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Mendobreath F3 x Lava Cake (Fems)


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Lava Breath

Mendobreath F3 x Lava Cake (Fems)

10 Seeds in a pack

Lemon Lava

Lemon Heads x Lava Cake (Fems)

10 Seeds in a pack


Feminized Seeds (FEMS)


  • Archive Genetics (28)
  • Cannarado (41)
  • Cannarado – Daily Driver (5)
  • Cannarado – Sundae Driver (16)
  • Capulator (1)
  • Clearwater Genetics (14)
  • Compound Genetics (23)
  • Cookies (4)
  • CSI Humbolt (9)
  • Cult >(10)
  • Dark Horse Genetics (4)
  • Dirty Water Organics (5)
  • Dungeons Vault Genetics (14)
  • Exotic Genetics (8)
  • Freeborn (4)
  • Funk Labs (2)
  • Harry Palms (6)
  • In House Genetics (9)
  • Just Dropped New Seeds (20)
  • Karma Genetics (7)
  • Mamiko Seeds (0)
  • M >(3)
  • Mota Rebel Genetics (3)
  • Mystery Box (0)
  • North Genetics (4)
  • Obsoul33t (8)
  • Oni Seed Co (24)
  • Phinest (2)
  • Pirates Seeds (5)
  • Relentless Genetics (24)
  • Second Generation Genetics (7)
  • Seed Junky Genetics (53)
  • Sin City Seeds (11)
  • Symbiotic Genetics (12)
  • The Source Genetics (9)
  • Top Dawg Seeds (13)
  • Uncategorized (2)
  • Uprising Seed Co (6)
  • WY East Farms (27)


  • Gamma Z $ 200.00
  • Kitchen Sink $ 80.00
  • Flo White $ 125.00

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This article first appeared in Leafly.

5 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2019

I checked out a lot of exciting genetics at the Emerald Cup last month. Here, breeders and growers gathered to show off their very best strains—it was clear which seed packs were selling out and which new cultivars breeders were most proud of.

Last year, I found hits like White Tahoe Cookies and Mimosa. But ultimately, there’s no perfect science to forecast exactly which strains will perform well in the garden. Even if they do grow exceptional flowers, consumers will still have to buy them to ensure the cultural impact necessary to solidify their popularity.

So, as you scan dispensary menus, keep an eye out for these intriguing genetics. All show a lot of promise, but only time will tell if they become mainstays in 2019 and beyond.

Wedding Crasher

Already popping up on dispensary menus, Wedding Crasher is another exciting cultivar from Symbiotic Genetics. By combining the the smooth vanilla flavors of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic developed a mellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights and a sweet berry finish.

Wedding Crasher flowers are caked with trichomes and their sweet and creamy flavors drive toward a calming, blissful headspace.

Symbiotic Genetics has a reputation for eye-catching flower in a range of complex and captivating flavor profiles. Their Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch) has been one of my favorite strains as of late, and their most recent release, Modified Grapes, a GMO Cookies cross, is sure to make some waves, too.

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PB Soufflé

PB Soufflé is a strain from the pHinest and Cannarado collaboration. The breeders worked together to produce a line of elite genetics that utilizes tissue culture to ensure vigor and minimize genetic flaws and susceptibility to disease.

The result of crossing Do-Si-Dos with Lava Cake, PB Soufflé, or Peanut Butter Soufflé, is a frosty flower caked with a thick, beautiful coat of resin. Tinged with dark green and purple hues, the chunky buds burst with nutty, earthy flavors reminiscent of creamy peanut butter. It puts the PB in your J!

The entire tissue-cultured seed line is worth checking out, but the PB Soufflé specifically caught my attention. The dank citrus vibes of Lemon Lava (Lemon Heads x Lava Cake) is another from the pHinest-Cannarado project that I’ll be on the hunt for.

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Mint Chocolate Chip

I can’t get enough of Exotic Genetix’s strains. Their flowers are always big and bursting with a variety of flavors that are all on point. If you’ve tried strains like Cookies and Cream, Tina, or Grease Monkey then you already know.

More recently, there’s been a lot of excitement about Exotic’s latest Mint Chocolate Chip seedline. The entire lineup features an assortment of stacked hybrids that are a result of breeding Mint Chocolate Chip with all the heavy-hitters in Exotic’s stable of genetics. They all sound fantastic, but the stud male who fathered the entire line is the one I’m most thrilled to hunt down.

Mint Chocolate Chip is a 50/50 hybrid from a mysterious Cookies mom and a Green Ribbon dad. The combination creates a gassy, earthy mix of flavors that finishes with a creamy, cool mint note. It’s a happy strain with an exhilarating, euphoric tingle that is deeply relaxing without completely knocking you out.

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It’s already been a few years since the release of Miracle Alien Cookies, better known as MAC, but this is a strain you need to try if you haven’t already! Bred by Capulator, who crossed Alien Cookies with a select hybrid of Colombian and Starfighter, MAC is a gorgeous resin-covered flower with a dank, gassy musk and sour citrus highlights.

The smooth flavors of MAC have thick, zesty orange notes that are balanced out by floral accents with a sweet, earthy finish. Miracle Alien Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid offering mellow, relaxing effects and a blissful mood that doesn’t completely overpower you.

Recently, Capulator started dropping a number of exciting MAC crosses, so be on the lookout for other interesting hybrids like Concrete Slippers (MAC x Cement Shoes), MAC n Cheese (MAC x Alien Cheese), and Jungle MAC (MAC x WiFi #43).

Find MAC Nearby

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin is not a new strain but it’s one of the many lines of fascinating genetics produced by the Humboldt Seed Co. As one of their signatures, Blueberry Muffin—sometimes called Blueberry Muffins—is an in-house favorite at Humboldt Seed Co. for its uniform structure and purple-tinted flowers.

True to its name, the Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper cross smells like a tray of fresh baked muffins. Its berry sweetness is softened by a smooth, creamy finish and makes for a tasty joint. The gently energizing effects of Blueberry Muffin are a great mood enhancer, offering happy, euphoric vibes and a relaxed, carefree attitude.

If you like tropical terpene profiles, be on the lookout for Pineapple Upside Down Cake, another flavorful and fruity strain coming out of Humboldt Seed Co.’s bakery.

Find Blueberry Muffin Nearby.

This article first appeared in Leafly.

Clarice Gomes

Clarice, a Melbourne-based writer, began her career covering the technology industry and now writes, edits and interviews subject matter experts in the Cannabis Industry.

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Mendobreath F3 x Lava Cake (Fems) Phinest Showing all 2 results Lava Breath Mendobreath F3 x Lava Cake (Fems) 10 Seeds in a pack Lemon Lava Lemon Heads x

PB Soufflé

pHinest Cannabis and Cannarado Genetics had some curiosity as to what it would be like for a strain to have the the trichome structure and hints of grape from Lava Cake combined with the major gas from Dosidos. This gave birth to the amazingly nutty Peanut Butter Soufflé. The first impressions upon opening a package of PB Soufflé are the overwhelming aromas of gas and creamy peanut butter. There are hints of grape and cake batter but they’re farily faint. Aesthetically the buds are a mixture of light green and purple coated with a nice layer of trichomes and fiery brown hairs. With it’s thick resinous content it might be a little difficult to crush up the buds but it’s well worth it as the terpenes translate perfectly well into the taste. Each puff delivers powerful creamy peanut butter flavours with a robustly sedating high that would be ideal for relaxation and insomnia.

From 26 seeds of PB Soufflé we were able to narrow it down to 2 phenos which were then tested multiple times throughout the course of 2019. Both phenos tested similar THC levels but exuded different qualities. One excelled astoundingly in aesthetics but were muted in terpenes while the other had a distinctively intense fragrance. We ultimately decided to go with the latter because for us, it’s all about the terpenes.

Genetics: Dosidos x Lava Cake
90% Indica / 10% Sativa
28.38% THC / 0.08% CBD / 33.59% Total Cannabinoids

PB Soufflé pHinest Cannabis and Cannarado Genetics had some curiosity as to what it would be like for a strain to have the the trichome structure and hints of grape from Lava Cake combined with