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Nice company i see they should be under…

Nice company i see they should be under a 2.0 rating soon and thats where this company belongs.
In the crapper.

So i purchased 3 seeds Dec 5 2020

So i purchased 3 seeds Dec 5 2020. Should of taken 5-6 business days. I live like 25mins from Toronto. Tracking shows it is lost. Contact true north and say wait 1 week. Please wait another 1week. Now wait another 2 weeks. No saying waiting on canada post. Customer service is Garbage. Don’t waste your money with this company.

Better pay for the insurance. Only way they’ll help.

Everything will be fine IF you get their over priced shipping insurance, If not they will not help you in anyway and just tell you its been confiscated at customs.
I know this is not true its at the post office with a damaged label.

Poor Genetics

I ordered Afghan AF and all 5 seeds did not germinate and they did not post my review on their site. Ordered again : Northern Lights cross Big Bud, 10 seeds only two germinated.

Horrible, rip off, scam

I ordered from True North Seed Bank in November 2020. The order was challenghing to pay for but after a few weeks I was able to get them to ship. The order arived in 14 days but about half the seeds were black, dense, sank and did not sprout. I contacted customer service and they generously agreed to replace them – so I also bought more seeds – about $160 worth. Now 14 days after estimated delivery they tell me my order is likely held up in customs and I will not be refunded or replaced! What a horrible, awful, very bad experience! I actually hate this company, their policies and customer service hacks!

Terrible service, never received shipment

Ordered some seeds from them, delivery estimate between 5-10 days with expedited shipping, no problem.

I waited 30 days, still have yet to receive my order from them. I contacted them telling them I haven’t received my order, they told me to wait 48 hours just in case and contact them again so that they could assist. I waited a WEEK, and STILL did not receive my order. I contacted them again, letting them know once more that I still have yet to receive my shipment.

They then go on to tell me that since I did not purchase the delivery guarantee, then they could do nothing. No refund, no reshipment, nothing BUT they would do me the FAVOR of giving me a discount on my NEXT order.

Next order? Why would I ever want to reorder something when it’s been a month and a half without receiving my first order? Charged back my credit card and will never purchase again, I would advise you do the same.

As promised everytime

I have ordered multiple times with many different strains and never had an issue in any way.
All my orders were delivered early and we’ll packaged, I purchase the delivery insurance (only available in Canada for some reason) for every order and have never needed to make a claim. I get about a 90% germination rate using well established seed companies like Barneys farm and Dutch passion and much less success with lesser known seed companies and lower rates with autoflowers regardless of the company,with that lesson I learned you get what you pay for when it comes to seeds, so don’t cheap out you will only screw yourself. Thanks TNSB and Happy growing everyone.

This company is crap PLZ read the…

This company is crap PLZ read the reviews from most
This company is one of the worst on the map.
Rated a 2 for a reason. Same issues across the board and they do nothing to rectify any issues with seeds. Doesn’t matter if you’re a returning customer or new customer. Your treated like crap equally

Thought I would give them a try and…

Thought I would give them a try and used the mail in cash to save money. Ordered $210 of auto flowering and that was 3 months ago. I am one of those Heroes fighting covid on the front lines (so what). I wanted to grow my own and thought after my order was mailed out it would be fine. Well learned my lesson on that. Just cannot trust a lot of these companies. For my money I will go back to AMS. Not much of a assortment there but, they have always followed up and made good any problems. Could not even get this people to respond.

Yeah total joke

Yeah total joke. Right from the ridiculous little vessel that unless you have dexterity of a contortionist, find it difficult to open. And then the foam inside ejects your seeds out like James Bond. Anyway, I contacted them about my situation. Too bad. They said they’d provide two seeds on my next order. Top it off I received no free seeds as advertised. Shameful customer support. Don’t be surprised, there’s enough bad reviews here had I known, I wouldn’t have ordered. Save your frustration!! Greenhouse seeds are much more pro. Ripper seeds too! if you have some disability with opening tiny, awkward containers, be warned these things are brutal..

Paid for Feminized and they gave me Males.

Bunch of Assho. they sent me male seeds when i paid for feminized, and they wont make good on what they gave me. Should have know they are scammers when the place in in Toronto, where so am i and i pay American pricing?? That doesn’t make sense to me except they are scamming people. And Selling Male SEEDS ,Jerks, behind on my crops now because of them. Now they won’t reply to my emails like the issue is resolved. I would find another seed bank!

So to start

So to start. They are indeed official retailers of seed banks you can find them listed on Barney’s farm. There parent company is CC Nexus who is also listed on many seedbanks websites as official distributors. However, they constantly have wrong information regarding genetics. Example Mamba Negra CBD by Blimburn. They had it listed as a CBD/THC 1:1 balance when in actuality its 10-20% CBD while only 1-2% THC. Now this may not seem like a big deal but I’ve called them out on this CONSTANTLY!! Order a strain thinking it’s sativa to find out after the fact it’s indica and the flowering isn’t 10 weeks but 8. The worst part is when you call them out they refuse to take blame and instead blame those who created the genetics, saying the seed banks are wrong. Used to be my go to place but they’ve become completely useless


Who are these jerks?

Bought autoflower seeds and they wont flower.

I wish I had read reviews on these guys beforehand.
Tempted find these guys warehouse and have a little chat with them.

Ordered 10 regular seeds received 5…

Ordered 10 regular seeds received 5 feminized. I wanted the regular not feminized they asked for a picture of the unopened seeds after 5 days waiting for a response, then said I had 2 options keep the seeds and get 20% of next order or I could send the seeds back and after they received the seeds in good condition they would resend, I would of had to wait for a package to arrive wait for them to receive and then hope they send back the right seeds or even send anything. They are not good only reason I ordered was I wanted male auto flower seeds for a breeding project and male auto seeds are hard to find and sold out in places I looked. I knew it was a gamble with them the seeds were from another bank that they distribute but in some cases they been known to remove other original seed banks packaging so they can possibly send there own bad seeds and make extra cash the crooks. I am not shocked at all the bad reviews all over the place I knew they had bad feedback, but I’ve found hundreds and hundreds of bad reviews all over the net. There own genetics are rip offs as I grew out some autos from there line a few caylex clusters here and there for bud sites. Never again for me them crooks im 64 years old with one leg and poor health i can not afford to lose money nor do I got the time for the dispair they caused, I had my area ready to go and needed the seeds asap they did not care or apologize. I feel for the person they send returned seeds to all the extra travel and seeds being bounced around for sure results in poor germination which seems to be a common complaint along with not receiving at all or getting the wrong seeds like me and them removing original breeder packaging. I will be warning others there name will be ruined every were.

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