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Dutch Velders is a main character and a British computer hacker who originally worked for Eldritch Palmer. She and her team is the cause of the Internet’s sudden shut down.


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Biography [ edit | edit source ]

Her father used to work at the NY Phone Company. It is unknown what his position there was. When the Phone Monopoly broke up, he eventually moved to Cyber-Security. He took Dutch to phreaking or hacking conventions to learn about “the enemy” where he realizes that the hackers were more “curious than malicious.” After dying from a heart attack when Dutch was 12, his daughter did not want to be left with her mother who “took it pretty hard.” She may have gone through immense depression, but she eventually married another man. By the age of 15, Dutch left her home and survived with only her hacking skills.

The Strain [ edit | edit source ]

Dutch Velders was first seen, summoned by Eldritch Palmer and Thomas Eichhorst to restrain any public access to the Internet. At the time, she had no knowledge of the Strigoi or their plans.

She is then seen again in a convenience store with Ephraim Goodweather, Nora Martinez, Abraham Setrakian, Jim Kent and her room-mate, Nikki. The store is attacked by a horde of vampires and Nikki escapes unharmed. She and the driver of the bread-truck go to escape in the truck, but before getting there the driver is attacked and infected. Dutch, with no other choice, returns to the store after Eph and Nora hold them off. When the store eventually becomes over-run, she escapes in the bread truck with the rest of the group.

Abraham Setrakian drops her and Fet at her apartment, where she discovers that Nikki has stolen her money and her laptop. She releases a fit and realizes one of her friends in the building has turned. After Fet kills him, they flee the building.

She returns to Setrakian’s pawn shop. There, she reveals that she was the one to remove the internet. Abraham is at lost for words and praises her for her honesty. She then tells him that the damage can be undone.

She and Fet infiltrate Eldritch Palmer’s building and into his room. Before they could enter, however, Fitzwilliam stops Fet and allows in Dutch. By then, she has known about the Strigoi and asks if Eldritch was one. She then attacks him only to be stopped by Fitzwilliam. He then takes Fet and Dutch to a nearby station where he releases them and tells them to do “the right thing.”

She returns to the pawn shop after leaving because of an argument with Eph. She brings with her, her hacking equipment which she can hack through the Emergency Broadcast System with to allow Eph to broadcast a warning to the citizens of New York. While setting the equipment up she becomes close with Fet. She successfully hacks through the system and Eph broadcasts his warning, although the pawn-shop is attacked by Eichorst and a group of vampires, forcing them to flee instantly afterwards.

She then accompanies them in their bid to hunt down The Master, killing various Strigoi along the way, including one of her friends from a gallery centre.

When she and Fet go to a local leisure center to clear out some Strigoi she and Fet become intimate after skinny dipping in the swimming pool. She later discovers a lost flyer with her room mate, Nikki from the convenience store on it. She reveals she was actually in a relationship with Nikki. She goes to Nikki’s mother’s but becomes frustrated and angered when Nikki’s mother takes the opportunity to blame Dutch for her going missing, and saying she destroyed her daughter.

She and Fet visit her old apartment to collect some belongings and find Nikki alive and unharmed and bring her back to Fet’s apartment, where Dutch begins to ignore Fet and begins to fall back in love with Nikki, despite her stealing of her belongings. Fet tells Setrakian later on that Dutch went to find a new apartment with Nikki due to Nikki being uncomfortable with the living arrangements, after Eph accidentally reveals Fet and Dutch were in a relationship.

Dutch is caught by the cops after she and Ephraim failed to assasinate Palmer, she is taken away by a corrupt detective that has been either payed by Eichhorst or Palmer. She is last seen chained in Eichhorst’s appartment and about to be fed upon by him. This would expose many more secrets about Setrakian and the other’s since she knows a lot about them and if Eichhorst turns her, all memories will be surrendered to the master. Unless the group succeeds in tracing her.

In episode 11, Dutch is tortured by Eichhorst in the “white room” in a lot of ways. Including an almost rape with his strigoi tongue. After that, she manages to escape spraying him with a pepper spray but is caught again just to be saved by Fet and his silver bomb.

In episode 12 we see that Dutch is pretty shaken up with what happened to her and she decides to be with Nikki instead Fet and goes after her lover. When she gets there, Nikki is leaving her accompanied by her mother. Dutch asks her to stay with her, but Nikki leaves her after a long goodbye kiss.

Personality [ edit | edit source ]

Dutch Velders can sometimes show immature behavior, and is easily irritated on some occasions. She can be calm and friendly. She is often selfish at times and selfless on occasions as well. Her personality is not well balanced. Her ambivalence results in offending Fet when she ignores him although he helped her find Nikki, her former lover who had destroyed her laptop. Even after Fet had rescued her from the clutches of Eichorst, Dutch’s desire for Nikki remained strong. This desire led her to try to rekindle her romance with Nikki, only to be rejected.

Dutch confides to a rather reluctantly listening Ephraim that she does not see any issue with Eph declaring some degree of polyamorous mind. However Dutch failed to communicate this to Vasily thus spoiling her relationship with him.

Appearance [ edit | edit source ]

She is a character made for the TV show on FX and does not show up in the books. She has blonde hair and gray eyes. She wears a fur coat among other more fancy dresses she has. She is tall and slender.

Skills [ edit | edit source ]

She is able to hack into any system to an NSA level. She can slow the Internet down and has an advance knowledge of breaking in. Thus was the reason why Eldritch Palmer enlisted her services, along with her team to stop Internet access. She proves to be physically capable as well.

Trivia [ edit | edit source ]

  • Dutch’s first name is actually Kirsten, as seen in this photo from the episode “Ouroboros”

Quotes [ edit | edit source ]

“Anything’s possible if it’s motivated by enough hatred.”

“It’s much harder to hide evil shit these days, isn’t it?”

“Cultivating relationships is just as important as cultivating a skill”

“Yes, I will eat the pineapple.”

“I specialise in passionate, destructive relationships”.

Dutch Velders is a main character and a British computer hacker who originally worked for Eldritch Palmer. She and her team is the cause of the Internet's sudden shut down. 1 Biography 2 The Strain 3 Personality 4 Appearance 5 Skills 6 Trivia 7 Quotes Her father used to work at the NY Phone…

The Strain catches up with Dutch, and provides a disturbing look at The Partnership

“The Blood Tax”


Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • This week’s episode opens on a few guys sitting around a table, eating breakfast, and watching The Bob Newhart Show. And you know what? Nobody’s laughing. I understand that the world of The Strain is a post-apocalyptic hellscape ruled by corporate greed and stinger-shooting vampires, but still, The Bob Newhart Show is timeless . You have to find the joy where you can during the nuclear winter!
  • One of the people sitting around that table is Gus’ cousin Raul. He’s working at a distribution center run by The Partnership, mostly moving around produce and giant boxes of Freedom Bars. You get the sense that not everything is right with all of this food though. After watching the strigoi pump blood into their building in the season premiere, it’s hard not to see every single pipe and plastic tub as potential storage for blood.
  • Raul comes into play later, as Gus needs him in order to get inside the distribution center and steal some food. You see, Gus is running some sort of goods business with Creem, both selling and bartering items while also “redistributing” other resources like food. The break-in, which is supposed to be nonviolent, goes wrong though, and Raul is forced to leave his post and run off with Gus, Creem, and the rest of their men.
  • “The Blood Tax” is chiefly focused on expanding our understanding of what the world looks like now that nuclear winter is in full effect. Not only do we get a more thorough understanding of what Gus and Setrakian have been up to—basically running from bad guys and keeping The Lumen safe—but we also get a better look at The Partnership.
  • The Strain never really knows what to do with Dutch, and that seems to be the case again this season. Once, oh so long ago, she was a badass vampire hunter/hacker; lately, she’s been relegated to the damsel in distress, and it’s been disheartening to watch the transformation.
  • This season, Dutch acts as our guide to The Partnership, her suffering meant to show the quiet brutality of the ruling group; unfortunately, Dutch is no stranger to being put through violent situations in order to underline, for the umpteenth time, that these people are bad people . So, Dutch is locked away in some sort of home for women, where they’re being put through countless fertility tests while hoping to get pregnant; well, the Partnership is hoping they get pregnant, but Dutch clearly isn’t eager to bring a human into a strigoi-ruled world. The motivation here is murky at best. Does the Partnership want to repopulate? With Sanjay Desai as the Chief Health Officer, there must be something much more nefarious going on, right? And what about all those blood tests? The Strain is playing coy right now, holding back on the true nature of The Partnership in order to build some intrigue into the season. After all, what else is left when it comes to dramatic stakes? Without that mystery, there’s really only more of the same war between the strigoi and humans. It’s an intriguing enough mystery for now, but the show does run the risk of drawing it out for too long. At some point we need to know what the stakes truly are, because that’s how we stay invested in these characters.
  • In other words, this season hinges on the show’s ability to pivot from a story of survival to one of revolution. The survival narrative is played out, and now The Strain has to adapt.
  • As always, Setrakian has a way of defining the tone of the world around him, and perhaps summarizing our own current political atmosphere: “We want to believe that progress is lasting, universal. We want to believe this so badly that we let down our guard, and our own evil crept back into us.”
  • So, “The Blood Tax” sets up two stories that could change the course of this season. First, there’s Dutch looking to escape The Partnership. She fails this week when she tries to help another woman get out, but perhaps she’ll have another chance soon. Then again, Sanjay is watching her closely after she refuses to work for him and The Partnership. ”So you want me to be the mouthpiece for your bullshit?” she says before turning down the dubious offer.
  • Then there’s Eph, who’s finding his fighting spirit again. After poking holes in the revolutionary outlook of the group he’s with, he runs through what he would do to hit the strigoi where it hurts, saying he’d find a way to poison the blood that’s being pumped into their living quarters. “So let’s do that,” replies his new ally, and suddenly something comes alive behind Eph’s eyes again. Maybe this isn’t just about survival for him anymore. Maybe the strigoi haven’t already won. Instead, there’s the hope for an uprising. It looks like we’re well on our way to an eventual showdown between Eph and The Master, with the latter grooming Zach as his next host.

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.