orange herijuana strain

Orange herijuana strain

Herijuana (Petrolia Headstash x Killer New Haven) by Motarebel Genetics. (Updated photo) Average THC Content: 17-25% Terpene Profile:Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene Positive Effects: Calm Euphoric Giggly Happy Heightened Senses Hungry Uplifted Relaxed Pain Free Mellow Negative Effects: Dry Eyes Dry Mouth Lazy Medical Symptoms: Chronic Pain Relief Inflammation Stress Relief Pain Nausea Medical Conditions: Alcohol Withdrawal Anxiety Cancer Asthma Depression Gastrointestinal System Disorders Insomnia Joint Pain Liver Disease Panic Disorder Personality Disorder Schizophrenia Sleep Disorders Tension Headache Opiate Withdrawal An absolute staple in any Medical Cannabis Patient’s medicine cabinet, this combination of (Killer New Haven x Petrolia Headstash). Herijuana or Herojuana is an indica-lover’s dream. The version crossed with OG features a strong lemony pine diesel smell along with the usual Earthiness. Her bold taste lets you know that shechr(039)s working and quickly on treating your ailments, from chronic pain/GI Issues/Emotional-Mental Disorders/You name it! Her effects take on immediately and can last over an hour. This relatively hard to find strain (in Southern Cali) is HIGHly recommended!

Herijuana is an indica dominant stain with an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio. It is a cross between an indica of Afghani origins along with Petrolia Headstash, which explains why it has an amazing 25% THC content. The strain looks highly unusual and is available in the form of small buds, which are co…

Strain Review: Orange Herijuana by Rythm

?ORANGE HERIJUANA? @rythm_official

Original Breeder: Unknown

Orange Herijuana Strain Review

My all time favorite CBD forward strains! I love adding a little sprinklinnn’ of CBD into my bong or into a joint. sometimes I do get a bit of anxiety (especially when smoking alone) and the CBD really helps me enjoy, and enhances, my high??

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