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Which Cannabis Strain Should I Smoke?

Everyone comes to cannabis with an intention. Whatever yours is, you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving it if you pick the right strain. Check out this handy guide to learn about the different types of weed, and to get an idea of which strain is right for your particular needs.


In this age of dispensaries and online buying, weed smokers are exposed to a much wider variety of strains than ever before. This diversity of options can be bewildering: which strain to smoke?

That depends on what you’re in for! People turn to cannabis for a variety of motivations—some are looking for better sleep, others for help with medical issues, others for a party-enhancer. Picking the right strain is crucial to getting what you’re looking for out of this versatile plant.

Without further ado, here is our official guide to picking the strain that’s right for you.


First of all, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to grow an indica or sativa variety. These two types of cannabis are said to originate from different regions and feature distinct morphological differences.

Indica strains are shorter, bushier and develop thick-fingered fan leaves. In contrast, sativas grow taller, lankier and feature thin-fingered fan leaves. Hybrid strains that descend from both indica and sativa parents often feature a mix of these traits.

Popular culture often assigns different effects to indica and sativa plants—although much more nuance underpins the exact effects of each strain. Traditionally, sativa plants are associated with a stimulating head high and indica varieties with a physical body stone. Although strains from each of these categories sometimes offer these effects, the reason they do goes deeper than this classification.

Researchers in cannabis science now suggest referring to “cultivars” (cultivated varieties, or strains) as “chemovars” (chemical varieties). Instead of guessing the chemical makeup and effects of a strain based on their genetic lineage, cannabis users can have a clear-cut idea of the phytochemicals within a chemovar and the subsequent effects.

All cannabis strains produce varying levels of THC and CBD. So, what makes the effects they produce vary so much? Terpenes! These aromatic molecules give cannabis its aromas, but also synergise with cannabinoids to create a variety of psychoactive effects.

For example, high levels of the terpene myrcene are associated with a stoning “indica-like” high, whereas limonene offers more of a cerebral sensation. Instead of relying on the amount of indica and sativa genetics in a strain, check out its terpene profile for a more accurate idea of the effects you’ll feel.


You’ll also want to keep an eye on the THC and CBD level. THC is what makes you high and causes a cascade of effects in the body. CBD doesn’t make you high and has an entirely different effects profile, with lots of potential health benefits.


You’ll want to take note of other cannabinoids, many of which have effects useful for specific wants and needs. Weed also contains terpenes, which produce the distinctive flavours that give many strains their names; these have their own unique effects on the human body.


It’s showtime! What follows is a list of health reasons and other motivations people might have for smoking weed, and a discussion of the best strains for each.

Disclaimer: Please note that the following is not to be taken as medical advice, but rather as an indication of the unique effects inherent within different strains.


Soothing anxiety with cannabis can be tricky. Many high-THC sativa strains can actually increase anxiety and cause paranoia. You don’t want to play around with any high-THC strains to decrease your anxiety. Instead, we’d recommend sticking to the indica side of things, and seeing what works for you.


If you really need to knock out your anxiety, OG Kush is for you. This hybrid has a unique effects profile, and may have you feeling lazy, uplifted, calm, and focussed all at once. This strain could make you sleepy, so avoid making big plans before blazing.

Bewildered by the vast variety of cannabis strains on option? Check out this handy guide to find the strain that's right for you!

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