traduction strain

“STRAIN” на русском языке

имя существительное

  • tension
  • tightness
  • tautness


  • overtax
  • overwork
  • overextend
  • overreach
  • drive too far
  • exhaust
  • wear out
  • overdo it
  • knock oneself out

имя существительное

  • штамм strain
  • напряжение voltage tension strain stress straining pressure
  • деформация deformation strain deformity warp alteration crippling
  • нагрузка load burden loading strain capacity weight
  • сорт grade variety class sort brand strain
  • растяжение tension extension expansion dilation dilatation strain
  • натяжение tension pulling strain pull stretch drag
  • порода breed species race kind strain stock
  • мелодия melody tune note strain air descant
  • род genus race kind family generation strain
  • напев tune strain air melisma canto descant
  • наследственная черта strain
  • племя tribe race breed stock strain sept
  • стиль style fashion manner tone language strain
  • наследственность heredity inheritance strain
  • черта характера feature strain idiosyncrasy
  • тон речи strain
  • наклонность bent inclination proclivity strain affection
  • стиль речи strain
  • поэзия poetry verse poesy rhyme rime strain
  • стихи verse poetry line number strain


  • напрягать strain bend stretch rack force string up
  • напрягаться strain bend stretch exert oneself strain oneself heave
  • процедить strain filter percolate
  • процеживать filter strain percolate filtrate
  • растягиваться stretch expand sprawl elongate strain overreach
  • цедить strain draft draught
  • стараться изо всех сил struggle strain wire in exert oneself to the utmost extent
  • сжимать compress squeeze clench contract constrict strain
  • натягивать pull stretch pull on tense tighten strain
  • натужиться strain
  • натягиваться stretch tense tighten draw strain
  • растягивать stretch stretch out pull expand extend strain
  • насиловать rape force violate ravish do violence to strain
  • превышать exceed surpass go beyond outreach top strain
  • злоупотреблять abuse misuse overuse overindulge trespass strain
  • фильтровать filter filtrate decant strain infiltrate drain
  • процеживаться strain
  • вызывать остаточную деформацию strain
  • искажать distort misrepresent deform twist corrupt strain
  • деформировать deform strain
  • просачиваться soak leak seep leak out filter strain
  • обнимать hug embrace cuddle enfold oxter strain
  • фильтроваться strain

имя прилагательное

  • натяжной straining tightening stretching strain
  • Even with plans to import labour from neighbouring countries, Government’s plans will continue to put a strain on already stretched resources.
  • The release of the body from the tension and strain of work may be understood as a natural physical response to fatigue.
  • Wax developed her deadly strain of humour at 16, partly to ‘equalise the pressure’ from home and partly to win popularity at school.
  • Repetitive strain injuries are thought to be the result of tasks such as typing or even picking up the phone repeatedly.
  • Hayes missed the victory over Thornhill with a hamstring strain but the injury has been responding to treatment.

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