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Well grown seeds

A great joy is eating something you have grown in your own garden. I am delighted to share with all gardeners and chefs, beginner to expert, an exclusive P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection. I have selected some of my favorites that I grow in my garden, from ‘Red Robin’ tomatoes to Broccolini® baby broccoli. These varieties are known for their bountiful harvest and great taste, something that would delight all gardeners from their garden to their table.

A return to the vegetable garden is a welcomed trend which is good for the well-being of ourselves, families, and communities. It may not be possible to grow an entire garden, but growing just a few things makes a difference.

Available through these mail-order seed sources:

Products We Love

Beet ‘Merlin’

Merlin is our sweetest beet, noted for its exceptional flavor. It offers uniform, round-shaped, deep burgundy-red roots with very little interior zoning. Erect, glossy, dark green tops also display high eating quality. Sweet in a shaved beet salad.

• Super sweet! Very high sugar content (12-15% brix)
• Long storage ability

• 25-35 days to maturity to baby leaf stage from direct seed
• 85-90 days to full root maturity from direct seed

Beet ‘Touchstone Gold’

Touchstone Gold offers a root with a vibrant orange-red exterior and rich gold interior color. Combined with its striking green leaf and gold petiole contrast and sweet, mild flavor, this beet is sure to catch your eye on the dinner plate. Very sweet, with a milder taste compared to red beets. Beautiful in a mixed beet salad!

• Good choice when a milder beet is needed
• Striking green leaf and gold petiole contrast

• 85-90 days to full root maturity from direct seed

Baby Broccoli ‘Aspabroc’ (Broccolini®)

Branded as Broccolini® in the produce section of your grocery store and on restaurant menus, ‘Aspabroc’ resembles a broccoli raab with an asparagus stem, and offers a mild taste. ‘Aspabroc’ is easy to grow and requires little space. Watch to find out more! Pinch out the primary head when plants are about 12 inches tall. Plants will set 3–5 side shoots shortly thereafter and continue for about four weeks in mild weather. Harvest regularly to encourage more growth. ‘Aspabroc’ is the true Broccolini®! Perfect as a spicy side dish.

• Shoots hold and freeze well
• Early spring or fall crop

• 75 days to maturity from direct seed
• 50 – 60 days to maturity from transplant
• 20 – 24 inches tall

Broccolini® is a registered trademark of Mann Packing Company, Inc.

Broccoli ‘Green Magic’

This summer to fall type broccoli is in the mid–early maturity class and has a wide adaptability. ‘Green Magic’ has a semi–domed, tight head with medium to small bead size and a good plant habit. (US Patent 5,945,582)

• Broccoli has been found to have more cancer–fighting compounds than other members of the cabbage family. It is rich in glucosinolates which, once ingested, break down into these healthful cancer fighters: indoles, sulforaphane and isothiocyanates. Broccoli also provides high amounts of Vitamin C, folate and beta carotene and significant amounts of protein, calcium, iron, potassium and fiber.

• 90 days to maturity from direct seed
• 75 days to maturity from transplant
• 24 – 36 inches tall

Cabbage ‘Stonehead’

‘Stonehead’ is an early, medium–headed variety with tip burn tolerance. It has a compact plant with gray–green head color. ‘Stonehead’ is also an AAS Award Winner.

• When harvesting select solid, heavy cabbages with dense heads for storage.
• Compact plant type
• Flavor and texture are excellent

• 60 days to maturity from direct seed
• 45 days to maturity from transplant

Collard ‘Bulldog’

‘Bulldog’ has a high yield potential. This variety boasts very good uniformity. and an upright plant habit. The leaves are slightly savoyed with an excellent dark green color. Harvest the entire plant, or cut individual leaves for fast regrowth and a longer harvest window. Try this bacony ‘Bulldog’ collards with cabbage recipe.

• High Bolt Tolerance, early and very uniform
• Appearance in between Vates and Georgia
• Vigorous, rapid regrowth

• 71 days to maturity from direct seed
• 30 inches tall

Cucumber ‘Slice More’

‘Slice More’ is a high quality slicing cucumber, with uniform, 8.5 inch fruits. Dark green, smooth skin protects a crisp flesh with a very small seed cavity. Plants are easy to grow and withstand varied conditions. The heavy yielding vines produce early and continue well into the season.

• Very good yields
• Excellent shape and color
• Very disease resistant!

• 62 days to maturity from direct seed

Eggplant ‘Shikou’

‘Shikou’ is a long Asian–type eggplant with dark, glossy fruit that measure 6–8 inches long by 1–1.5 inches wide, have a purple calyx (or stem), very few seeds, thin tender skin, and very a white interior. Plants are very attractive, medium sized and productive, semi–spineless and mature about 70–80 days from transplant. ‘Shikou’ is a Japanese word meaning supreme. Fruit are easy to prepare – just slice and saute or stir–fry, no peeling or salting required.

• Beautiful Asian type
• Semi–spineless
• Highly refined fruit quality
• Eggplant foliage and flowers are highly ornamental

• 85 – 95 days to maturity from direct seed
• 70 –80 days to maturity from transplant

Lettuce ‘Vulcan’

‘Vulcan’ has slightly frilly leaves that are a brilliant burgundy–red color on the top and tips of the leaves, fading to a bright, light green inner color. Vigorous plants are uniform and hold well in the garden. An ideal choice as a companion to ornamentals in cool season containers. (US PVP 8900099)

• Intense red color
• Good holding coupled with weight and vigorous growth

Mustard ‘Deep Purple’

‘Deep Purple’ is a perfect variety for adding color to the flower bed and for its nutritional value! It has smooth, deep purple leaves that make any salad pop. In addition, ‘Deep Purple’ has a spicy mustard taste that adds flavor to salads and baby leaf mixes.

• Deep purple leaf color
• Nice oval leaf shape
• Spicy flavor

Mustard ‘Miz America’

‘Miz America’ is a hybrid with exceptionally uniform leaf color, shape and size. Miz America maintains deep dark red color on both sides of the leaf even at a mature stage. An upright plant habit makes for easy harvesting.

•Deep dark red leaves
•Uniform color, shape and size
•Maintains color even at mature stage
•Mild taste – not bitter or spicy

Okra ‘Jambalaya’

‘Jambalaya’ okra is an extra–early maturing variety that boasts a very compact plant with small leaves. It offers high yields of very uniform, shiny, dark green pods. An ideal choice for home gardens.

• Pods mature quickly after bloom– watch closely and harvest often for the best quality
• Dark green pods

• 65 days to maturity from direct seed
• 50 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper ‘Arapaho’

This large–fruited and very attractive cayenne pepper produces high yields of early–maturing fruit on a compact plant. ‘Arapaho’ can be harvested ten days to two weeks earlier than the standard varieties on the market. Flavorful fruits are sweet with great cayenne flavor and a nice bite of heat. Harvest green or allow to mature to bright red. For fresh eating or drying.

• Early yield of very large fruits

• 80 days to maturity from direct seed
• 65 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper (Hot) ‘Jalafuego’

‘Jalafuego’ is the hottest jalapeño on the market. ‘Jalafuego’ is a large vigorous plant with excellent yields of extra–large, smooth and very dark green fruit. The fruit has extra length that makes this new jalapeño perfect for growing conditions that may cause fruit to shorten. ‘Jalafuego’ is very disease resistant!

• Our hottest pepper
• Excellent fruit length
• Very disease resistant!

• 85 days to maturity from direct seed
• 70 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper (Sweet) ‘Grenada’

This Cubanelle type boasts large to extra–large, smooth, thin–walled fruit that are perfect for frying, grilling or stuffing. Mild, flavorful fruits are born on vigorous strong plants and measure 3 ?® inches long and 1 ?® inches at the shoulder. They can be harvested green or left to mature to glossy red.

• Quality large to extra–large fruits
• Very disease resistant!

• 95 days to maturity from direct seed
• 80 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper (Sweet) ‘Right On Red’

‘Right on Red’ is very early maturing yet sets continuous high yields. Peppers hang like ornaments on top of full, 18–24 inch plants. Fruits are flattened and round, with flutes around the stem end, and have thick walls. The plants are suitable for garden or container growing and the harvests are well suited for stuffing or pickling. Perfect for Stuffed Hungarian Cheese Peppers.

• 80 days to maturity from direct seed
• 65 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper (Sweet) ‘Orange You Sweet’

Orange You Sweet is very early maturing, has a mid to strong plant vigor, with continuous setting ability. The fruit are flat round in shape and smooth with mid thick walls and mature from dark green to deep orange. This variety is well suited for stuffing and pickling. Perfect for Stuffed Hungarian Cheese Peppers.

• Indoor/Outdoor
• Great companion to Right On Red and Yes To Yellow

Pepper (Sweet) ‘Yes to Yellow!’

Yes to Yellow! is very early maturing and has mid to strong plant vigor with continuous setting ability. The fruit are flat round in shape, smooth, have thick walls, and mature from dark green to deep yellow. Yes to Yellow! is well suited for stuffing and pickling. Perfect for Stuffed Hungarian Cheese Peppers.

• Indoor/Outdoor
• Great companion to Right On Red and Orange You Sweet

Pepper (Sweet) ‘Majestic Red’

‘Majestic Red’ sets a new standard for home garden bell peppers. The huge, smooth fruit mature to a bright red, have a thick wall, and crunchy texture. Fruit are blocky, firm, and heavy for their size and set quickly to ensure a good yield. The early maturing plants are medium to large, have good cover, and are widely adapted to most regions of the US. The plants have good disease resistance.

• Beautiful high quality sweet bell with extra–large, candy apple red fruit
• The large fruits mature early and offer high yield
• Very disease resistant!

• 90 days to maturity from direct seed
• 75–85 days to maturity from transplant

Pepper ‘Takara’

Takara is a typical Shishito pepper with a small fruit and a mild but rich flavor. The compact plant has a spreading habit, short internodes, is well branched and has high production potential. The fruit uniformity is superior to OP strains. The peduncle holds well to the fruit.

• Early and prolific
• Compact habit with extended harvest potential
• Hybrid with ‘classic’ Shishito shape, size, and quality

• 60 days to maturity from direct seed

Pumpkin ‘Toad’

This small, semi–hard shell variety is early maturing, yields a high number of tear–drop–shaped fruit on bush–type plants and has nice embedded handles. The bright orange color and multiple bumps and warts truly give ‘Toad’ unique character. Perfect for holiday decorating!

• Bush plant type
• Tear–drop shape, bright orange color
• Nice embedded handle

• 85 days to maturity from direct seed
• 4 – 5 inch diameter fruit

Pumpkin ‘Hijinks’

This AAS award-winning pumpkin has a very blocky shape with nice square shoulders and medium-deep ribbing. Fruits average 7 – 9 lb. and have a nice long, dark green handle, making this variety great for kids and for fall decorating. The consistency of the fruit shape and size makes this variety a good all-around pumpkin.

• AAS Award Winner
• Indeterminate

• 95 – 100 days to maturity from direct seed

Spinach ‘Imperial Green’

A mid–season Asian spinach that is ideal for the home garden. The plant habit is very erect, with long stems and very dark green leaves. ‘Imperial Green’ shows better bolt tolerance and mildew resistance than similar varieties. A top choice for using in fresh salads, either alone or mixed with other greens.

• Asian–leaf type
• Shows good bolt tolerance
• Very disease resistant!

• 25 – 30 days to baby leaf from direct seed
• 35 – 40 days to maturity from direct seed

Zucchini Squash ‘Endeavor’

Endeavor is a vigorous-growing variety that yields large, small-spined fruit that are medium dark green and glossy. Plant has a nice open habit. This variety is suitable for many growing areas.
• Vigorous, open, easy to harvest plants
• Early and steady yields

Zucchini Squash ‘Z’Oro’

The blocky, cylindrical fruits of ‘Z’Oro’ are extremely straight, with no bulbing and very little curving. Uniformly-colored, medium-yellow fruits have a small blossom scar and are very beautiful. ‘Z’Oro’ is a prolific yielder with rare greening at the spine or blossom end.

Spaqhetti Squash ‘Tivoli’

This AAS-winning hybrid is the first bush-plant Spaghetti squash. Tivoli has a small bush habit that offers high yield potential per plant. Fruits are large and oval in shape, measuring 6 x 9.5″, with creamy flesh that is very easy to shred with a fork after roasting. Like other bush-habit winter squash varieties, it will produce short vines after initial fruit set.

•Unique, space-saving bush plant habit

•95 – 100 days to maturity from transplant

Swiss Chard ‘Peppermint’

‘Peppermint’ is the only chard with two–toned stems. Highly ornamental plants boast pure white petioles with vibrant pink streaks topped by dark green, glossy leaves. ‘Peppermint’ matures in 58–63 days from seeding and shows very high resistance to bolting. It is a great choice for specialty produce or mixed with ornamentals and performs well across multiple seasons.

• Beautiful white petiole with pink strips
• Dark green, glossy leaves

• 35 – 40 days to baby leaf from direct seed
• 58 – 63 days to maturity from direct seed

Tomato ‘Bellini’

Bellini is an early maturing, uniquely large-fruited, light orange cocktail tomato with great flavor. Indeterminate plants product clusters of 8 – 12 smooth, deep oblate shaped, 1.5 ounce fruit with a rich, low acid flavor and good sweetness. Matures in about 65 days from transplant.

• Widely adapted and easy to grow
• Unique orange color and size, with great flavor

• 65 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato ‘Red Pride’

This short–stake determinate tomato is a consistent performer and is ideal for the Eastern U.S.. It produces good flavored, large, deep oblate fruit with a good blossom end and strong red color. ‘Red Pride’ has a relatively late maturity on strong, vigorous plants with good foliar disease resistance.

• Strong plants with late maturity
• Very disease resistant!

• Determinate
• 78 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato ‘Charger’

‘Charger’ offers mid–early maturity of extra–large, richly colored, deep red fruits with good flavor. A high–yielding slicer type, it produces deep oblate–shaped fruits with smooth shoulders in about 70–72 days. Plants are medium to tall and benefit from light to no pruning. Shows wide adaptability and good disease resistance.

• Early maturity of extra–large fruits with good flavor
• Widely adaptable
• Very disease resistant!

• Determinate
• 72 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato (Grape) ‘Sweet Hearts’

‘Sweet Hearts’ offers elongated oval fruits with a brilliant red color, excellent flavor and texture and good shelf life after harvesting. Vigorous, indeterminate plants produce early (about 60 days), impressive yields with continuous sets and full clusters of excellent quality fruit that resists cracking. ‘Sweet Hearts’ offers a great disease package. Try a Sweet Hearts Tomato Salad.

• Excellent flavor, crack resistance and after–harvest shelf life
• Very disease resistant!

• Indeterminate
• 60 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato (Cherry) ‘Sweet Treats’

‘Sweet Treats’ is a unique, large-fruited cherry tomato. Fruits are globe–shaped, have a beautiful deep pink tone, smooth texture, and an excellent rich flavor. Fruits weigh around .75 to 1 ounce and show good crack resistance. Vigorous, indeterminate plants have very good disease resistance and produce high yields of fruits that mature in about 65 days.

• Unique, large, pink fruits with excellent flavor
• Quality choice for all markets
• Very disease resistant

• Indeterminate
• 65 – 67 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato (Cherry) ‘Red Robin’

A must–have ornamental edible for every home garden! Very compact, well–branching plants provide good cover to exceptionally high yields of bright red, 1 inch oval, excellent–tasting cherry tomatoes. Suitable to plant in hanging baskets and mixed patio pots. Matures in about 55 days.

• Compact plant suitable for patio pots and hanging baskets
• High yields of excellent tasting fruits

• Dwarf determinate
• 55 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato ‘Rosy Finch’

A member of the new Little Birdy Series! A must have, OP, ornamental edible for every home garden and container plant program. Very compact, well-branching plants provide good cover to exceptionally high yields. The deep rosy-pink, 1-inch round, excellent tasting cherry tomatoes mature super early (about 55 days from transplant).

Suitable for sales in 4-6 inch pots or in hanging baskets and mixed patio pots. For a colorful variety offering, include 3 plants per pot or basket, 1 each of the series: ‘Red Robin’, ‘Rosy Finch’, and ‘Yellow Canary’. Or mix all three colors in a seed packet for the ideal small space garden planting.

• Part of the Little Birdy Series with ‘Red Robin’ and ‘Yellow Canary’
• Compact plant suitable for patio pots and hanging baskets
• Early, high yields of excellent tasting fruit

Carrot ‘Fuerte’

This carrot is known for its nice uniform shape with strong tops. Fuerte offers high yields as well as blunt tip with some shoulder. The tops are tall and medium green in color. Roots are cylindrical in shape and medium orange in color. Fuerte is an excellent Nantes variety that compares favorably to other Nantes types.

• Nantes type
• Uniform shape with strong tops, as well as blunt tip with some shoulder
• Offers high yields

Melon ‘Lilliput’

‘Lilliput’ is a unique personal–sized, miniature melon. It offers very high sugars and fragrance that combine for a wonderful flavor. The firm, dark orange flesh is maximized by a small, closed center cavity. The exterior begins light green then turns to a yellow–tan color as it ripens. The stem then slips when fully mature. A must–have choice for the home garden.

• Personal sized cantaloupe with very high flavors
• Very disease resistant!
• Cut halves are perfect to use as a bowl for fruit or ice cream

• 75 days to maturity from direct seed
• Fruits are 3 1/2 – 5 inches diameter

Winter Squash ‘Little Dipper’

‘Little Dipper’ is a small, traditional–shaped butternut squash that is easy to grow and cook. ‘Little Dipper’ weighs in at about 2 pounds per fruit, the right size for a small family dinner or batch of soup. Fruit are smooth and have a buff exterior and bright orange interior. The interior is nutty and dense with a small seed cavity. Plants are vigorous with long, productive vines. Try this easy recipe using the Little Dipper.

• Very Productive
• Lots of 2 pound fruit
• Large, full–season plant

• 100– 110 days to maturity from direct seed

Well grown seeds A great joy is eating something you have grown in your own garden. I am delighted to share with all gardeners and chefs, beginner to expert, an exclusive P. Allen Smith Home