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Cannabis seed shop owner hopes business will grow

Change is coming.

And Justin Rotella plans to be ready to embrace that “big change” when it comes.

The Port Colborne native who recently opened the doors of Rose City Seeds can’t dispense marijuana at his 405 East Main St. Welland business; however, he said current legislation does not prevent him from selling seeds.

And his shop is stocked full of a large assortment of seeds from all over the world, allowing his customers to grow a variety of cannabis plants.

“It’s all legit. These are all cannabis seeds for medical patients,” he said.

Purchasing and growing seeds within limits is legally permitted in Canada for medical users, who submit required documentation to the federal government for approval.

“But in the end, if you’re 19 (years old) or older, pretty soon the law’s going to change. You’re going to be able to grow.”

New legislation regarding marijuana is expected to be in place by the spring of 2017. When that happens, Rotella hopes being at the root of the seed-selling business will put him an ideal position to expand.

“You have to start somewhere and the seed business is going to be one of the best businesses, I think, when the time comes.

“When everyone wants to start to grow, they’re going to go to the seed banks,” he said. “They have to go where they have to go to grow, you know what I mean.”

When the federal government starts licensing businesses to dispense marijuana, Rotella suspects companies that are currently involved in the industry will be first in line to be awarded those licences.

“I’m basically waiting for that, so Rose City Seeds will become Rose City Weeds,” he said. “But until then, it’s seeds.”

Rotella said he’s providing a service to people who are relying on marijuana for treatment of chronic pain and other ailments.

He said customers bring him their prescriptions and he’s then able to help them select plants that will best treat their symptoms. Whether customers have back pain or headaches, he said, “there’s so much different stuff that can address all of that.”

Rotella said he is a medical marijuana patient himself, using five grams of the drug daily to combat his insomnia, and it helps him better than pharmaceutical remedies he’s tried in the past.

Although physicians write prescriptions for marijuana, he said there’s no one available to direct people on what type of plants they need, at least not in Welland.

“We’re here to let people know that this is what will be available and you have no idea how much it can change your life to get off pharmaceuticals.”

Although a packet of a few seeds can cost $70 to $110 at Rotella’s shop, he said the plant that grows from those seeds can last users for years.

And in some cases, the plants can be harvested in as little as about eight weeks.


“This is going to be a really big change and I’m really anxious to see what’s going to happen,” he said.

More information is available by calling 289-241-7787.

Change is coming.And Justin Rotella plans to be ready to embrace that “big change” when it comes.The Port Colborne native who recently ope…