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Oni Seed co.

Oni Seed co. is a many championship cups winner seedback originated in California, USA. It was founded by Harry Palms and Onidoodles. This seedbank produced many world-famous strains and is known for its quality hybrids. Oni Seed co. offers a great selection of fine seeds and specializes in feminizes and regular varieties. Quality always comes first, and all the aspects such as plants structure, aroma, potency, and taste come are present. Oni Seed co. strains are known for their high terpene content, and taste palate.

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ONI Seed Co.

Founded in 2017, ONI Seed Co. are brilliant breeders who burst onto the international cannabis scene; showcasing their tantalising Tropicanna Cookies, alongside their Papaya hybrid lines. These sensational strains have a host of awards under their belt. These awards include best concentrate, best flower, highest terpene content, etc. All of these titles were awarded at highly respected and prestigous events, such as High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice festival, Master of Rosin and much more.

Furthermore, with Oni meaning demon in Japanese, it’s no surprise that this Seed Co. are pushing out demonic FIRE with that high grade from hell. The team behind these strains also take great pride in their work; holding themselves to incredibly high standards. OSCo. often focus on fruity terpene combos and hash production, taking pleasure in offering heirloom and elite varieties to committed cultivators worldwide.

The team behind these rare strains believe it their obligation to source and distribute elite phenotypes to the public; a truly noble goal. Lastly, feel free to browse the range below, or check out the rest of our cannabis seeds collection.

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