organic cannabis seeds

Organically grown cannabis seeds

Cannabis cultivators are always looking for ways to improve the quality of flowers. There is still lots of ongoing debate whether there is in fact a difference between growing cannabis with chemicals, or growing it organically. Those who are connoisseurs or patients that use it for medical use usually state that they prefer it when naturally produced. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to give you info on what the difference is between the two and why you should grow organic cannabis.

What is Organic Cannabis?

The word organic itself means a product that comes from a living organism. If you are growing cannabis organically, this means that you will be growing from sources that are natural, and not with anything synthetic like salt compounds that you would find produced in some laboratory somewhere. Particles that are organic decay and are sometimes in fact the result of decay rather than some of the chemical options that are created to create on a budget. Buying cheap cannabis seeds (these are available through websites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds) doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive a lesser product – it’s just important to know how the plants themselves are grown.

When plants are in a natural environment – they decay with bugs, bacteria, fungus etc which allows nourishment on the top soil layer that’s integral for plant growth. It’s how they feed themselves. We have all used non organic nutrients that are chemically derived such as Miracle-Gro before. These will create plants that have sizeable flowers, but if there isn’t a long flush implemented the buds will burn with black ash and you will need to relight them.

Why Choose Organic?

When you are using chemicals and salts when you don’t need to – you are doing damage to the environment. You are causing pollution to oceans, lakes and rivers which is of course never a good thing. If you are a cannabis user then you may feel a sense of responsibility to make sure it is living and healthy soil you are using – particularly if you are looking for a medicinal product. There are lots of organic options that can be found that don’t cause any damage – so there’s no real reason to have to use chemicals when all of this is at your disposal.

How to Grow Organic Weed Indoors

The easiest way for you to grow organic cannabis indoors is to get large buckets (if you can get 5 gallon ones these can work) with holes at the bottom. This will give you the chance to grow large plants (should hold no less than a ¼ pound for each plant). It also means you won’t have the hassle of watering and maintaining smaller plants at the same time. You should then fill this with your prepared mix and use lighting that of no less than 400 Watts if you can. For bigger colas, 600 or 100 Watts is better if possible.

The plants should grow in a natural vegetative state for at least one month before they reach the size that will enable them to start flowering.

The Prepared Mix

The prepared mix we mentioned above can be:

  • 1 part worm castings
  • 3 parts sphangumn peat or Pro-Mix
  • Half a cup of greensand
  • Half a cup of dolomite line
  • A third of a cup of seabird guano
  • A quarter cup of Epsom salts

There are of course other ways you can do it, this is just our suggestion. Once it’s all mixed together, make sure you soak it for no less than 1-2 days before you use it. This is to make sure the contents of the mix are oxygenated and blended as they should be. It should be wet, but not oversaturated. You should also water the first few times with regular water. You can let the water sit out for a day to evaporate the chlorine, as this will ruin your microbes which are beneficial to the growth.

You can then use compost teas and diluted liquid seaweed, or add high phosphorus bat guano tea when it’s flowering. You don’t have to flush as you get to the end of the process – you can just use a tea that’s a bit milder in the last 2 weeks of the process. There will be some yellowing on the fan leaves which is natural, as this is the nitrogen leaching out of the plant cells.

Now you know the benefits of using organic cannabis as opposed to chemically grown cannabis this might be your choice moving forward. Now you also have tips as to how to grow it, you may want to do that too if you want.

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