98 Bubba Kush (Pre 98 Bubba x Pre 98 B.

Pure Haze Auto

Pure Haze Auto Feminized is an auto-flower.

Purple Berry Playboy

This top shelf strain brings two of Paul’s.

Purple Citrus Mistress

Purple Citrus Mistress F3 from Redbeard Se.

Purple Ice

Purple Ice F3 – This plant’s lineage is.

Purple Maze Kush

Purple Maze Kush – A pure Indica strain fr.

Purple Wreck

Beautiful dense, and frosty nugs. Very str.

R4 is a rather elusive high CBD hybrid str.

Redbeard Cookies

Redbeard Cookies is a spectacular cross fr.


Revolution (Harlequin x Otto #1) is anothe.

Rogue One

After Much Dispute. The Underground Cali.


Roxanne, [Cannatonic ( ACDC ) X Black Rose.

Rusty Glue

Rusty Glue an Indica hybrid F2 strain, cro.

Rusty OG

Rusty OG (Salmon River OG x Hindu Kush) a.


SFV OG Kush originally from Cali Connectio.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Santa Marta Colombian Gold IBL (inbred lin.

Shock Trauma

Shock Trauma (Medijuana x Night Nurse) is.

Skunk Haze Auto

Skunk Haze Auto Feminized (UK skunk 1996 x.

Skywalker Kush

When people ask for a good yielding OG Kus.


Snowryder is a 100% auto flowering strain.

Sour 60

Sour 60 (Lowryder x Masterkush x Blueberry.

Sour Daddy Auto

Sour Daddy Auto (Sour 60 x GDP Blast) is a.

Sour Lowryder 2

Sour Lowryder 2 (Sour Skunk Auto x Lowryde.

Sour Patch CBD

Sour Patch CBD from Seattle Chronic is a c.

Sour Plums

Sour Plums from Sugar Camp Genetics is a p.

Sour Tangie

DNA Genetics’ Sour Tangie F3 is an 80% s.

Sugar Camp Fire

Sugar Camp Fire F3 is step above Ethos’ Bl.

Suicide Black

A brand new “secret strain” wh.

Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream BX1, another terrific med.

Super Dense

Super Dense aka Monster Hash is a pure ind.

Super Dense Auto

Super Dense Auto Feminized – We took our S.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze – Bred from 3 Old scho.

Super Sour CBD

Super Sour CBD is a Sativa dominant hybrid.

Sweet Amnesia Auto

Sweet Amnesia Auto Feminized is the result.

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG (OG Kush x SFV OG) is a mostly in.

Tajikistani Hash Plant

from RMG/Old School Breeders Assoc. Tajiki.

The Force

We Are Extremely Excited to release this I.

The Last Jedi

New420Guy Seeds and MadCats Backyard Stash.


Thorsberry F4 from Erik Strandjord is a wi.

Tie Dye

TieDye is a unique combination of Berry Bo.


This strain of Trainwreck came from a clon.

White Widow

White Widow, one of the most popular of ol.

White Widow Auto

White Widow Auto is mostly indica autoflow.

Widow Shocker

Widow Shocker (Shock Trauma x Black Widow).

Wilma Kush

Wilma Kush is a new hybrid from Rhino Gene.

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New420Guy seeds – Positive Review

Auto Warrior

I thought I’d post the good experience I had with New420Guy seeds. All the seeds I’ve popped from him have germinated and are vigorous, healthy growers. They all seem to be the strains they claim to be but they’re only a couple weeks old so far; so, time will tell. I’ll definitely come back and post the final results in a couple of months. It was an easy buying experience and the seeds arrived in about 2 days. That was awesome! These seeds are FAR AND ABOVE the seeds I received from ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM). I just received some seeds from some premier breeders through Seedsman and I’ve popped 1 each from 3 companies. I gotta say, the seeds from Paul New420Guy germinated and have grown as well if not BETTER than these seeds. And seeds from New420Guy are a whole lot cheaper!

I bought some his most expensive seeds at US$6 each and some at $4 each. He sent 6 free seeds with my $120 order. To me, that’s a pretty great deal! I ended up with 32 seeds in total for $121.

I’ll definitely be buying from him again. Hope this helps someone on a budget or just wanting to try a different breeder/bank.

Here are a couple of picks of seeds that broke ground 11-12 days earlier.

I thought I’d post the good experience I had with New420Guy seeds. All the seeds I’ve popped from him have germinated and are vigorous, healthy growers…