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Sweet Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder, additionally you can find prices and offers for 64 strains at our pages!

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guest Germany, January 2021

Innerhalb von 3 Tagen nach Geldeingang. Schnelle Abwicklung, gute Information

guest No info, November 2015

Sweet Seeds make some good seeds. But, they have to stabilize their strains, as there can be times that there is alot of difference in the plants between same genetics grown during the same yr. All in all, Im really happy with the quality of the plants, production & the sell-ability after harvest. They have earned me as a customer.

guest No info, July 2015

I ordered my seeds, which were delivered in less than a week in perfect condition. All my seeds are in the mud, doing really well. over all I am very happy with the service and will definatly order from them again next time.

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Sweet Seeds Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 3 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Sweet Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we

Sweet Seeds Reviews

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Write a review

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This company sold me a couple good…

This company sold me a couple good strains, then i orderd 2 5 pacs from oregon elite seeds, the seeds were dated 2016 who knows were they were for all those years? And company will not ship to US, Oregon Elite told me to contact breeder and of course they wont back up product so after spending allot of mony on these scammers im now out $150, do not buy there seeds till they ship fresh ones to the US and back there product, even Oregon Elite dumped them bc to many people were complaining about the old useless seeds these chuckers purvay!

waste of time and money, terrible customer service

4 out of 7 red poison auto not germinating, seeds flaking in the tube, slow and terrible customer service. They assume you want to scam them, no matter what complain you have. Will not recommend to anyone ever.

Awful customer service.

Awful customer service.
They charged me twice for an order, sent both, and then will not respond to emails asking for a return address.
Avoid these scam artists.

super breeder with quality seeds!

Beans Ben Hart like what. dont listen…

Beans Ben Hart like what. dont listen for a sec. secz. sex..m. second. gym!?$

What can I say I’ve been growing SS since it was founded and am big fan.dont take my word buy one lot and your hooked

What can I say I’ve been growing in and out for 25 odd years .im in uk and have been using SS since mid to late 2000s.seed comps have come and gone and we have all come a long way but sweet seeds has always had some O.G breeders they never put anything out that’s not up to there high standard and all that and I still love the growing sweet skunk and kill a kush or as I call it O.G kush auto as that is basically what it is.i see people’s autos and this bull about not topping autos yes I agree with some but wouldn’t buy them Killa K top early get between 6 n 8 stems and as long as no other stress it kills it every favourite.SS discreet,brilliant team members if you have any queries etc ya sorted.ive never had a hermit from SS and 99% germ .god I should buy sharer (I wish).try it yourself.keep eyes out for my reviews on the two I’m growing. Happy germin by Morgan

I love this seedshop

I love this seedshop, always low price and nice genetics)

Didn’t germinate

This spring I bought several seed packets from a seed bank. Two of them were from Sweet Seeds, the rest from Sensi-seeds, Dinafem and Royal seeds. When i germinated the seeds everything came up except for the Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version from Sweet Seeds. This was a 5+2 packet, none of the 7 germinated. If I had lost from the other seeds i would have thought I did something wrong, but it is too much of a coincidence that none of the Skunk germinated. I have 25 years experience growing and i have a germination box with a heat pad. I’m pretty disappointed as seeds are not cheap and as an outdoor grower i have lost time that cannot be replaced this season. I wrote the company, never heard back from them. That’s what really upset me, anyone can make a mistake, but to ignore a client’s concerns shows that a company is in the business for the wrong reasons.

Dark Devil Auto by Sweet Seeds

Dark Devil Auto by Sweet what beautiful fast growing purple weed

Sweet seeds is a scam breeder the…

Sweet seeds is a scam breeder the Killer Kush Fast strain is unstable junk, don’t waste your time and money on these scam artists, I just grew 2 batches of Killer Kush Fast, I’m a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED grower of over 10 years, I don’t grow in a tent or closet like most of the people who get on these review sites and act like they know what they’re talking about I grow 12 plant batches at a time, do everyone a favor if you grow in a tent SHUT UP BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, people get on these sites to find out if a strain is worth wasting their time and months of effort on and clowns who grow one or two plants at a time DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT SO SHUT UP WITH YOUR BS, how can you know if a strain is properly stabilized or not growing one or two plants? The answer is YOU CAN’T SO SHUT UP, Sweet Seeds are a bunch of pollen chuckers who are passing off their junk with claims on a fancy looking web site, they should be driven out of business for what they’re doing, out of 24 plants not a single one came anywhere close to their claims, don’t waste your time and money with these con artists and their junk strains.

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