Old Cannabis Seeds

How to germinate old cannabis seeds With the passage of time, marijuana seeds lose germination power, that is to say, the older they are, the harder it will be for them to sprout, but this does Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Somerset Ohio? Check out our exclusive selection and stock up now.

How to germinate old cannabis seeds

With the passage of time, marijuana seeds lose germination power, that is to say, the older they are, the harder it will be for them to sprout, but this does not mean that it is impossible.

Well, if you have some old cannabis seeds, don’t even think of throwing them away, here we will give you some tricks to help them germinate, take note!

Tips for germinating old cannabis seeds

1- Be patient

As you know, cannabis seeds can take some time to germinate; those that are healthy and fresh can do it in a few days, while old seeds can take a little longer. It is ideal that when you grow your old cannabis seeds you have a bit of patience.

2- Try germinating the seeds in sparkling water

One technique you can also try is to put the old seeds in a glass of sparkling water. The CO₂ of the water should help the seeds absorb more moisture, encouraging them to germinate.

In addition, you can also opt to add some fulvic acid to the water (at a ratio of about 10ml per liter of water) to help break down the seed husk.

3- Scarify seeds

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Scarification is also ideal to help water pass through the hardened husk of aged seeds. This process consists of abrading the husk, for which, you will have to scrape the seeds.

To carry out this method, it is advisable to take a matchbox and cover its inner walls with sandpaper.

Place the seeds inside the box and shake the box for about a minute. The micro-abrasions may be enough to help the water pass through the bark, activating germination.

Final Considerations

The tips mentioned above can be very useful to germinate your old seeds; however, you also have to take into account that many times some of them do not sprout.

It is ideal that the next time you buy your seeds, you store them as well as possible, and a recommendation would be to keep them in a cool, dry and dark place.

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