tropical trainwreck strain

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Tropical trainwreck strain

Flavor: Sweet, sour, many spices, herbs, incenses, and flowery flavors combine into an overall delicious flavor and effect that stems from delightfully simple ancestral roots spanning a threefold contrast in climate. Effect: Pure, unclouded, soothed, euphoric, positive, and compared to other sativas, almost nothing in terms of any paranoia or anxiety to be heard of. At higher doses, you may have issues with memory and find it easier to laugh. Simply wonderful medicine. An A+ plant in terms of smoking experience.

Flowery taste with lemon, weird at first but I ended liking it a lot. mouth watering. What I had was not very strong, but the effect makes you happy and last a long time, so that was a good daytime strain for me. No rush, just a feel good, functional buzz. So overall a very good daytime strain, not something for evenings.

Hits pretty good didn’t leave me to cloudy in the head. Taste was ok, nothing special. The bud looked awesome in the jar. Would get again.

My first order of super sour diesel was great..placed a following order of trainwreck and was dissapointed. 2 Huge looking compressed buds with about 10 seeds. Looked ok but didnt taste or smell like much at all. After telling GG about my problem they said they would “comp” me on next order. I should find out today what i was comped with on my next order..I still like these guys and will keep ordering. Delivery is fast.

My favorite sativa heavy strain. No anxiety at all. Pure happy energy, which is hard to find with sativa dominant strains.

I’m an avid stoner for the past 5 years. I never mind returning to this strain. I’m a sativa junkie through and through and this hits just right! Off the appearance the nugs are gorgeous, and not as leafy or bushy as other sativa strains, as they are tight dense nugs glistening in trichomes and little orange hairs spiraling around. The smoke is lemony and smooth, but does expand rapidly upon the inhale, so be prepared to cough. The initial effect is straight between the eyes full force kick to the head. Gradually all senses heighten and you feel at least a 30% drop in fatigue. Highly recommend for wake and bakes and morning activities, if you smoke too close to bed you will have an amazing sleep but wake up feeling like you got into a train wreck. I mean if that’s the case, just wake and bake again. I mean why not, right?

I was really surprised by this strain. I prefer indicas, usually around an 80/20 Indica-Dominant ratio. I suffer from anxiety. I smoked this strain only two times, but I remember it well, as it was one of my first strains I’ve smoked. This helped me kick ass in Madden LOL, and it helped my ADHD. I think this might have the terpene Pinene in it, which is great for memory.

Trainwreck didn't get its name or claim to fame in the marijuana community for no reason at all. This exhilarating hybrid strain has mind blowing components that will hit you like a train after just a couple of hits. A combination of 2 sativas (Mexican and Thai) and one indica (Afghani), this str…