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Orange Velvet

an unknown / legendary cannabis strain

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Basic Strain Info

Orange Velvet is a mostly indica variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . .

This is a local Orange Skunk, used by TGA Subcool.

Jill an accomplished hyrdo grower was lucky enough to be gifted with an amazing Orange Skunk. The day we smoked the finished bud we knew we had to outcross it with our Space Queen male.

Orange Velvet an unknown / legendary cannabis strain Here you can find all info about the unknown / legendary cannabis variety Orange Velvet . If you are searching for information about

Orange Velvet Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

The Orange Velvet strain is one of deep mystery and slight confusion – despite the prolific efforts by marijuana chroniclers, most people are pretty unsure about the origins and even the actual information behind this uniquely pungent, orange strain.

It is thought that this is a cross between Orange Skunk and some other, mysterious strain, but unfortunately, the popularity of Orange Velvet started to decay before anyone could figure out its unique ancestry.

However, both the flavor and the pleasant effects of this strain make it one that you should absolutely try, despite its apparent rarity.

Let’s take a look at this strain and figure out precisely what it is and what you can expect from your first puff.

What is the Orange Velvet Strain?

The Orange Velvet strain is one whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it was originally made by MzJill Genetics, crossbreeding it with Orange Skunk and possible Orange Dreamsicles, but it isn’t exactly a certainty.

Regardless of its confusing origins, the Orange Velvet strain is one that presents a surprisingly rigorous series of effects, as well as a mild, yet pleasant taste.

Although this strain used to be oddly named Melvin, its current name now far better demonstrates its flavor and mouthfeel, as well as the typical effects you can expect from this strain.

After taking your very first puff of Orange Velvet, you can expect to feel a sudden hit of euphoria and happiness. Users frequently liken it to a sudden sensation of floating, like on an upward-bound cloud rising towards the heavens.

You won’t feel dizzy, but you will likely notice that everything around you feels rather surreal and not entirely present, leaving you with the sensation of being somehow separate from everything around you.

Orange Velvet is a hybrid strain, so you can expect to feel at least some of the effects of both types of marijuana – both indica, and sativa. However, instead of the massively powerful, couch locking effects of many indica strains, Orange Velvet is instead more along the lines of gentle relaxation, as well as a feeling of general pillowy-ness.

You will feel constantly happy, plus completely filled with laughter and gentle energy that will leave you with an urgent desire to focus on creative projects for many hours, long after you would have expected the high the disappear.

During this long-lasting high, you will also notice one of the other prominent effects of the Orange Velvet strain – an intense, almost impossible to satisfy a craving for food.

These hunger pangs can be a real blessing for those that struggle with appetite, but also a pain for those with a normal and healthy diet, so make sure to keep some convenient food on hand nearby for around halfway through your high.

However, as the name might imply, Orange Velvet isn’t just known for its noticeably relaxing, yet overall elevating effects, but for its signature flavor and aroma as well.


The Orange Velvet marijuana strain has, as the name might imply, a thoroughly orange-like initial aroma. However, instead of the stark, acidic orange quality of many strains with the word orange in their name, Orange Velvet’s aroma goes so much deeper.

The initial hit of smell might be orange, but there will be far richer flavors hiding beneath it in an undercurrent, especially once you crack open the buds.

Underneath the tartness of the orange lies hints of honey, earthiness and a subtle layer of spiciness, smelling like a French pastry shop that just so happens to have a fascination with the flavor of orange.

Of course, this is only the aroma of the bud, not even what you smell and taste as you smoke it, so how does the actual flavor of this strain compare?


On first smoking the Orange Velvet strain, you are going to notice that immediate hit of orange that will initially overwhelm your palate and leave your tongue slightly tingly and almost sour.

However, the sweet undercurrent will hit you in the back of the throat, leaving behind notes of sourness and sweetness that will leave your mouth with that slightly overwhelmed, almost shimmering quality you get after having eaten a very sweet treat.

What about how it looks? What is the appearance of Orange Velvet like?


The nugs of this strain are surprisingly true to its name, as it is riddled with small orange pistils that give it the appearance of small wires running throughout the bud.

The harvested buds are surprisingly dense in appearance and texture, looking almost like a pinecone with their rigorous, harshly knotted fibers.

However, it breaks apart easily and without too much pressure, so make sure you don’t damage these vital pistils, as they contribute so much to the final flavor of this unique strain.

So, what do you do if you want to try and grow some Orange Velvet for yourself? How easy is it?

Orange Velvet Strain Grow Info

Orange Velvet is, unfortunately, one of those strains that you are really going to struggle with finding any kind of growing supplies or information.

Orange Velvet strain seeds are sometimes sold, but if you do manage to find one being sold at your local supplier, you might as well also pick up a lottery ticket on your way out, as you would likely be the luckiest person alive.

If you do manage to win the lottery and find yourself some Orange Velvet seeds, then you can expect a pretty simple growing process, as this strain is surprisingly hardy and resilient to temperature changes and adverse growing conditions.

It has an exceptionally high yield after its flowering time of roughly 8-10 weeks, so make sure you have enough space in your drying area once this bud is ready.

Additionally, make sure you handle this bud with extreme care, as its high concentration of orange pistils makes it incredibly likely to disintegrate in your hands if you don’t treat it right.

Once you have harvested your luckily-found plants, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your harvested Orange Velvet bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Orange Velvet cannabis is well known for its noticeable, yet not completely overwhelming effects. This is pretty indicative of its usually high THC content, as you will generally find any one sample of Orange Velvet with about 20% THC, though some samples have been registered at around 22%.

While its THC content might be decently high, what about Orange Velvet’s CBD content as well? Is there a comparable amount of CBD?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Sadly, as is always the case with strains that possess a higher concentration of THC than normal, especially hybrid strains that have been carefully bred, you will most of the time find that your bud has no CBD whatsoever.

While you can expect between 0.1% and 1% CBD content, for practical purposes this strain has effectively no CBD whatsoever.

This means that, if you want a higher proportion of CBD for its various effects, you are better off looking for another strain.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Orange Velvet doesn’t have any medical benefits at all – in fact, there is a myriad of useful medical effects of the Orange Velvet strain.

Medical Benefits of the Orange Velvet Strain

As with any and all hybrid strains with a higher than usual amount of THC, Orange Velvet can be used to help mitigate issues arising from stress and depression, as its powerful presence and the sensation of surreal and ethereal euphoria makes it very difficult to remain focused on anything unpleasant in your life.

Many people smoke this strain regularly to help deal with their stress, as well as helping deal with issues relating to pain. By smoking this strain, even if it is only a little bit, you can experience the satisfaction and pain-removing effects of the THC, without having to experience an incoherent high as you do with other strains.

If you struggle with appetite, perhaps as a result of dealing with chemotherapy or an eating disorder, then this strain is a great way to revitalize your appetite and get you eating again.

Additionally, many women also use this strain to help manage pains relating to their menstrual cycle, as it not only helps suppress pain but also encourages a relaxed mindset and pushes away the unpleasantness of cramps.

What kind of side effects can you expect from Orange Velvet, especially if you are using it to treat other conditions?

Possible Side Effects of the Orange Velvet Strain

The really interesting quality of Orange Velvet is that, despite its potency, you can still feel the beginnings of its effects even if you don’t smoke very much at all.

This means that you can enjoy the sensation of the ethereal, somewhat airy high of this strain without having to get massively, completely stoned.

If you stick to only smoking a small amount at once, then you can enjoy a very delicate high that leaves you feeling contented and not really suffering side effects.

If, however, you prefer to smoke a larger amount at once, then you can expect to feel some of the typical side effects as a result of smoking a high THC strain, such as dry eyes and dry mouth, but both of these can be dealt with by drinking plenty of water.

If you are the type to smoke a huge amount of any strain straight away, then you might be putting yourself at risk of suffering from elevated amounts of anxiety and dizziness, so make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit, and you are in a good mental state beforehand.

Elevated anxiety as a result of too much weed is something every regular marijuana user fears.

Final Thoughts on the Orange Velvet Strain

Although there are many orange-flavored strains out there in the marijuana world, Orange Velvet is one strain that manages to bring to the table not only a significantly intriguing and inviting flavor but also a series of effects that leaves you both mesmerized and totally relaxed at the same time.

The true joy of the Orange Velvet high is not so much that it leaves you feeling like you are floating all the way up to the heavens, but that the effects of its high can noticeable even in small amounts.

By being able to smoke just a little bit and still feel that surprisingly intense and enjoyable sensation, users of Orange Velvet can scale the amount of Orange Velvet they want based on their readiness, as well as their general experience level.

With a uniquely potent list of effects and an equally delightful flavor and aroma that manage to stick around for almost as long as the high does, Orange Velvet is a strain that every weed aficionado should try at least once.

Sadly, it is increasingly becoming impossible to find any, so make sure you keep an eye out for any packets containing Orange Velvet; you might just stumble upon a lucky find and be in for the high of a lifetime, so make sure you snatch up as many as possible – you might not find any more for a long time.

Everything you need to know about Orange Velvet cannabis strain including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.